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Season 1 - Episode 7

4 Ways to be a Good Witness

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On our way into yogi experiments, we go over the four ways to be good partner and witness: 1. Always start with the Safe Touch Protocol; 2. Say "Stop" if you want the experiment to stop; 3. Speak and share from your own experience; 4. Keep witnessing.
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Nov 16, 2018
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So when working with a yogi friend in these partner exercises, there are some strategies to be more effective. Number one, always start with the exit route safe touch dialogue, which we went through in the earlier episode. So essential. Number two, if at any point you feel uncomfortable during the experiment or the exercise, say stop and get out. There's really nothing worse than sort of suffering through something because you think you're supposed to. Okay, there's no award for that. And three, really speak and share from your own experience. So after each exercise that Alana and I are going to be going through in the remaining episodes, I'll be requesting that she shares with me and I'll be requesting that you play with sharing with each other at home. And do your best to speak from your own experience. I felt this, I experienced this, it made me think this, I noticed this. And so even as you have observations about your partner, own them as your own observations. Do your best to resist the temptation to correct or fix your partner on how they were in the experiment. We're in this together and we're trying to learn together and really know that there's no wrong data. Okay, sometimes when we use the word yogi scientist that it gets caught up in the scientist part which science tends to look for repeatable and predictable results. Absolutely essential for being a yogi scientist is to be surprised and willing to see the new results and share them even if you might think they're wrong or not what the experiment is looking for. Those outlier results are so key. So and the last piece of being a good witness is to keep witnessing, keep sharing. So bring the observational skills that you might be honing in some of these exercises out into your daily real life and start to experiment with sharing how you're feeling in real life. Glad you're here.


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