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Patricia welcomes us to Season 3 of Into the Wild, where she will share a series of asana, meditation, and breathing practices designed to help you come into an experience of the subtle realm. These practices will promote a sense of calm and allow you to feel centered in your being.
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Jun 22, 2017
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Welcome to this new season. I'm Patricia Sullivan. This is a series of asana, meditation and breathing practices. They are designed to help you come into an experience of the subtle realm of existence that we often don't touch in our daily lives. And it gets easier with practice. And I'm so pleased to be offering these practices. I've been doing them for so many years. We've done a handful of practices with two yogi students, wonderful practitioners, with me guiding them into the practices. And there are a number of practices of myself helping to carry you along and through and into them.

I'd love to hear your experience as you move into these and discover new things about yourself and your practice. And I thank you for joining us in this. Namaste.


Jenny S
1 person likes this. excited for this new show! Thank you Patricia...and thank you Yoga Anytime for all these great new healing shows. It's going to be a fabulous summer! ☀️🏖⛺️
Kira Sloane
Jenny, oh we so agree! Happy you are here! xok
Patricia Sullivan
So happy to be able to share these practices, and thank you Jenny for tuning in! And thank you to Kira for the invitation.

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