Yoga Rx Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 11

Shoulder Strength

30 min - Practice


An invigorating practice that moves slowly and progressively toward headstand and handstand variations with an intention of building shoulder strength, stability, and freedom.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall

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Just love your calm, gentle approach. It somehow makes the work seem simple, and yet afterwards I feel so refreshed and alive. Hope to see you again soon on Yoga Anytime! 🙏🏻
Thank you Jenny! Glad you liked the session.
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Again, just excellent. The block arrangement for headstand was wonderful. The blocks provide instant alignment feedback - and it feels so sweet and secure. I also appreciated the approach to handstand. These videos are a treasure!
Kate! Thank you for that feedback. The blocks for headstand are my absolute favorite supported version of this pose. Like you said, instant alignment. It’s like the body just gets it! Glad you are enjoying :)
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Loved this!! Thank you so much!!!
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Excellent - really enjoyed this practice :)
Thank you Pat Pao
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My students also really appreciated the block set-up for headstand. I want to take some of this sequencing into my class again this week : ) (I've sent my students the links to this website as well as your own : )
That headstand technique is such a treasure. You can really stay for a long while and enjoy the benefits of the inversion. I’m glad your students are enjoying it too :)
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Oh my goodness - you have helped me progress in my nemesis asana. I have been feeling quite low for a while because I just couldn't "get it". I tried and tried watched so many videos android so many books but stumbled all the time.. The blocks against the wall  you taught - instant alignment!!! Yay!!! . Now I know what I was searching for I can build strength and stability in the right places. Thanks so much!!!
Are there any further practices on Yoga anytime that take us to full headstand with you ? Thanks again Namaste Lou
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