Yogi Can't Jump Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Master the Basics

15 min - Practice


Helya guides us in a Level 1 workout that includes squats, lunges, inchworms, side lunges, and push-ups. We work for 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off with these 5 exercises for 4 rounds with 40 second breaks in between each round. You will feel strong and challenged.

Helya has created a playlist to go along with this practice on Spotify, click here to listen while you practice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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It was interesting how the 4th round felt even better then the 2nd! Stoked!
Way to go!! It's always fun when you get that second wind, right?
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Really good workout, look forward to doing it again!
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Woohoo! Did it! This WAS a different mat event for me! Heart rate up, and, yeah, sweating!! Love your cues. Excellent!
Kate Sounds like you killed it!
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Loved it! So happy to see functional fitness built into this platform. Helya, what are your recommendations for how frequently we should do these short, intense bouts of exercise?
Awesome Tiffany ! I think 2-3 x a week is great! If you would like to go for more, 4 is probably the maximum I would do. Make sure to take rest days. When you're fatigued, it's a lot harder to go "all out" which is really when all these workouts are the most effective. Let me know how you do and good luck!
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fantastic to come back this - wonderfully taught and a such a great addition to the yoga on the site. many thanks.
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I am also re-visiting. Love it!
I was “sneaky” sore the day after doing this! Didn’t expect to get sore as it did seem fun and “basic!” Great job Helya! Thanks a lot!

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