Heart of Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Unwind Your Day

50 min - Practice


Emma guides us in a gentle practice to unwind the day. While tuning into our breath, we explore long holds in various shapes to invite in a sense of ease and calm in the body and mind.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket

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mmmm, what a yummy class!
This is one of my favorites too :) thanks Nicole
Whoa...that was very cool. I felt as though I was in a trance during this beautiful class. And now, I feel so refreshed!
Hey Jenny, Nice! What a great response. Thank you! This practice works like a groovy magic on me too. I'm so happy you liked it. :)
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Blissful πŸ’‘
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Love this video Emma!!! Lov it!
Thanks Sonia & Oceanna ! I really appreciate your comments
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Like a giant hug Just what I needed after a full on day. x
Ah, lovely Corinne ! I love that you're practicing with me all the way over there in Oz. Hugs indeed! xoxoxo
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Just did this for first time ?? Emma it’s amazing πŸ˜‰ you are amazing xxxx
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