Heart of Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Spacious Back Release

45 min - Practice


Healing takes time. This spacious, slow practice allows the back to settle and find a place of rest before moving into gentle quiet movements to bring awareness to the subtleties in the body and the power of the breath.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Square Bolster, Blanket (3), Block


I just did this, on my lunchbreak, in the office and it felt amazing 😉 thank you Emma x
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Thank you Emma, what a luxurious spacious practice!
You're welcome, Nicole! Luxurious is how I experience this practice too :)
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Emma, I have such tight hips, and low back pain. This is a wonderful practice to help release both. I love legs up the wall and turning the feet out and in. So grateful for this session today.
That's great, Joan ! This is the practice I used twice a day for several months to get me on my feet again after a hard period of back pain five years ago and it's what I use now as maintenance any time my back feels unhappy. It works great for me, I'm so glad it helped you. :)
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It's wonderful, I now put my legs up for 10 minutes twice a day, it help release my low back and hips. I found when laying over the bolster, if I widen my legs a bit then pull my hands back against the mat slightly I get so much open space in my lumbar area. It feels great! Thanks again for this very helpful practice.
Oh wonderful! I know so very well what it's like to be in pain and am SO glad this is helping you. Great that's your getting a bit of traction going on for extra space in your lumbar. Fantastic!
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Very therapeutic. Thank you.
Thanks, Judy, I'm glad you found it useful :)
Guided my students through this beautiful sequence this morning, i was nervous about holding the space and not feeling the unnecessary need “to fill” I focused on my breath (putting on my oxygen mask) and it was delightfully received thank you thank you thank you for sharing and your inspirational touch xx

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