Yoga Rx Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Practice: Opening the Knees

25 min - Practice


We move through a dynamic practice to find strength and stability in the knees and legs with a focus on avoiding hypertension. We explore a variety of postures to feel the actions within the postures and find opening in the knees. You will feel stable and connected. This practice is design to go along with this tutorial.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (2), Strap, Block (2)

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Glorious, smooth stretching of the legs. I am so thight in my hips & legs, this gave me an easy feeling of space where I really need it. I must do this every day, especially for my knees. Sitting cross legged is so uncomfortable on my knees, I hope doing these sessions often will help to relax and open my cranky knees.
Grateful for your gentle teaching 🕊
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Can't wait to offer these ideas to my students!
: ) Thank you! : )
Cranky knees can originate from many things, including simply living our busy lives. It's helpful to consider a holistic picture when trying to bring life back to tired knees. Moving too little or even moving too much. Are our hips free to move through their entire range? Do our ankles flex easily? Stiff (and sometimes deconditioned) Quadriceps are often overlooked. Yoga asks us to always look holistically at our solutions. I hope these practices add new ideas to yours.
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Nathan, I find this practice more beneficial than most stretching sessions. My hips have always been tight, that's just my skeletal makeup. My ankles are fine, and I walk 2 miles a day. My knees most likely due to 20 years in law enforcement, but I do feel the backs of my knees and hamstrings opening much more with this focus on foot placement. Exactly what I need to carefully open and release all the tightness is my legs. Grateful I found this wonderful practice.

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