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Nathan welcomes us to Season 2 of Yoga Rx, where he will share talks, tutorials, and practices to help us move through pain and deepen our yoga practice in the process. These safe, slow, and progressive practices will help you work with pain in an empowered way.
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Feb 01, 2018
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Hmmmm. Not sure if the idea of helping us "move through pain" is a good one. Pain tells us the body is in trouble or something is wrong. We don't move through it, we move away from it by finding an alternative way, or by not doing it at all. But if there is any pain initially, we come out of a posture, we don't stay in it.
James, I agree. I don't know if I said, move through pain. But I have talked about moving through pain. It is a matter of speech rather than a command. Moving through pain suggests a journey that includes movement and awareness of the result of that movement. Of course in the acute phase of injury movement may not be indicated. However, The willingness to try movement, even while knowing that movement has been painful in the past, gives us a feedback mechanism so we can begin to understand where and potentially why our body is protecting itself with pain. We begin the process of learning about our situation through movement. From that first step we try a second step and with multiple steps we can build a path toward moving through, and hopefully out of pain.

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