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Yoga Teacher Fundamentals Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

3 Centers of Perception

10 min - Practice


We begin to establish our relationship with three distinct centers of perception: our lower belly, our heart, and our head. We then start to experiment with seeing from each of these centers, noticing the differences in our quality of perception. You'll need a yoga block or other surface upon which to step up on. You do not need a partner for this lesson.
What You'll Need: Block


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I really felt rooted. Great practice. Thanks
Great to hear, Lauri!
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That felt sooooo good. I just stayed there after the video concluded, for a while. I felt grounded, but in a soft, luminous way. mmmmmmmm
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Thanks for this course. Loving the pace and the clear instruction.
Kate, so fun to be practicing together.
Laura, wonderful to see you here.

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