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Season 1 - Episode 13

Why Not Get Crazy

15 min - Practice


We are really grooving now! Helya guides us in an intense and sweaty level 3 functional fitness routine of frogger push-ups, surrenders with tuck jumps, crab reaches, and plank sliders. We move through three challenging and energizing sets.

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What You'll Need: Mat

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Aug 22, 2017
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Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the first of the three level three workouts. We're going to get a little bit crazier this round because why wouldn't we? This time we're going the longest, we're going to be under tension the longest amount of time we have been in this entire season. So it's going to be 50 seconds of work. I know, I know 50 seconds of work and only 10 seconds of rest. There are four moves and we're going to repeat them three times. You get a 30 second break between every set. So after we finish four moves, you're going to get a breather and then we start again. There's a lot of up and down and there's big jumps. If you need to go refresh on that, go to our squat tutorial back in earlier in the season. All right. So 50 seconds on the clock. We're going to start on the ground with a Frogger pushup. All right, here we go. Ready, set, go. So hands on the floor. Jump back, push up, jump up, jump back again, push up and up. There's the Frogger. Here's the pushup. Jump up and back. Push up. Don't forget. Don't lose the integrity of those pushups. We're about 20 seconds in. Keep breathing through. Jump back, land lightly on your feet. Get your heels down. Almost there. Kind of got like 15 seconds left. You can do it. Come on. It's the beginning of an awesome workout. Keep a positive attitude. Seven seconds to go. Three, two, one. Good. All right. Next one is a surrender with a tuck jump. So let's start standing. We're going to start now. Step back, step up, big tuck jump. Again, step back, step up, big jump. Take your time. Get as many reps as you can. Land lightly on your feet. A lot of things to keep in mind, but almost to keep your mind off of it. Right? So step back, step up, jump high. Keep going. One at a time. Ten seconds to go. Six, five, almost. Rest. Okay. So next one is a crab reach. So you're going to be on your back. Your feet are about hip distance. Timer's on. Reach up, kick with this bottom leg and touch the other toe. Kick, touch, kick, touch. The key is that bottom leg. You want to get those hamstrings to fire up, so you really have to kick through the ground. Kick through the heel. Reach, reach high, kick high. Almost there. Keep pushing. Come on. Kick through, touch high. If you're having trouble touching, just kick. Then it'll look like this, right?

Keep touching and going. Seven seconds. We're almost there. Four, three, and rest. Okay. Next one, you're going to flip over into your plank. Super strong core engagement here. So into your plank, you're going to reach that leg all the way into your armpit. Slide it down and across. And slide back, up. It's like an elevator. Pull up, slide down, slide across. Back, into your armpit, push back. Tough one. Down, across, and back. Super strong ab burn. Up, back. Take your break if you need it. Push your hips back. Bring it forward. Slide, keep your plank. Across, up, back. Keep it going. Across, back. Take your break if you need it. Come back. Five seconds. And rest. 30 seconds. Breathe. We're going to do it all again. It's going to be glorious. Aren't you happy? We have 30 seconds of rest between this and every round. I am. Bring it back. Deep breaths. Get your mind on the right zone because we have seven seconds left. Push up. Frogger. Now you know what all the moves are. Here we go. Jumping back. Well, let's start forward. And then back. And down. Once you get more used to this one, you can go back and down at the same time. Like this.

Ooh, that one's tough. Keep going though. One at a time. Doesn't matter if you go faster or slower than me as long as you're moving. Up and back. Less than 20 seconds to go. You got it. Shake out your arms if you need to. Keep going. Last 10 seconds. Push the ground away. You can always go down to your knees if you need to do that or skip the push up. Three, two, one. Okay. Surrender, tuck, jump. Remember, jump as high as you can. Okay? Land softly on your feet. Ready? Here we go. Back. Up. Tuck, jump. Other side. Tuck, jump. Back. Up. Every time you jump, go a little higher. Really put your effort into it. You got plenty of time. Plenty of work. You can do it. Keep pushing. Come on. Both feet go back. Make sure to alternate. Last 10 seconds. As you get sloppy, your feet start to get heavier. Three, two, rest. Okay. Crab reach. Sitting back. Hands behind you. Two, one. Lift your hips up. Push with this bottom leg. Kick and touch. Remember, if you don't kick with the bottom leg, you're not getting the burn that I want you to get in that hamstring. So kick. Hard. High. Come on. You got it. No half Z's. All the way. Push. More than halfway there.

Reach. Reach. Last 15 seconds. Get those hamstrings to fire up. Glutes on fire. Seven, five, four, three, two, rest. Okay. Plank sliders. Really important to get your knee and your armpit. Get up on your elbows. Ready, set. Here we go. Get that knee up. Slide it down. Slide it across. Slide it back. Up. Match your feet. Up. Down. Slide. Slide. Up. Back. Keep going. Take your time. This one's not really about speed, as it is about getting it right, getting that elbow all the way up in your armpit. So slide it up there. Slide it down. Keep it up there. Slide it across and then back. 10 seconds. Come on. Up. Back. Do you see the sweat dripping from my face? That's not you. We got a problem. Three, two, one, rest. Timer is done with that set because we got one more. Dab, dab, dab. It's okay. Are you ready for your next one? Last one. 10 seconds to go. We're going to do this for all your push-ups. Hands on the mat. Mentally prepare. Three, two, one. Jump up. Jump back.

Get down in your push-up. Come on. Up. Back. Down. You got it. Push a little harder this time. A little faster. It's your last round. You got to pump it up. Pump up your own motivation. I'm here for you. I know you can do it, but you got to push yourself. I'm not at your house to move your legs. You got to do that part. Come on. Up. Back. Down. Push. Up. Back. Down. You got it. Come on. 15 seconds left. You can come down on your knees if you need to, but jump back up. Let's go. 10 seconds. Down. Push. Five, four, three, two. Holy bologna. That was intense. You did it. One down. Three to go. Stand up. Deep breath. Here we go. Back. Back. Up. Up. Tuck. Back. Back. Up. Up. Get up there. You got it. Push. Almost.

Get those legs working. We got some sweat flying. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. Alternating those legs. Last 10 seconds. Push, push, push. It doesn't really work, people. You can do it. Three. Two down. Two to go. Come on. Get on your mat. Get ready. Set yourself up. Don't waste any time. We got three, two, one. Here we go. Up. Kick. Bottom leg kick. Bottom leg kick. Come on. Kick through the heel. Reach high. Kick. If you haven't tried touching it, touch by now. Come on. Get up there. Reach. Reach. Exhale. Kick. Glutes, hammies, calves, triceps, lots of core. We're going to get through it together. Come on. Push through. You're strong. Your head quits a lot faster than your body wants to. Don't let it. Keep it up. Come on. Less than 10 seconds to go. Six, four, three, two, one more. Best one. Last one. You can do it. I hope your kids don't think you're too weird with all the sweat everywhere. Just kidding. And across. This is hard work. Up. Back. Come on. You can do it. Show them how it's done. Pull it up. Pull it down. And up. And back. We got it. Finish strong. Keep pushing. If you need a break, push back. Come back forward. Right back at it. You're not failing if you take breaks. You're human. Keep pushing. The hard part is to continue. So continue. 10 seconds. Eight, seven, six, three, two, one. Oh, man. You guys. You killed it. That was awesome. I took a shower here. Right here. See you next time. Bye bye.


Traci S
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Wow. Just wanted I needed! An intense full body workout in 15 minutes! 😊 Thank you
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great build up and repeat. more please!

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