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Season 2 - Episode 2

Redefining Pain

10 min - Talk


Nathan shares a talk about pain and a few concepts supported by research so that we can begin to redefine pain and think about it in new and empowering ways.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Feb 01, 2018
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Ah! Interesting... I remember when I was in labour for each of my children (4) - active labour did NOT feel like pain. It was incredibly intense, but it had a pulse and a purpose, and I knew that nothing was "wrong", so I actually enjoyed that part of the labour. (Pushing the baby out was a challenge on another level ... but it didn't last so long.) I get what you're saying. It makes so much sense. When I've had injuries, I "talk" to the complaining joint and try to be compassionate. It helps!!
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such a helpful point about pain not always equating with peripheral tissue damage - thanks.
Matthew It is one of my missions to bring the understandings of modern pain science to our practice of yoga. It will help so much to clarify why movement is critical to changing pain and to help people lower their fear of the pain experience. I’m happy that it hit home for you.
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Natan, I'm very much your fan. Thank you, Natan! I'm a psychologist but have never seen someone talk about pain like this. Simple and profound. Let's practice patience and let healing happens! 
Hi Eliana! Yes, redefining how we see pain helps us work with it from a much more effective and empowered place. Seeing pain in this way has totally transformed my practice as a pain management specialist and how I work with myself when pain is an issue. 

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