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Season 1 - Episode 6

Master the Basics

15 min - Practice


Helya guides us in a Level 1 workout that includes squats, lunges, inchworms, side lunges, and push-ups. We work for 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off with these 5 exercises for 4 rounds with 40 second breaks in between each round. You will feel strong and challenged.

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What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi, everyone. I'm Helia. Welcome back. This is workout number one, level one. We're going to take it easy for this first one. Slowly, there's going to be five moves, 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds off, and about 40 seconds of rest between each round. There's four rounds total. The workout should be about 16 minutes. All right, ready? Here we go. We're going to start off with a squat. All right, 30 seconds is on. Feet are a little bit wider than hip distance. You're going to sit back into your chair and stand up. Make sure your core is engaged. Reach your arms up. Keep your chest up. We're already about halfway there. Keep going down. Squeeze as you come up. Make sure your chest is up. 10 seconds to go. Keep breathing. Maybe exhale as your legs straighten out. Three, two, and one. Rest. That was great. We're going to do lunges next, so I'm going to face you so you can make sure that I have the right angles, and make sure to repeat that at home. We have five more seconds of rest. Three, two, and one. Keep those knees going 90 degrees. Keep your chest up. Your arms can kind of just hang, do whatever. One step at a time, alternating lunges. Try to look straight forward so that keeps your chest up a little bit more. That's already halfway in. Hang in there. Go at your own pace. Seven seconds to go. Three, two, and one. Rest. 15 seconds of rest again. Take some deep breaths. Maybe step back to the edge of your mat. We're going to do inchworms next. Five seconds. Keep breathing. And out. Ready? You're going to walk yourself out into a plank. If you need to, put your knees on the ground, and then bring your knees back up. Walk yourself right back to your feet, and stand up straight. If you at all feel dizzy while doing this, slow down and do as much as you can at your own pace. We have 10 seconds left. Reach. Walk back and stand. Perfect. That was exactly the right amount of time. 15 seconds to go. Now we have side lunges. We're going to alternate.

So stand at the middle of your mat. We're going to go side. Come back to center and go to the other side. Here we go. Ready? Make sure you're sitting back. Make sure those hips are hinging. You should be about, I mean, depending on how tall you are, right? Your legs should be about your mat size. Make sure you're sitting back. Keep your chest up, eyes up. You want to feel it in your glutes. So make sure you're sitting all the way back. Rest in 10 seconds to go. One at a time. Take your time. 3, 2, 1. Great job. All right. Last one before we take a 40-second rest is our push-ups. We're going to walk out just like we did in our inchworm. Drop our knees and do as much as you can. 3, 2, 1. All right. So make sure your shoulders are over your wrists. If you can, go down in your push-up. Awesome. If you can't, just hold it here. Keep breathing. Push the ground away from you. Tighten up your abs, especially as you push the ground away. You got less than 10 seconds to go. Hang in there. Almost. 3, 2, and 1. Okay. We've just finished our push-ups.

Great job. You have 40 seconds of rest. So take some deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth. Control your heart rate. We're going to start back again from the top. So when you're ready, stand up. And as we move through these sets, think about extending yourself a little bit more every time. So maybe we pick up the speed a little bit, or maybe we go a little bit lower on the squat. We have 10 seconds to go. Are you ready? Okay. So make sure your hips are hinging backwards. Starting in 3, 2, here we go. Sit back. Stand up straight. Back. Make sure that you're squeezing everything. Exhale as you stand. We're going to keep it simple. Just keep moving through it at your own pace. More than halfway there. Notice the speed is a little bit more, a little bit faster. Continue to go at your own pace, but push yourself if you can too. 3, 2, 1. Made it. Okay. Lunges. Straight up and down. We're going to step forward. 90 degree legs. We still have 7 seconds to keep breathing. Plenty of time. 3, 2, here we go. Step forward and back. If you find yourself cramped like here, take a wider step. Maybe even stagger a little bit. Step out to the side of your mat if you need more balance. Just keep working through it. We're getting comfortable with these simple first moves. Less than 10 seconds to go. Almost. 2 and 1. Good. All right. Inchworms are next. Stand at the edge of your mat. Shoulders roll back. Stand tall. Stand proud. You're going to walk out and walk right back. Okay? 3, 2, here we go. Walk out. Hold your plank a little bit and walk back. Notice that I didn't bring my knees to the ground this time. If you want to, go back to that place. Feel free to do so. Walk back. Stand up. Shoulders back. Always exhale and strengthen everything by squeezing. 8 seconds. Out. Back. Stand up. And down. Rest. Side lunges. This time, we're going to try to keep her feet up a little bit right in the center. So you're going to lunge. Make sure that you're sitting all the way back in your seat. And then when you stand up, hold your lunge a little bit. So sit back in your lunge. Together, maybe bring your leg up. Other side. Together, leg lift. We're working towards better balance and moves that kind of flow together. The next round, we're going to try without stepping together. But for now, just stay here. 6 seconds to go. And rest. Okay. Push-ups. Maybe the last time you didn't go down very far. Maybe you only got a couple of push-ups in. This time, we're just making ourselves work a little bit more. Just a little bit more every time. Here we go. Walk out into your inchworm. Drop your knees. Make sure you're up over your wrists. Come down. Slowly exhale up. Don't let your back fold or your hips sag. Keep it all in line. Keep breathing. We're almost to our 40-second break. 12 seconds. And 3, 2, 1. 40 seconds. Start now. Take a break. And we're going to get into our third out of the fourth round. Okay. When you're in your break, I want you to think about how you can make yourself a little bit stronger the next time. Maybe work a little bit harder.

So maybe that means the speed. For the lunges, that meant a little bit more balance. So just focus on what am I feeling? How can I make it a little bit harder for myself? How can I challenge myself without pushing too much? All right. And if you can't, go back to your comfort zone. Get ready. 3, 2, feet hip distance wide. Sit back. Stand up. Back. Now that you have this motion down, we've picked up the pace. We're squeezing. We're keeping our chest up. Don't let your back collapse. As you get more tired, things start to sag a little bit. Keep it up. 8 seconds to go. Starting to build up some heat. 3, 2, and 1. All right. Lunges. Alternating legs. Remember, if you want to keep your balance a little bit more, step out to each side of your mat, and that helps. 5 seconds. Keep breathing. Now that we've got a little heat going, here we go. Out, together. Out. Exhale. Breath is extremely important. Taking deep breaths is good, but harder to do when your heart rate is up. So keep your breath shallow if you need to, but make sure to exhale. 6 seconds. Almost. 2 and 1. All right. You can stay where you are. We're going to do our inchworms next. Deep breaths. We're doing really good. You got 5 more seconds. Keep breathing. 3, 2, and 1. Walk out. Maybe this time you're going to hold your plank just a little bit longer before you walk back. If you find your heart rate raising and it's uncomfortable, either slow it down or if you like it or if you know that it's good for you because it is, keep going. 10 seconds. Walk it in. Walk back. Don't let your hips sag in that plank. That's our rest. Take a breather. Keep breathing. Side lunge. Hover. This time we're going to go into our side lunge and bring it back up and hold it. 3, 2, 1. Here we go. Down. Hold. Good. Down. Hold it. Whoo. Balance is harder than it looks. Always, right? But you got to keep exhaling. We're already 20 seconds in. We got 10 seconds to go. Make sure you're sitting back in your chair. Keep that knee alignment. 3, 2, 1. All right. Pushups. Walk to the edge of your mat. Deep breath. Stand tall. We're getting closer. 3, 2, here we go. Out. Strong plank hold. If you want to try, maybe bring one leg up. Maybe you're ready. Maybe you're not. Or maybe you're just going at a faster pace. But what's really, really important is that you're up on top of your wrists and your fingertips are digging into the ground. 10 seconds. Almost there.

4, 3, 2, and 1. Whoo. We got one more round. You can do it. This is going to be your fastest round, your best round. This is the final hurrah of your level one workout. So deep breaths. You got this. We still have plenty of time. We can chitchat about everything, anything. 15 seconds. So make sure your hip hinge is on point when you push back. You really want to get back there. Sit in your chair. 10 seconds to go. I'm ready. Are you ready? Okay. 3, 2, 1. Sit back. Stand and squeeze. This is your last squat for this set. So make sure to make them quality squats. I don't really care how fast you go. I want good squats. Go as deep as you can. Don't worry about how deep you're going. It should feel good on your knees. It should feel good on your legs.

And by good, I mean obviously you're going to feel your quads, but it shouldn't hurt in your bones. 3, 2, 1. All right. Rest. Lunges. Step back. By now you know the routine. You should feel a little bit more comfortable with it. It's the same moves over and over. Repetition makes a difference. 3, 2, and 1. Here we go. Lunges. These are forward lunges. If you feel more comfortable going backwards, totally fine. Up to you. If you need to refer to that, go to our tutorial on lunges. Keep breathing. You're already more than halfway there. Notice the pace is definitely faster this time. But remember, go at your own pace. Maybe tomorrow you'll do this again and you'll go faster. And rest. Inchworms. Okay. This time instead of holding it, I'm going to go back and forth a little bit faster because I'm getting my heart rate up a little bit more. Okay. So three seconds. Here we go. Out. Lock. Back. Notice that your plank position does not change. Your butt is not in the air. You're not out here, right? You're up over your shoulders. Deep breaths. Or shallow breaths, depending on how fast your heart is going. Five seconds to go. One more. Can you fit it in? Rest. Okay. So now we are on the side lunge hover. We still have 10 seconds. So keep breathing and try to hold that hover a little bit longer this time. Maybe even pick up the pace. Ready?

Here we go. Side lunge. Hold it down. I almost lost my balance. Hold it up. Down. Trying to go a little bit faster and balancing at the same time is definitely difficult. Sit back. Up. 15 seconds. Almost there. Sit back in those glutes. You really want to fire them up. They're not fired up by now. You got to sit a little deeper next time. Seven seconds. One more. One more. And rest. All right. Last move. Push-ups. This time we're going to try both toes instead of knees or stay where you're comfortable. Okay? Walking out. Get ready. Three, two, one. Down and push away. Make sure everything is tight. Squeeze your quads. Push your heels back. Exhale as you push away the ground. Almost there. We're more than halfway.

Keep breathing. Don't worry about going at my pace. Go at your pace. Less than 10 seconds. Almost. Seven. Three, two, and rest. All right. That completes our first level one workout. I hope you've enjoyed it. Come back for more. See you later.


Nicole S
It was interesting how the 4th round felt even better then the 2nd! Stoked!
Helya Glen
Way to go!! It's always fun when you get that second wind, right?
Senada S
1 person likes this.
Really good workout, look forward to doing it again!
Kate M
1 person likes this.
Woohoo! Did it! This WAS a different mat event for me! Heart rate up, and, yeah, sweating!! Love your cues. Excellent!
Helya Glen
Kate Sounds like you killed it!
1 person likes this.
Loved it! So happy to see functional fitness built into this platform. Helya, what are your recommendations for how frequently we should do these short, intense bouts of exercise?
Helya Glen
Awesome Tiffany ! I think 2-3 x a week is great! If you would like to go for more, 4 is probably the maximum I would do. Make sure to take rest days. When you're fatigued, it's a lot harder to go "all out" which is really when all these workouts are the most effective. Let me know how you do and good luck!
1 person likes this.
fantastic to come back this - wonderfully taught and a such a great addition to the yoga on the site. many thanks.
Katarina V
1 person likes this.
I am also re-visiting. Love it!
Lily A
I was “sneaky” sore the day after doing this! Didn’t expect to get sore as it did seem fun and “basic!” Great job Helya! Thanks a lot!

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