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Season 1 - Episode 6

Practice 2: Strong and Active

30 min - Practice


Welcome to Week 2 of Start Yoga. In this practice, we will slowly build on what we practiced in Week 1. We begin to explore Plank Pose, quarter and half Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskars) as well as standing poses, including Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2). You will feel strong and active.
Here is Lesson 2 to go along with the practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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I really needed this practice today. I was tight and this felt wonderful. Thanks!
Hi jean! So happy to hear that this practice was exactly what you needed. Wishing you a wonderful year of Yoga ahead! Namaste, Alana
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awesome. I smiled the whole way
HI darryl,  Awe.. I'm so happy to hear this!  Puts a smile on my face knowing you enjoyed your practice. Keep me posted on how this course is working for you. Warmly, Alana
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Loved it! Thank you.
Hi Jen! So happy to be practicing together! Keep me posted on how this course is working for you. xoA
Hi Alana
Great practice this morning. I have accepted (with a self-conscious smile) that I need to be patient with self. Minor aches and stiffness are a part of the practice these days. Yet, love the feeling of stretching,  and the  awareness of my mind/body as I focus on breath. 
Thanks for your presence and guidance. 
Be well, Andy
Nice energizing practice! Thanks, Alana!
Hi Sandra Ž, So delighted that you enjoyed this energizing practice! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Love, Alana
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Stuck in quarantaine in a hotel in Shanghai, I think this course is going to help me through it just fine and get me in to Yoga, thanks Alana! 
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