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Season 3 - Episode 13

12-Pack Abs

35 min - Practice


Robert leads us through a challenging and fun practice to build heat and work the core. We move through a series of postures and exercises to ignite the fire within and work toward building "12-pack abs."
What You'll Need: No props needed

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I love it. Fill you up with energy. Thank you Robert.
Thanks Ana!
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Love your sessions, this is a great core workout. First half was wonderful, second half I have problems with wrist pain and holding myself up so long. It also compresses my low back, much as I try to keep it supported Do you have any options for the latter poses that won't hurt my wrists and back, but not compromise the core work? Thank you Robert
Hi Joan ! Thanks for your comment and question! As hard as we try with some poses, it can be so difficult NOT to compress low back, the wrists can also be challenging too! Let me take a look at the sequence and message you back with some options, suggestions and modifications that could help:)
Hello again Joan .... the best 'virtual/online' suggestion I can give would be to do most of your core work on your back. This will eliminate all of the wrist and low back compression, generally speaking. So in this sequence specifically you can simply repeat the movements on your back a few times, rather than moving into the planks etc... The forearm planking might be ok though because you are not on your wrists, just be sure to keep pelvis in neutral position so not to compress. Hope this is helpful and thank you for hanging out with me!!
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Hi Robert, I appreciate your help and suggestions with this practice. I will follow your suggestions and keep working on building up my strength. Many thanks, be well.
Hi Joan ! Maybe there are specific videos on Yoga Anytime that focus on wrist stretching/strengthening? Could be worth some investigation for you:) Maybe Kira or YA team can suggest?? Keep me posted!
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Great core and shoulder workout. My upper body feels great and I’m in high spirits following this session! Thank you Robert!
It feels great afterwards ;) and even better after a lazy day Thank you
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I love this one. Still struggling with push ups but will keep working on it.
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