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Season 3 - Episode 8

Purifying Fire Flow

30 min - Practice


Linda guides us in a dynamic and purifying Vinyasa flow to build inner heat and core strength. Moving with our breath at a slightly faster and more rigorous pace, we explore Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) with an emphasis on twisting. You will feel challenged, energized, and inspired.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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This great episode has 'fire-breathing'. Never done it before but it worked for me. I think Linda is a good teacher and this season has some episodes I will return to over again, this is one of those.
Loved this!
I always enjoy your practices, thank you!
Awe, Thanks for the positive feedback Alexis! So glad to hear. :) Namaste~
Breath of Fire. Does your belly pump in or out on the inhale? Seems like mine naturally pumps in on the inhale, but that's contrary to yogic breath.

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