Yoga Rx Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 10

Shoulder Mobility

25 min - Practice


Nathan shares a practice designed to increase shoulder mobility and flexibility and help reduce discomfort in the shoulders. We move through various exercises and hone in on the actions within postures to help move the shoulders on different planes. You will feel like a weight has been lifted.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (2), Strap, Block

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especially liked the shoulder stretch with the strap - really nice. thanks.
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I was hoping to see a shoulder practice from you Nathan. I know my shoulders are tight and need to be stretched. I love the turning out of the biceps, I can feel the tightness in that part of my arm, but also the opening of my shoulders and chest. Very inventive and gentle ways to stretch. Love dolphin using the block.
I can't get my arm over my head in side angle, hopefully that will change with practice. Very grateful for this session 🌾
Joan I love the shoulder work for how it returns such a sense of vitality to the body. The lift and freedom that comes from regaining the flexibility of the shoulder and the renewed space in the chest. Finally the breath moves again! Thanks for your comments :)
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Love this. Especially the strap work. Beautiful.
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Excellent! I can feel this unravelling tightness. Blessings Nathan.
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Wonderful way to start the day. Thanks Nathan. Feeling more heart open now and like I learned more bicep awareness in side angle!
Brilliant sequencing into side plank and dolphin!! Extremely helpful.
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Each time I do this I feel revived. More space in the shoulders and chest, more open to breath and contentment. Grateful🌾
Beautiful! Thank you Joan
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Amazing! I have had neck pain for years. I have tried many different things - different types of yoga, physical therapists, massage therapy. I began a new journey a year ago - learning new physical techniques, news ways of thinking, and ways of feeling. And now this - tried it once and the pain is gone (and that was a week ago)! I have now started at the beginning of your series and look forward to the journey. Nameste.
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