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Season 1 - Episode 14

Jump for Joy

10 min - Practice
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Helya guides us in a level 3 workout repeating the same challenging move for 4 rounds, before moving onto the next move. We sweat it out with mountain climbers, single arm sprawls, beast push-ups, and cross jump planks. You will feel challenged and totally alive.

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What You'll Need: Mat

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Aug 22, 2017
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Hey everyone, welcome back. It is workout three of level three. I hope you're ready because this one's going to just knock your socks off. My socks are already off, so we're good. Okay, I'm going to show you all the moves first.

The big catch here is that we're only working for 20 seconds, 20 seconds, that's it. So that means you go all out for 20 seconds, and the best part is that we're going to repeat the same move over and over four times before we go on to the next one. And once you finish that move, you're done with it. So we're never going to go back. We're not going to go back from the top.

We're just going to go one, two, three, four, same move, and then move to the next one. There's four moves like that, and the last one is pretty big. So a couple things. The first one is a mountain climber. I'm going to do two regular ones and two traveling ones.

Traveling ones are just here, and then I'm just going to move my hand as I'm working through it all the way across. So then it goes all the way back the same way. So one hand stays straight while the other one travels around it, and then do both sides if you can. Okay, the second move is a single arm burpee or a single arm sprawl because there's no actual single arm push-up. If you can do a push-up, go for it.

One hand down, one hand up. You're going to jump back into a plank solid, jump up, stand up, or jump. Switch hands. Then we go through it that way. Four of those.

Then we're going to do what's called a beast push-up. Beast push-ups start in basically child's pose, but your knees are hovering, so toes are tucked, knees are hovering over your mat, and you're going to push off with your legs, come down, and push back with your arms and go back. So it's almost like a push, pull, push, pull, back and forth. The last one is a big X jump into a plank. So you're going to get nice and low, build up, jump as high as you can, put your hands flat on the ground, and jump out, right into a plank, okay?

Are you ready? Ready. Here we go. First one, climbers, 20 seconds on the clock. Let's go.

Keep your form strong as fast as you can. It goes really fast, guys. Get those legs into your chest. You only have eight seconds left. Get that heart rate up, five, four, three, two, one, rest.

Ten seconds. How about we travel with this one and then go back to the regular for the next one? Three, two, one. Here we go. Hands up, travel, keep going.

All the way across, come back. Lots of core action here, less than ten seconds left. Bring those knees in, almost, almost, come on, three, two, rest, two down, two to go. Let's go back to regular climbers. We got five seconds, three, two, one.

Let's go, fast as you can. Come on, get those knees in, one, two, one, two, push, push, push. Only 20 seconds, there's so many things you can't do in 20 seconds, mountain climbers you can. Seven to go, come on, five, four, three, two, rest. This time we're going to travel with our left hand, so maybe I'll face this way, and we'll go around this way and back, three, two, one.

Last one, guys. Travel with that left hand, all the way around, and back. Almost there, breathe, almost, almost, keep going, four, three, two, one. I lost my setting on that one a little bit. Okay, moving on, single arm burpee.

So stand up, you have three seconds, two, let's start with our right hand. Down, push back, jump up, jump, switch sides, back, forth, up, switch. Make sure your hips are not out of alignment. When you jump back, you want to jump back straight, as straight as you can. I know it's uneven, rest.

One of four down, ready, three, two, one, put your hand back. Jump back, up, switch and go back down, come on. Now that you get the move, just repeat. Go with me, go faster, go slower, whatever makes sense. Just keep moving, three, two, one, rest, halfway there, deep breaths, three, two, one, here we go, and back, up, switch, hand, flat on the ground, jump back, jump forward, and up.

Super high intensity, seven seconds, it's all about zapping that metabolism back into place, rest. You got lucky, I was going to be on a rant. One more, three, two, one, here we go, back, up, switch, keep breathing, you're doing great. Even if that means stepping back, if you're tired, do it. It's okay, as long as you're going, as hard as you can, rest.

You guys, this is my favorite, and my least favorite, all at the same time. Hope you're ready, because here we go, knees hover, up, down, push yourself back, come on, two, how many can we get, three, are you staying with me, four, push yourself back, come on, five, four, three, two, rest, deep breath, we got it, one of four down, just go in, now let's go, back, two, I'm going to count them this time, for real, three, come on, four, you can do it, we're almost there, five. So close, six, okay, that was awesome, I might have lost my mic a little bit, just breathe, round three, ready, here we go, hover those knees, hover those knees, up, down, push back, we're going for seven this time, come on, you can do it, three, push, push, push, always have a goal, it always helps you go a little bit better, a little bit faster, six, I got one more, whoo, made it, okay, we're just going to hit it one more time, okay, just one more time, ready, set, let's go, push it, best one, last one, push, push, push, come on, you got it, we don't have to go back to these anymore, push, it's just 20 seconds, seven seconds to go, three, two, one, rest, last one, okay, stand up, mentally prepare, big jumps, ready, up, hands down, jump back, come on, up, hands back, jump back, big jumps, big as you can, six seconds, come on, two, one, rest, if you're not tired yet, you're not going fast enough, pick up the pace, let's go, up, down, up, push back, come on, one at a time, don't worry about the rest of them, right here, right now, that's all that matters, six seconds, push it, three, two, one, rest, two more, you can do it, you can do it, three, two, one, big jump, push back, big jump, push it, you can do it, less than ten, keep those arms moving, legs moving, five seconds, three, two, one, all the way to the end, never short, one round left, ready, last one, go, best one, fastest one, biggest jumps, push all the way through, you have ten seconds left, that's nothing, you've come this whole way, five, push, two, done, deep breath, do a happy dance, you made it, great job, I hope you come back for more, I'm hell yeah, it was so much fun working with you guys, bye.


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