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Season 1 - Episode 12

The Broken Burpee

10 min - Practice


Helya guides us in a spicy Level 3 workout that breaks down the elements of a burpee including squat jumps, sprawls, push-ups, and finally a complete burpee to piece the elements together. We work for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 challenging rounds. You will sweaty and accomplished!

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Welcome, everybody. This is level 3. Are you ready? You should be. If you've been doing all the workouts until now, you're totally ready for this. This particular one is called the broken burpee. This is my favorite way to teach how to do a burpee efficiently and properly. There are different movements in a burpee, and we're literally going to break them apart and put them back together. It's like the Humpty Dumpty of burpees. The rest period is only 10 seconds, but you're only working for 30 seconds. I want you to really kick in into gear. There's four rounds, four moves, and the workout is only about 10 minutes long. You're more than welcome to do other workouts along with this one, but I promise you that if you're putting your full effort into this, you won't want to. Expect sweaty, expect hard work. Go at your own pace, but remember, this one is about intensity. From this point forward, we're going to be focusing on intensity and fast repetition. Are you ready? We're starting with a squat jump, then going to a sprawl, a pushup, and a full burpee at the end. All right, here we go. Timer set, squat jump, go. 30 seconds. I want you to keep exhaling, keep that proper form, sit back into your squat position, 10 seconds in. Get up off of the toes, and you can definitely modify, but if you're here at level three, there's no modifications anymore. Go, go, go. Eight seconds, come on. Four, three, two, one. Take a break. Get ready for your sprawl. You're going to put your hands down, jump back into a plank, jump back up, and jump up. Three, two, one. Here we go. Jump back, jump forward, and up. No pushup. Try to make the pause into your plank less and less, but don't lose the integrity of your plank. Feet all the way back, all the way forward, landing wide or narrow, your choice. 10 seconds. Hang in there. Three, two, one. Pushups are next. Here we go. Set up in your pushup position. Make sure your hands are in the right spot. Three, two, one. Here we go. Push the ground away. Keep your body strong. We got four rounds of pushups. Maybe set a number for yourself to hit every time. Take breaks as you need it. 10 seconds left. Don't let your hips sag. Five, four, three, two, rest. That was all the components of a burpee. Guess what? Now we're doing the burpee. Here we go. Step back, open your pushup, feet up, reach for the sky. Keep going. Try to make it a little bit more fluid as you get used to it. Don't let your hips drop, especially as you get more tired. We're getting close, guys. Less than 10 seconds to go. Push away, jump. Four, one more. Two, one, rest. One round done. Three to go. We have five more seconds, and then we're starting again from the squat jumps. Okay? Ready? Go. Now you're getting a little bit more tired. Just keep pushing through. Don't forget your breath. Try to exhale every time you come up. Sit back, push off. Sit back, push off. Less than 10 seconds. Seven, five, two, rest.

All right. Sprawl. This one's like the easier one, right? Not really the up and down part, but better than pushups. Three, two, one. Jump back, jump forward, jump up. You can skip the jump if you'd like. You can just jump back and stand. You can also step. If you're getting tired, just keep moving. Step back, step forward. It's all the same movement. You can also elevate, but remember, this is level three. You got three, two, one, rest. Deep breath. Halfway through this round. Okay. We're going down for our pushups. You can go down on your knees if you need to, but you got it. Keep pushing. Tighten up that core. Take a second if you need it. Keep yourself in your plank. Push the ground away. You have about 10 seconds left. Tighten up your core even more. Come on, squeeze those legs. Three, two, one, rest. Burpees, putting it all together. I hope you're excited. I know you're not, but you got this. Come on, let's go. 30 seconds. Go all the way down, all the way up. You can let your hips touch the ground as long as your whole body touches the ground. So not hips first, then the rest of your body. So you can touch the ground and jump back up. But just keep in mind, the integrity of your form is more important than anything else. Four, three, two, one. Round two, done. It's getting a little hot in here. Ready? Squat jumps. Round three. Let's go. Keep pushing. Come on. Now, this seems like the easiest part. If it starts to get easy, speed it up. There's always more work to be done. More than halfway there. Come on. Last 10 seconds. Seven, six, three, two, one. Sometimes I say the time faster because I think the time is going to go faster that way. It doesn't. Ready?

Three, two, one. Jump back. Step back. Jump up. Stand or jump. Your choice. I'm going to do a little bit of both. Back and maybe jump. Don't forget your elbows locked out. Strong wrists, strong shoulders. Squeeze your legs when you jump back. This poor burpee needs to be put back together. Six, three, two, one. Yay. Time went faster that time. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. You got this. Go down for pushups. If you're in your knees or on your knees by now, move forward and down. Forward and down. But every once in a while, come up. Exhale. Push the ground away. Squeeze your legs. Squeeze your thighs. Everything's working together. 10 seconds. You got it. Come on. Seven. Getting tired. Three, two, rest. There's no shame in going down to your knees when you need to. Don't forget your form is more important. Burpees. And go. Down. Even if you come up on your knees, perfectly fine. But come up together rather than your back coming up first. Jump back. Down. Touch the floor. And up. Almost. Last eight seconds. Three, two, one. Okay.

Back to the last round. Sweat should be dripping at this point. Maybe not. Maybe you're new to working out. Uh-oh. Here we go. Squat jumps. I distracted you. Keep going. Come on. Last round. Almost. This is your last round. Yay. Hang in there. Best round yet. You can do it. I know you can. Come on. Seven seconds. Push. Remember, you can always go to the reach. Rest. See? 30 seconds. Breathe. Sprawl. Three, two, one. Here we go. Jump back. Jump up. And tall. Back. Finish the work. Whatever it is. Finish what you started. Jump back. And up. Less than 12 seconds to go. Breathe through it. Five, three, two, one. Sweat is a good thing. You want to detox. Get it out of your system. It's all pent up in there. Three, two, one. Knees or toes up to you. I'm going to do half and half. Keep those elbows coming back. If you want to challenge me, do them all on your toes. Tell me about it. Tell me to get up. Ten seconds. So much sweat. Almost. Five, three, two, one. Always get that last one in, guys. Just because I start counting down doesn't mean your work is done. Okay. Ready? Burpees. Go. All the way down. All the way up. Come on. Push.

Get that chest to the ground. Whatever that means for you. Breathe through it. Make sure your back is coming up safely. Not first. Not before your hips. Last 10 seconds. Almost. I am dripping everywhere. They're going to kick me out. Three, two, one. Yes. You did it. Come back for more. We're just getting started on level three. Nice job.


Kate M
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that was intense.
good intense!
Helya Glen
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You’re killin it lately! Keep it up! 

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