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Kira and Alana welcome us to Season 1, where we will begin to tune our instruments of perception. We will become more sensitive to the flow of prana within us and how to focus this life force to see more clearly. The teachings of yoga happen in relationship, so grab a yoga buddy as most of these lessons need a friend.
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Feb 16, 2019
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According to the yogis and sages across almost all disciplines, the solution to our deep dissatisfaction is to simply begin to see more clearly, to see what really is. But in this project of seeing more clearly, who's looking and what part of us is looking becomes really essential to what we're seeing. So what we play with in this season is tuning our instruments of perception, both becoming more sensitive to the location in the body, as well as how to harness our prana so that we can be keenly aware, not only of what it feels like to look, but what it feels like to be looked at. And so while some of these exercises can be done on your own, absolutely essential to your success is to find a yoga buddy. When you have a yoga buddy, when you have someone to practice with, not only do you strengthen your faith and your experience of the subtle, but you also increase your confidence in your words and ability to communicate and share, which will translate not only into your life, but of course to your teaching.

We're so glad you're here. Thank you.


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