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Season 1 - Episode 9

Up Your Game

20 min - Practice


Helya guides us in a Level 2 workout that includes 'the surrender,' down dog push-ups, side plank with crunches, low lunge with squat, side plank with crunch second side, and alternating side lunges with a hover or hop. We work for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off with these 6 exercises for 3 rounds. You will feel energized and ready for your day!

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What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi, everyone. Welcome back. This is level two, workout number one. We're getting into the good stuff. It's all good stuff. But this is a little bit harder because we're going to be under tension a little bit longer. So your work time has gone officially from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. Big 10 seconds. And also I am giving you 10 more seconds of rest. So don't worry. So now we're going from 10 seconds of rest to 20 seconds of rest. There's six exercises and we're going to repeat them three times. The total is about 17 minutes. And afterwards you can go have some really good food and be really happy with yourself because you worked out for 17 minutes and it was awesome. All right? Okay. So first one is called the surrender. And you'll figure it out once we start. But essentially you're going to sit back into your mat like this and then use the same leg to stand up. Put something down or double up your mat if your knees are sensitive. Okay? All right. Here we go. Surrender. 40 seconds on the clock. Sit back. Stand up. Super tight core. And make sure to alternate your legs. So lead with the right and then lead with the right to stand up. And then maybe lead with the left. Sit down. Lead with the left to stand up again. You're already halfway there. 40 seconds is nothing. Stand up. Sit back down. Try to keep it consistent so you're even. Alternating legs. Five more seconds. Three, two and one. Okay. The next move is called the down dog pushup or a monkey pushup. There's a lot of different names for the same moves. So you're going to walk out into your plank and then into your down dog pushing your hips all the way up. We have eight more seconds. So this is what I don't want you to do in a plank. But this move is asking for it. So just bear with me. All right. Ready? You're going to force your head into the mat and stand back up. Tighten up your core. Push back in your hips. Bring your elbows back.

If this is too difficult, you can go down to your knees and just keep yourself back. Just pushing with your elbows outwards. But, or just hold your down dog. That's always good too. 15 seconds to go. Keep pushing your hips back. Shoulders engaged. 12 seconds. Almost there. Five, four, three, two and one. Good. Rest. All right. So now we're going to go into our side plank. So find your alignment first. Elbow. I'm sorry. Elbow. Shoulder. Hip stacked. Knee stacked. We're going to start in plank position in this form. You're going to reach up and you're going to crunch your knee to your elbow and then reach and crunch. Timers on. Here we go. Reach. Crunch. Reach. Keep forcing that hip up. Crunch. Touch that elbow. You're already halfway there. Keep going. Don't lose your form. Make sure the shoulder and your elbow are always in line. 10 seconds. And three, two, one. Rest. All right. It's always harder to get out of the movement than it is to get into it, I feel. Okay. So the next one is a low squat with a lunge. So you're going to stand here and then you're almost going to push yourself forward, push yourself back. Ready? Three, two, one. We're going to go both sides. Squat first. Step. Push back. Step. Push back. The push back is really important. Use that front leg to power up and push yourself back. Sit back down. You're staying in that lunge or squat form basically the whole time. Try to keep your knees and your legs 90 degrees. Nice low burn. 12 seconds to go. Tighten up your core. Six seconds. And rest. I didn't count down that time. Okay. Plank on the other side. Head down there. Set yourself up. Shoulder and elbow. Stack your hips. Reach your feet forward with your arms over your head and go. Keep pushing your hip up. Keep reaching over your head and out. Almost there. Well, almost to halfway. Keep going. I got excited.

You got it. Keep pushing that hip up. Don't lose it. Maybe slow it down if you find yourself falling, but keep pushing that hip up. Five seconds. Reach. Crunch. Reach. And rest. Nice job. All right. Stand up. We're going back to the side lunges. Alternating. Going both sides. You got 10 seconds. If you want to add the hover in the middle, go for it. I'm just going to focus on going side to side as fast as I can. All right. Here we go. Sit. Push off. And good. Keep going. We're going to add the hover and the hop in the next couple of rounds. Right now, I just want you to focus on your glute activation. Sit back far. Knee and toe in line. Chest up. Hang in there. Fifteen seconds to go. Much faster pace this time. Ten seconds. Engage your core. Five, four, three, two, rest. Okay. Only 20 seconds to rest between rounds. Deep breath. Step forward. Prepare yourself for the next move, which is the surrenders. You have 10 seconds. Heart rate should be up. Four, three, two, rest. Go. Step back. Together. Up. Together. Left side. Back. Up. Together. Right. Up. Left. Keep going. More than halfway there. Keep alternating. Pick up the pace if you need to. Or if you want to, I should say. Eight seconds. Five, four, three, two, rest. All right. Down dog pushups. This time, you're really going to focus on bringing your hips up and making sure you're going straight down, trying to bring the crown of your head to the ground. Okay? Seven seconds. Down dog first. I know you know how to do a down dog. Push your hips back. Here we go. Push up. Take a break if you need it. Down again. You're activating your shoulders here. Push your weight back. Keep breathing. Exhale as you push up. Good. Hang in there. It takes a little bit more control. Make sure your belly button is pulled back towards your spine and your hips are pulling you back. Keep going. Twelve seconds. If this one is really not for you, just do pushups. No big deal. Just keep moving. Four, three, two, and one. Always get that last one in before you stop. Just because I count down doesn't mean that you should stop before it's over. Okay. Now we're on the side plank crunch. Let's go this way first. I may have switched sides, but that's okay.

Stack your hips. Stack your knees. Reach your hips up and go. Reach. Try not to touch your toe on the ground this time. Really reach. Crunch. Reach. Crunch. You should be feeling it here and here. Down here because you're pushing your hips up. Up here because of the crunch. So reach. Crunch. Halfway there already. Almost. This one's pretty tough. Keep crunching. Make sure those hips are stacked. Don't let that top hip wander. Three, two, one. Rest. Great job. Low squat to lunge. The most important thing in this one is keeping that low squat position. You want the burn in your quads. You want the burn in your inner thighs when you step forward and back, and you really want to push your weight. From there, back to your squat. Two, one. Here we go. Low squat. Low squat. Great job. Keep it up. Push the ground away. Keep that chest up. Proud chest. More than halfway. You're doing great. Tighten up your core. Pull that belly button back towards your spine. Exhale. Ooh, quads are on fire. Four, three, two, one. Rest. Other side. Back down. Take your time to set yourself up. Your 20 seconds. Hip stacked. Legs straight. Shoulder. Elbow in line. Come up on top. Push your hip up. Use that knee. Three, two, one. Crunch. Reach. Crunch. Reach. Crunch. You get a lot more stability with this leg on the ground. Next round, we're going to try half of it, or all of it, with that knee off the ground. But for now, just stay here and crunch. You're doing your best. That's all that matters. Only 15 seconds to go. Reach. Crunch. Ten seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. Nice. All right. Alternating side lunges. We're going to add the hover this time, but we're going to do a little bit faster. It's the next round I want to jump. Seven seconds. So find your position. Ready? Set. Sit back. Hover. Down. Hover. Down. Make sure you're sitting back into your lunge. Don't forget that. That's the most important part of this position. It's really good for your glutes, but make sure you're activating your core. Doesn't need to be a big hover. We're just getting used to what's going to come. Almost. Ten seconds. Four, three, two, one. Round two. Done. One more. Just one more. Hang with me. Deep breath. Inhale big. Open up chest.

Exhale deeply. Good. Five seconds. See? Perfect timing. Three, two, one. Step back. Surrender. Down the top. Up. Left foot. Left foot leads up. Right foot leads back. Keep going. It's your last round. You're so excited. I know. Keep pushing back. Keep stepping forward. You can do it one at a time. Super good on those big muscles. Sometimes I like to go the same leg. For some reason, I don't know why. My brain does it. It's okay. Three, two, one. Whatever gets the timer going, right? Okay. Down dog push-ups. You're going to walk out into your inchworm. Find your happy place. Push back into down dog. Arms a little bit wider than normal. Five seconds. Three. This is a good resting pose too. Right? Go. Here we go. Take your time. Push the ground away. Get your hips to go back. Shoulders activated. Don't forget about your core. Just because you're upside down doesn't mean that that has to be unengaged. So make sure that's working. 15 seconds. Nice tricep burn here. Nine, eight, seven, six, almost. Three, two, and one. All right. Come out slowly of that one. All the blood went to your head. Okay. Low squat to alternating lunges. 10 seconds. Deep breath. Exhale deeply. Get ready. Set yourself in chair pose. Three, two, here we go. Lunge.

Push back. Lunge and back. Push those hips back. Make sure you're landing all the way back on your heels when you're back in your squat position. Don't forget the integrity of the move stays the same. Even though we're combining all these movements, you have to stick to one at a time. Get that form right and then move forward. Keep going. You got it. I challenge you to talk throughout this whole workout. Seven seconds. Three, two, one. Okay. Side plank crunch. We're going to do them back to back now because we skipped it. So it's okay. We're just going to move forward. Stack your hips. Aligned. Reach. Six seconds. Push this hip up from the bottom. Three, two, one. Here we go. Check your alignment. Make sure you're super straight. You want that shoulder to be working, but you don't want misalignment. Crunch. Hips up. Crunch. Almost. Ten seconds. Six, five, three, two, one. Good. Other side since I skipped it. Get your alignment. You're going to be just fine. You can do them back to back. I like to split it up just because it gives a break from your arms to your legs, but no big deal. Arms, shoulders, hip up, reach, and crunch. If you want to stagger your feet at this point, you're more than welcome to do so. And if you know what that means, you can just go for it. If not, refer to our tutorial on planks later on. More than halfway there. Reach. Come on. We got it. Last 10 seconds. Hip is on fire. Seven, six, five, four, three, and done. Okay. Last move. And we're going to call this one. You're going to lunge and hop and then lunge and then hop. Same leg. Comes up. Okay. Five seconds. Deep breath. You can do it. Ready? Here we go. Lunge, bring it center, hop up.

Lunge, center, hop. Keep going. You got it. See, this is what I was excited about. And I got all lost in the excitement. Reach if you can. Touch the floor. But make sure you're not bending over. Your hands coming down. Almost there. Six seconds. Three, two, one. Okay. Workout level two. First one, complete. See you next time.


Senada S
1 person likes this.
Thank you 😃 that was exactly what I needed. I feel revatilsed. x
Helya Glen
So glad you liked it!
Kate M
1 person likes this.
I've been using these as a prelude to my yoga asana practice! It's great!!
Joan J
1 person likes this.
Helya this is a great workout, brings up the inner heat. I will do this practice often to build strength. Grateful for your teaching
Helya Glen
1 person likes this.
Joan the more you do it the more benefits you'll see in all your other practices! Keep up the good work!
Joan J
I have knee issues with the surrender. I have veen holding lizard pose instead. Do you have any other move to subsitute?
Ruth Henriquez Lyon
I love the strength I've been getting from this and the other workouts; my body feels so empowered for more than a day after I do one of them.
I'm so happy you're offering these exercises to yoga students.
this stuff is way overdue - terrific!
Katyayani B
My glutes and quads were shot for days after taking this class- had no idea I hadn’t been using them this way!
Lily A
Another good one, Helya! Enjoyed this one!

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