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Season 1 - Episode 11

No Rest for You!

10 min - Practice


Helya guides us in a Level 2 functional fitness workout that keeps on moving! We move through 3 rounds of 4 exercises—high knees, squats, lunges, and planks—progressing in difficulty with each round. You will feel challenged and sweaty.

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Okay, guys, welcome back. This is level two, workout number three, and you're in for a good one. It's going to be real good because there's actually no rest in between the movements. What? Mind blown.

I know. But don't worry, there's a rest after every four moves, and they are a progression of each other. So every set that ends, there's four moves, the next set that begins, we're going to progress or stay where you are. It's your choice. So I will show you the progressions as we move along.

I'm going to be sweaty. You should be sweaty by the end of this, or you didn't go fast enough or hard enough. So keep that in mind as we go through this. The first set is going to be like your warmup, and then we're going to move up from there. It's going to go quick, 40 seconds of work.

At the very end, there's 45 seconds of rest. Obviously, it doesn't compare to how much you've been working because there's four movements, right? But it will give you enough time to catch your breath, start again, and it'll be over pretty quickly. This workout is only about 10 and a half minutes long. Okay, are we ready?

Time are set, starting with high knees. Let's go. So when you're jogging in place, make sure your chest is up, core is engaged, keep going. Try to find different speeds that you have for yourself. Keep moving those arms, making sure everything is moving with you.

15 seconds left. Get those knees up, by the way. Almost. Eight, five, four, get ready. Next move is coming up, three, two, squat, kick.

Squat down, kick forward, squat, kick, squat, kick. You can go wide, narrow, whatever feels good. And keep moving, keep breathing, strong, kick forward. Keep going, 15 seconds to go. Keep sitting back in your chair, five.

We're going to go into lunges next. All right, no rest, I was going to say rest. Just kidding. We're going to go straight down together, down together. Notice I'm stepping backwards this time.

Whatever your pace is, stay there. Maybe you want to bring your knee up, step, knee up. Your choice. Or just keep stepping back. We got one more move, and then you get a break.

Keep your chest up, stepping back wide. Don't forget that, seven seconds. Three, two, one, plank step. Hands on the ground, stepping out, one leg at a time. Get those lats engaged.

Lock those arms out, breathe. Engage your core, quads, glutes, everything is working. Keep breathing, keep that neck strong, 10 seconds. You got it, step, step, six seconds, almost there, four, three, two, rest. I mean the rest this time.

Deep breath, we're going to start from the top in about 35 seconds, so plenty of time. This workout is going to go real quick, so try to keep up as much as you can, but if you need to scale back, stay to that first set that we did, okay? Still you got 20 seconds. Keep breathing, heart rate went up, now we're bringing heart rate back down, 12 seconds. Deep breaths, my heart rate is definitely up, five seconds, high knees, you're ready and go.

This time you're going a lot faster than you were the first time, so keep the pace. You should have different speeds. This is probably like 70% of what you were doing before, maybe that was about 50% using your arms. Go, go, go, 10 seconds, almost, almost, five, four, three, get ready, we're going into squat reaches, and sit back, reach up, back and up, we've done these before. Squeeze your glutes, reach up, all the way on your tippy toes.

Don't forget, this is all about how much work you put into it. If you're not really getting that much out of it, you're not going fast enough or low enough, so keep working. 12 seconds, come on, you got it, seven, almost, almost, three, two, one. If you watch the lunge tutorial, you'll remember this one where it goes one, two, three, down, one, two, three, down, one, two, three. You get the point, three steps, one lunge, three steps, one lunge.

If it's too much, scale back, but we're almost there, 12 seconds, you got it, come on, one, two, three, one, two, three, six seconds, push, push, almost, three, two, rest, just kidding, plank, plank-dex this time, out and in. So we took the step and we added cardio, out and in, keep it strong, lats are engaged, keep going, keep going, almost there, feel that core, lots of movement, keep those legs engaged, 10 seconds to go, you get a long break, don't lose it, five, four, three, two, one, now rest, that was a doozy, we are going for round three. So in this one, you're going to knock each knee with your hands, that's your high knees, so your abs are engaging every time, like each side, still have 20 seconds, plenty of time, deep breaths, this is your last round, we're going to make it as hard as we can for where we are right now, okay, go for it, we got five seconds, three, two, ready, let's go, get those knees out, come on, every breath, knee comes together, you should be going just as fast, keep going, keep going, come on, less than 20 seconds, go, go, go, 15 seconds to go, you're going to make it, 10 seconds, five, four, three, two, oh man, one, squat jump, run into it, I might lose my mic, here we go, up, land, keep going, come on, this one's the last one, you got this, and by that I meant last round, you still have a few more to go, 15 seconds, push, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, almost, five, four, three, two, lunge jumps, but watch this, we're going to go four pulses, one, two, three, four, switch, shake them out, one, two, three, four, switch, come on, two, three, four, switch, you're coming with me, I'm not going alone, three, four, switch, three, four, switch, almost, legs are cramping, switch, alright, next one, we have push ups, jack, push up, this is your last one, keep it up, almost there, you have about 20 seconds left, push the ground away, jack, ground, jack, you've got to keep that core tight, if you're not working this hard, we're doing something wrong here, keep going, come on, five, four, three, two, done, good one guys, I hope you're ready for level three, it's going to be fantastic, see you next time.


Jean P
BAM! love it
Kate M
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woohoo!! challenging this yogini's edge!... great stuff. so much happening in 10 minutes!!
Lily A
10 minutes of maximum benefits! My Heartbeat is soaring! WOO!
Helya Glen
Lily A Get it girl! 

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