Pranayama & Meditation Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 11

Nadi Shodhana Meditation

30 min - Practice


Patricia instructs and guides us in Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) to clear, cleanse, and balance the channels. With great tenderness, we tune our attention towards the delicacy of the nostrils before slipping into a 5-minute meditation. You will feel calm and at peace.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Patricia is my girl..It has been over 30 happy to see her!
hi Amy - I hope you enjoyed the session - Thanks for the nod!
Aloha Patricia: I enjoyed this teaching very much, thank you for sharing. I've been practicing Nadi Shodana regularly for many years and yet this is the first time I have heard the guidance to keep the breath flowing down and away from the brain. It is a very subtle shift yet I notice the difference profoundly and am looking forward to adopting this new twist into my daily practice. Always a pleasure to see and hear you, hope we can meet in person again some time soon....Mahalo, zette
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I love all your classes, and especially the subtle tips that you share from your years of fine tuning the practice. It really motivates me to be more "playful" and not so rigid even in the pranayama. Thank you.
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I enjoyed the class.  I am relatively new to pranayama, and will try the other classes also.
Try other classes, yes, and then perhaps it's best to stay with one practice for a while to really incorporate the subtleties. Watch the teaching video for whichever practice you want to learn more deeply at least one more time in order to get it fully in. Enjoy!
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I'll try that .  I have done several of your yoga classes more than once and always pick up a bit more  on the second or third time .
Repetition is a great way to make something your own. I'm glad you've found you can pick up more on a 2nd viewing. Yours...Patricia
Such loving attention to detail. This really opens up my practice even more. Thank you!
HI there Judith! This slipped through the cracks for a few days... Thank you for noticing and appreciating my penchant for detail.  It's part of my yoga love affair.  So glad to hear this session opened your practice more. Much Love, Patricia

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