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Season 2 - Episode 6

Depression Shake Down

5 min - Practice


Linda shares a short practice to shake off stagnant energy and allow for prana to flow more freely in the body.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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All right, let's get ready to shake out the depression. Find yourself a comfortable stance into dasana. Bring your hands down by your sides, and just start to shake. Shake those hands, you might feel it up your arms a little bit, and no right way, no wrong way, just kind of shake. And then stop, take a moment, close your eyes, and notice where your attention goes.

Can you feel that energy up your arms? Can you feel your fingers wake up? Let's keep going, shake it again, and this time, a little movement, yeah? Make it loose, shake your shoulders, shake it up and down, come all the way up, maybe a gentle back bend feels appropriate. Maybe a little forward bending feels good.

Shaking the shoulders, moving the neck, moving around, and stop, whoa, and close your eyes if your balance will allow, and just experience. Where does your mind go? Some respects, it can't help, but move right into the body. And in opening your eyes, as you shake out, just start to touch your body, patting your thighs, your inner thighs, moving and stretching back and forth along the outer thighs, the inner thighs, take it up, drop it down, and close your eyes again. And last one, shake out the legs, the feet, the body, shoulders, move around, get loose, play.

It's funny, right? Move down, move around. Last sweet breath, just taking the energy, moving it all the way through, bringing your hands to your heart. Create a slight smile on your face. Shake it out, right?

So let me know how that felt for you, till next time.


Sharon H
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Shakedown is a great practice when frozen in overwhelm mode. Able to clear out and maybe choose a direction in which to go.
Linda Sparrowe
I so agree!! Gets me unstuck physically and mentally. So glad you like it!
Jenny S
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Emily S
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Felt wonderful, so clearing!
Astrid S
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This was just awesome!!!!!
Linda Sparrowe
Thanks everyone! I do love this little practice.
Michelle S
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Thank you Linda. I just did the practice twice in a row and might do more. I love the playfulness!
Martha K
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That put a smile on my face and a tingle up my spine. Feeling happy!
Sue M
Thank you so much Linda! So simple yet so wonderfully effective!
Mara P
Wonderful impact and shift within this short time. Will return!

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