Yoga for Body & Mind with Jasmine Tarkeshi Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Beginner's Practice

35 min - Practice


Start exactly where you are. Jasmine guides us in an accessible practice to open and stretch the body and quiet the mind. You will feel more calm, grounded, and balanced.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)


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Thanks, Jasmine! I am an experienced yogini, however I found this to be perfect for an early-morning practice. I really like your style and way of instruction. I look forward to practicing with more of your videos!
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Thank you Jasmine- This was a beautiful way to ease back into a self-awareness practice with a beginner's mind all over again. I appreciate and am grateful for your kind and gentle instruction with an internal reminder for non-self-judgment. Blessings!
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This was a great class,not just for beginners, I enjoyed very much, your calming voice, draw me in. You have a great sparkle about you, playfulness and sweetness, I can say you are one of the best teachers I have come across, hope some day I can travel to SF which I love and receive clases with you. Hari Om
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Jill Gayathri Uma Thank you so much for the warm and thoughtful feedback! I am so grateful to share this practice with you and really hope to have you back again! Love, Jasmine
Whether a beginner or not, it is so very good to return to the ground of the practice. This was quite lovely. Thank you, Jasmine!
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Thank you--for the first time ever I was able to lift my foot to my thigh in tree pose. Your instruction to press the thigh into the foot made it possible. It felt sooooo good.
wonderful beginners denonstration

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