Peak Poses Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Side Plank Pose

35 min - Practice


Shelley shares a sweet and fluid Vinyasa practice building mindfully and peaking in Vasisthasana 2 (Side Plank 2). We move through a series of Surya Namaskar C (Sun Salutation C), fluid namaskars with circular vinyasas, and standing balancing postures to open the hips, heart, and mind in preparation for our peak posture. You will feel strong, open, and alive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Blanket, Strap

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I love this practice, Shelley. One of the best additions in my life this year is your company in my living room! Namaste sister!
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I'm a yoga instructor in Texas. I use Shelly's classes to inspire my own instruction. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, methodical and well-planned class.
Thanks Sloane I miss you in my studio classes, but glad we can stay connected this way. Hope to see you soon! Aloha...! xoxoxo
Zella thank you for your kind messages.... I have to give my thanks to my teacher, Shiva Rea, as she has been so instrumental in guiding me on how to serve up a well-balanced, thoughtful practice. Enjoy!!
What creative sequencing to approach Vasisthasana!
Very nice sequence with a beautifully meditative ending...pure bliss! 😌

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