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Season 1 - Episode 8

Pitta Intervention Moment

5 min - Practice


Ali shares a quick pitta balancing practice designed to help you cool and calm when you are feeling overheated, frustrated, or hangry.
What You'll Need: Wall

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Namaste, I'm Allie, and this is going to be your pitta intervention. So when would be a good time to do this? If you're feeling overheated, if you are feeling angry, if you're feeling frustrated, judgmental, if you're feeling hangry, that would be a good time to do this. And you don't need much. You just need a wall and a few minutes.

So I'm going to start off with my right arm and reach it back behind me, way far back. And I'm stretching my fingers nice and long and a few inches away from the wall here. And I'm still working to keep my chest lifted, my tailbone dropping. And then I'm going to take my left hand and fold it behind my back. And this is just a way of getting a little bit more oxygen, a little bit more prana into the body, getting the heart open.

And getting the heart open is really just the best medicine for pitta and really for all of us. So stretch back through the fingers, open up across the chest. And you'll stay there for a few breaths. And then crawl the arm up a little bit higher, maybe about a foot and a half. And again, I'm reaching away.

And for this one, you could even look back over the left shoulder and just get all of the channels of the heart that move out into the hands, get everything open there and flowing. Nice full breathing. And then release it down. And fun fact, your right arm will actually be longer than your left one. And then when you move on, left hand comes back behind you, reach it back, stretch the fingers, roll the shoulder blade down, right hand back behind you, look back over your right shoulder.

And you can turn your body as much or as little as you need to. And those of you that have some hyperextension in your elbows, do your best not to give into the hyperextension, press into the fingers a little bit more and think of softening your elbow. And then you'll take the arm up a little bit higher and look back over your right shoulder. And I'm still trying to keep both shoulder blades working their way down. And then release that and your arms will have evened out magically.

Hands on the wall for the next part. Walk yourself back and come into a 90 degree angle forward bend. And if the lower back or the hamstrings needs the room, you'll just bend your knees. Otherwise keeping the legs long and energized, stretching back through the tailbone and forward through the crown of the head. And then I'm wrapping the inner arms downward, giving a little space for the throat.

Take a few breaths right there. And then the last part of this, just walk your hands down and come into a downward facing dog with your fingers against the wall. Start to walk your feet forward. Forward bends are so cooling and calming. So we're just walking forward until you get your back against the wall and I'm bending my knees to start off with.

It's just a little easier to get started that way. And then lengthening out the legs if that feels okay for your lower back and your hamstrings. You'll lengthen the legs and the wall is holding you and you can just hang out. There's no effort here and you can stay a little bit longer in this one than maybe if you were just doing a freestanding forward bend and perhaps go a little bit deeper. But again, bend your knees if you need to here.

And you might even do that and wriggle yourself down the wall a little bit more and then work to lengthen the legs again. And I'm pressing in with the balls of my feet, keeping the thighs engaged, relaxing my jaw. That can be an area of tension. And then you can change the crossing of your arms. And just a few more breaths there.

Let yourself be held up. Sometimes we get into this idea that we have to do everything ourselves. Just use the help of the wall. And then to come out of it, we're going to go really slowly. So bend your knees a bunch, place your hands back down and walk back into your down dog.

You don't want to pop right up out of that one because it is like doing an inversion and the blood will have gone to your head. So if you come up too fast, you might feel a little lightheaded and we want to avoid that. Come back into your downward facing dog, drop your knees, have a seat on your heels. And that will be your pitot intervention. And hopefully you feel a little cooler, a little calver, a little nicer, more like a yogi.



Lora H
Thank you! Just what I needed today!!!
Ali Cramer
Lora thank you so much! Glad it worked for you. Namaste xo

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