Inner Workings Artwork
Season 6 - Episode 5

Wake Up!

20 min - Practice


Emma shares a short, energizing practice to jump start your day and wake up the entire body. You will feel alive and awake.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Oh my gosh, I love your pants!!! Where did you get them?!? I was listening to Coronation mass while watching this yoga video, so it was so perfect!
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This is real Yoga , thank you Emma 💫❤️
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Go get ‘em! :)
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Yum! I logged on this morning to have a wee nosy around, not expecting video no.3 to be waiting! Perfect wake up for my body. My heart was beating faster and my temperature was up and i felt a flow of energy moving through me (i also had jelly beans for breakfast so it could partly have been sugar). At one point - i think it was in child's pose - the video paused itself and, being accustomed to your spacious teaching, i didn't notice and spent many extra breaths ther before i began to suspect something was up.

I love the breath in each pose, the time to notice what's going on in my body, and the silence that allows me to tune into my own experience.

Thank you!
Thank you everyone for your comments! This is certainly amongst my favourite practices and I'm so glad you enjoyed :)
Oceanna you know I'm not sure where these leggings came from, they are quite snazzy though :)
Eleanor I'm so glad you are enjoying the classes
Simon yup! Works, huh?
Yay, Hannah thank you! I do appreciate the detail in what you write. I love that you found yourself in such long breaths and that it felt fitting. What a thing to be known for - wonderful!
I'm curious Oceanna how you are doing with finding your own pace and that magic something that happens when we let our breath tell us when to move?
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