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Season 1 - Episode 3

Everyone Loves Props

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What's the deal with yoga props? We look at the purpose of yoga props and how to know if and when you need them to support your yoga practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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Jan 31, 2018
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So we're going to talk a bit about props. How do you know if you need props and what's the purpose of using props? For me, I find props help to create some support, space, and more stability in the body, as well as comfort as we move through our practice. I highly recommend investing in two yoga blocks. The ones I'm using are cork, you might find foam, or something else, but they really help to raise the floor, especially as we move through lunges. So we'll take a look at how they're used in lunge.

So we've got the highest setting, we've got the middle setting, and then the lowest setting of the block. And this might vary from practice to practice, depending on how you're feeling in your body. So for example, as you come into your lunge, having the blocks at the highest setting can just raise the floor a bit more, right? You might find that keeping it at that middle setting feels best for you, especially if you want to get deep down low here, okay? Or the middle setting, right?

So choosing what feels best for you, and that's going to vary from day to day and practice to practice. And also, you might find using a blanket feels really good and supportive on your knees. I know I like to use one as I come into lunges. And also, we'll use a strap in most of these practices. The strap is just really nice to extend the length of the arms, especially as we move into side bending, opening the shoulders, especially if you're working with broader shoulders.

Having a strap can be really nice as you bring it behind the back, as well as as we work to open and stretch our hamstrings. The most important thing, I'll let you in on a little secret, is to really be honest with your body. And the props are really designed to hold and support the body as we move through our practice. So make sure you really customize it for yourself so that it feels good.


Carole J
Hi Alana,
I am going to stay with Practice 1 for a while. I enjoy it, and will move to Practice 2 when I feel I am ready to move on. Thanks for the Practice!
Alana Mitnick
Hi Carole! How are things coming along for you? Yes, that's exactly how this course is designed. I suggest staying with Practice 1 until you feel ready to move on. Please let me know if you have any questions or insights along the way. xoA
Carole J
1 person likes this.
Thanks Alana,
I have told all of my friends about Yoga Anytime! I love it, and hope they all join!
I love having a personal trainer. Makes me stick to it, and I look forward to your e-mails!
Alana Mitnick
Awesome, Carole! I'm sure you are an inspiration to your friends. It's so important to have support, especially when embarking on anything new or forming new positive habits (like starting Yoga). Stay with it, Carole! xoA
Mark G
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I'm very new to this. I'm recovering from a long hospital stay (over 4 weeks). Muscles atrophied, especially my legs. I asked earlier about props, especially the blocks and straps. Where can I find these and should I take it slowly? Want my strength back! Thanks, Mark email

Alana Mitnick
Mark, So glad you are here and home recovering. My heart goes out to you. Props offer great support in your yoga practice. I am sending you a direct message with links for props. I recommend always taking it slowly, listening to your body, and easing in.  Over time you will gradually build strength and increase mobility. There are so many wonderful teachers and practices on Yoga Anytime that I could recommend... let me know if I can help you find what you're looking for. Please keep me posted, Mark. Best wishes, Alana 
Annie Grandmaison
I have been practicing yoga on and off for years, but decided to go back in for good, I think its the great way to review the basic, start from the beginning to rebuild solid. than you for the videos. 
Alana Mitnick
Hi Annie! So great to hear from you. Welcome back to Yoga! I couldn't agree more with you... easing back in with the basics and foundational practices feels so good. A nice transition from the Start Yoga Course is my season of Gentle Yoga. There are so many wonderful teachers and teachings on Yoga Anytime. Let me know if you want help finding what you're looking for. Best wishes and love, Alana 
Rebecca Delpin
Hi Alana Mitnick, How do I know when to move on to the next practice?
Alana Mitnick
Hi Rebecca Delpin, I am so glad that you are here! This is such a great question. For this Course, I suggest doing each practice 2-3 times before moving on the next. I find that repetition and consistency really help develop a sense of confidence and understanding of the postures from the inside out. As you make your way through the 6 lessons and practices, you might find that you want to revisit a specific lesson or practice that you really like, or that you want to take more time with. I would love to hear how this Course is working for you along the way. Please keep me posted, and enjoy your practice! Love, Alana 

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