Yoga Rx Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Opening the Knee Joint

10 min - Tutorial


Nathan guides us through a tutorial where we examine and explore the health of the knee joint.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Love this sequence to help us stay safe by understanding deeper mechanics of our practice so that we may continue without harming ourselves in the long run.
Thank you Christel. Yes, I wish these concepts were talked about more to help people stay safe while enjoying the benefits of the practice.
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Thank you for sharing this Nathan. I have bad knees, you brought the focus on how to better support them without doing any damage. Now I will be more aware of foot placement in poses, and hopefully be able to open my knees and hips more. I look forward to more of these sessions.
Grateful for your teaching 🌾
Joan, the foot placement is quite a big key to the function of the knee, as is the hip. I am so happy to read all the feedback I have been seeing about the safe movement understandings. I look forward to presenting much more in the future.
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Love the presentation of these concepts. The repetition is really helpful in internalizing the concepts. So effective!
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I have students with knee problems, so this was so helpful to see. I look forward to sharing it with my class.
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That was very insightful I have hurt my knee jumping four months now
Doing rehab squats elastic band resistance work is getting better what a complex
Joint is I will use this to help with my healing it is very challenging to heal I heard there is fourteen ligaments to the joint I totally agree with what you say thanks
Peter, take your time with the healing. The movement of yoga can help to bring strength and fresh nutrition to the knee and it can build the confidence to trust the joint after an injury. But remember that time is the ultimate healer if there has been damage to the tissue. Be patient with your body as it recovers.
Ok will do cheers .
Nathan, thanks so much for this series! In such simple terms you help me understand why I've been unable to hold a pose comfortably and how to build the pose without strain. Amazing!
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