Yogi Can't Jump Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Up Your Game

20 min - Practice


Helya guides us in a Level 2 workout that includes 'the surrender,' down dog push-ups, side plank with crunches, low lunge with squat, side plank with crunch second side, and alternating side lunges with a hover or hop. We work for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off with these 6 exercises for 3 rounds. You will feel energized and ready for your day!

Helya has created a playlist to go along with this practice on Spotify, click here to listen while you practice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Thank you 😃 that was exactly what I needed. I feel revatilsed. x
So glad you liked it!
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I've been using these as a prelude to my yoga asana practice! It's great!!
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Helya this is a great workout, brings up the inner heat. I will do this practice often to build strength. Grateful for your teaching
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Joan the more you do it the more benefits you'll see in all your other practices! Keep up the good work!
I have knee issues with the surrender. I have veen holding lizard pose instead. Do you have any other move to subsitute?
I love the strength I've been getting from this and the other workouts; my body feels so empowered for more than a day after I do one of them.
I'm so happy you're offering these exercises to yoga students.
this stuff is way overdue - terrific!
My glutes and quads were shot for days after taking this class- had no idea I hadn’t been using them this way!
Another good one, Helya! Enjoyed this one!

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