The Sweet Heart Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 2: Cultivate Kindness

45 min - Practice


Today we look at cultivating kindness and an exploration of how the physical body supports us. In this dynamic and strengthening practice, we play with balance and and explore how that relates to our energetic heart.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)


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Hi Yogis, welcome back to Day 2. Are you still cultivating that mind of gratitude? If so, you'll start to notice that these virtuous minds really play a big part on this opportunity to open up this dialogue, this connection to the heart space. The virtuous word we're going to play with today is kindness. Everyone can use a little kindness.

So we're going to be cultivating kindness and we're going to go through this exploration of how the physical body supports us. We're going to play with balance and support and we're going to see how that relates to our heart. The heart is this, the energetic heart is this space that opens and closes. This starts to open when we feel that support and trust and it starts to close when we don't. So we want to cultivate that support so that the heart is open and we have this beautiful balance of giving and receiving love from the heart space.

So we're taking it to the heart today. We're going to stand right here in Tadasana on our mat. You might need two blocks today and you can bring those to the front of the mat if you want to plan ahead. So we're going to start with our feet, hip distance, right under our hips. We'll go back to the Tadasana variation.

So we're rolling our shoulder blades externally rotating and palms are starting to face out and we're starting to energetically connect with that mountain pose, grounding into the feet, into the earth, that inner spiral of the legs, the lengthening of the tailbone, the heart lifts, the shoulder blades draw towards each other. And the strong mountain pose and in this pose give yourself just a little shift forward and backwards. Find that spot where you feel really centered and in that space of connection, connecting to the earth. From here we're going to go back and we're going to connect with our breath. We worked on Samavritti yesterday so we're going to invite the Samavritti in, that equal inhale, equal exhale, but we're going to add a longer pause, that expansion, that lengthening of that pause is Kumbhaka, kind of like Kambhucha Kumbhaka.

So we're going to use our arms here so that you can see and feel the movements of the breath. Start with an exhale and just bring the arms by the side. Take a nice slow four part inhale, inhaling four, three, two, one, pause and hold the breath. Exhale four, three, two, one. How long you pause is really up to you, inhaling four, three, two, one.

Find the pause that feels like you're challenging yourself a little bit but don't go too far. Exhale four, three, two, one. Start to move at your own pace but each time you inhale slowly lift one foot off the floor. You can keep just the heel off or you can bring the whole foot off the floor, pause, find that balance, that steadiness and then exhale, lower back down. Shift back into your right foot, inhale, shift the weight, left foot comes off the floor maybe just on the toes for balance today or maybe exploring lifting the foot off the floor.

Feeling the support, the grounding into the earth, send it back, exhale. We're going to do two more rounds, lifting with the inhale, kumbaka pause. It's like freeze, red light, green light and then exhale slowly, lower back down. Shifting the weight once again, inhale until you start to feel like this real steady rhythm of your breath and of the movements of the leg. Exhale, lower back down.

So we're going to go to the back of the mat, we're going to keep doing these same movements but we're going to add a step. It's going to create this meditative walk because we're really focused on the breath and the movement where mind is focused on one single point and that's how we start to move into this idea of meditation. So as you inhale slowly lift the right leg, pause, start to bend your left leg and just about six inches forward, slowly touch the toes to the floor. It's going to be the slowest walk you've ever taken to the front of your mat. As you inhale, shift your weight, lift the left leg, bend the standing leg, the right leg, touch the toes to the floor.

Connect with your breath, let the breath lead you into each of these movements. And as you're moving, feel the muscles in your legs that are supporting you. You're challenging, toning and strengthening these muscles that support knee, ankle and hip and this is going to bring out a stronger sense of balance and ease and support when we do get into our poses. Find yourself slowly at the front of the mat and I'm going to turn towards you but you can face forward. Dance on your left leg and we're going to go into tree pose.

The arch of the right foot can be right over the ankle so the toes stay on the floor or you can bring that foot calf or somewhere above the knee. Just don't bring it onto your knee. Keep a focal spot, drishti. Keep connecting to the breath and then whatever the standing leg, wherever you have that foot, see if you can start to press both of them together. This is going to give you a little lock, a little strengthening lock so that from here you can rise up and expand the branches into your tree pose.

Wobbling is normal. Wobble away. Come down any time you need to and you'll be here for two more breaths. One more. Slowly lower your tree down.

Shake out the standing leg. Give it a little shake and we're going to step back with that standing leg so you can keep the heel off the floor. Reversing that meditation walk. Focus on the drishti, the focal spot. Lift the left leg and then bend the standing leg, the right leg.

Touch the toes back. Lift the right leg. Move with your breath. Bend the standing leg. Step it back.

Follow the rhythm of your breath and notice where you feel the imbalances and the balances, the support, the lack of support. This is a safe place to explore support or lack of support. We're building the muscles that support us. Moving slowly to the back of your mat. Nice meditative walk.

Good. When you get to the back of the mat, we're going to have the right leg as our balancing leg and our left leg is going to move into tree pose. Same opportunity here. You can keep the left toe pads on the floor, establish the focal, the drishti spot, or you can bring the left foot up to calf or somewhere above the knee. Don't place it on the knee.

Wherever that foot is connecting to the leg, see if you can draw them together energetically, pressing them together equally, and then rise up from that space. It's like the trees, roots grounding down and the branches are rising from that energy, that grounding upward. Two more breaths. One more. Draw the left leg to the floor.

Shake out the right leg. Move it around a little bit. Shake out the left leg. Good. And come back to that tadasana.

Pause and just kind of shift your weight forward and backward and notice, just notice if you feel any differences in the muscles of the leg. Yeah, we're bringing a lot of awareness to the space. Good. From your tadasana, go ahead and bend both knees. Move into that cat and cow tilt.

So as you inhale, lift the sternum, roll the shoulder blades down and towards each other. Lift the belly, take the drishti up. And as you exhale, curl the spine, draw the navel up and back for that flexion, that movement of the spine we explored yesterday. Inhale, lift, heart, chin, and chest, cow tilt. Exhale, curl the spine.

Last round, cow tilt. And then just kind of soften right here over bent legs. It's a nice way to approach the forward fold without getting too deep into the hamstrings, the head and neck relaxed. Choose whether you want to straighten the legs a little bit or a lot here. It's really up to you, your hamstrings, your lower back today.

From here, take your drishti forward, walk your palms forward. We're going to go all the way into plank pose today. Shoulders right over the wrists, spiral the biceps forward, engage the core muscles. The seat should be lower than the shoulders, and you're pressing back towards the heels, lengthening the tailbone towards your heels, crown of the head moves forward, lower the knees to the floor, bend the elbows, lower slowly all the way down to your sphinx pose. Replace the palms with your elbows and find that lengthening through the front body, rolling the shoulder blades back, pressing to the tops of the feet, internally rotating the thighs.

We're going to come up to a low cobra pose. Replace the elbows with the palms, slowly pull the elbows back and move the heart forward. Exhale, tuck your toes under. Press back to that down dog, and give it a little pedal out, one leg at a time, as you actively press forward with both hands. Draw the navel up to the spine, good.

Bend your right leg, lower the right knee to the floor, easy side plank, pressing down to the pinky toe side of your left foot, inhale the left arm to the sky, or take the side stretching variation up and over the ear. We're going to take it one step further today. If you're feeling it, press so strongly into the right arm that you're able to hover the right knee above the floor. You can take the right ankle above the left knee, just an option. See if you feel like taking it deeper today.

Bring your palms back down, lower the knees, tuck the toes under, press back to your down dog. Drawing the navel up and back, spiraling the biceps forward, good. Lengthen to plank pose, shoulders right over the wrists, seat lower than the shoulders. Left knee comes to the floor, right heel spirals, press the pinky toe side of the right foot down, press energetically forward with the left hand so you're not sinking into the wrists, and stay here, or lift the left knee off the floor. Really engage in the lats, the intercostals to support you, removing from that standing support to how our arms, hands, the muscles in the chest and triceps support us.

Lower the knees, cobra up dog. You can always come back to Sphinx pose if you need to, send it back to your down dog. Walk your hands back to your feet, keep the knees bent if you need to, lengthen the spine as you inhale, softly fold as you exhale. Bend the knees, activate your core muscles, take the cat tilt, use the hands to help you roll up if you need to, inhale, reach the palms to the sky, exhale right to the heart center. We're going to play with lifting the heels off the floor, further going into that balance, support from the limbs up.

So see if you can lift the heels off, keep the drishti, see if you can keep drawing the heels off the floor so you're really engaging your calf muscles, good. Give it two more rounds of breath, one more, lower the heels to the floor, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale nice slow dive to the shims or maybe moving a little deeper, palms to the floor. Bend the spine as you inhale, exhale, walk to plank pose, lower down, bend the elbows, active in the core, always the option of sphinx pose, maybe you're starting to lift up a little bit more in your cobra, rolling the shoulder blades back, moving the ribs and heart forward. Tuck the toes under, press back to your down dog, so we're going to take that idea of switching that support and foundation from the feet to the arms once again, so as you move forward, come into plank pose, we're going to try kickstand side plank, pivot your feet to the right and step the left foot behind the right, keep the left leg bent, press actively forward with your right hand and push down into the left toe pads, from here the hips start to lift as we press forward with the right palm, kickstand side plank, you'll start to feel this in your right arm, don't worry we're going to give it a break in just a second, come to plank pose but keep your left leg off the floor. Now that break I was talking about, come up to your right fingertips, now you got a little less pressure on the right hand, left hand takes all the weight or if you're feeling it, really extend the left leg back, reach forward with the right arm, plank pose, got to have fun with it right, lower it down, sphinx, cobra or start to move into that up dog as you straighten the arms, listen to the lower back, send it back to your down dog, down dog starts to turn into a nice resting pose when you get a little bit more active, reconnect with the breath, lengthen forward to your plank pose, pivot your feet to the left, you can keep the right hand down till you get that pivot and that step back with the right foot, left leg straight, right leg bent, push actively forward with your left hand and press into the right toes, we don't want to take it all into the wrist, we want to actively push forward here, find the breath, knowing that we're going to transition the weight soon, right leg stays off the floor, right hand down, give the left hand a break, come up to your fingertips or be active in your plank pose to help you support reaching the left arm forward, wobbling is fun, lower the left, all the way down, knees are always the option here, sphinx, cobra or up dog, send it back to your down dog, walk your hands slowly back towards your feet, lengthen the spine, big inhale, exhale soften and fold, from your forward fold bend both legs, use the power of your quads and core to help you roll up vertebrae, by vertebrae you can always use the hands for support, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale the palms right into prayer, back to home base right here, see what it feels like to keep your eyes closed as you start to shift your weight forward and backward exploring that support, good, once you feel grounded all four corners of the feet into the floor, you can take it for a little ride, a little journey, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale swan dive all the way to the shins or the floor, bring your palms to the shins, lengthen the spine, walk it to plank pose or if you're feeling adventurous, bend your knees, look forward, float to your plank pose, gotta bring some fun into it, lower down cobra up dog, send it back to your down dog, on the very tops of your toes engage your core muscles and we're gonna slowly walk the feet to the hands, feel free to keep your knees bent, very tops of the toes, push into the palms, feel free to keep the knees bent, inhale lengthen the spine, exhale forward fold, we're gonna use our blocks here for our sunny seas so grab your blocks and put them right at the front of your mat, high, medium or low, we'll find out soon which one you need, bend the knee, throw it up vertebrae by vertebrae, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale and ride into prayer, good, we're gonna play with isolating and strengthening each individual quad glute muscles of the legs, so keep the blocks handy, inhale your palms to the sky, lifting hard chin and chest, exhale swan dive, shin or floor, lengthen with the inhale, bring your palms right to the blocks, take a bend in both knees, shift your weight into the left leg, extend your right leg hip level, we're gonna bend and straighten the standing leg only, so this is where you might need the blocks higher or lower or no block at all, if you feel very very steady here maybe just fingertips or palms into prayer, strengthening the muscles that support ankles, knees, hips and the torso.

When you're ready, fingertips to the floor, step the right leg all the way back, we're gonna lower the right knee if you need that blanket underneath the knee, make sure you're supported, left hand to the quad, right hand to the sacrum, crescent lunge, lengthen down through the back body, lift up through the front body, feel free to keep the hands right here for support or take the palms to the sky, good, we're gonna add a little low lunge variation here, you might wanna use your blocks without tucking your right toes under, press to the top of the right foot and lift the knee off the floor, this one can be a little intense especially for runners, cyclists, people that are inflection a lot, stay here or if you're feeling it, one hand to the quad or bring your palms to the sky, listen to your legs, they'll tell you whether this is good for you to do or not, go ahead and lower down, you can keep your blocks to the side, left hand presses the left quad forward, we move into the twist, lengthening the spine, create space for rotation, find the inhale, soften into the exhale, find the inhale, relax into the exhale. Left palm to the floor, we're gonna straighten the right leg, half split, feel free to use your blocks here for support, lengthening the spine and melting into your experience of the pose, see if you can find some stillness here, especially in your mind, your mind might be talking to you right now, see if you can find some stillness in the pose, bend into your left leg, step the left leg back to meet the right, plank pose, lower down, option of sphinx, cobra or up dog, step it back to your down dog, now the right leg to the sky, step the right foot to the front of the mat, lower the knee, use the blanket if you need it, right palm to the quad, left hand to the sacrum, lengthening the back body, tailbone down to the floor, direction of the floor, lifting the front body, stay here with a support or send your palms to the sky, low crescent lunge, take the second variation, feel free to use your blocks without tucking the back toes under, press to the top of the foot, for many of you this is the perfect spot to hang out and breathe, maybe lengthen the spine a little bit or explore the second variation, right hand back to the right quad, left hand to the floor, lengthen with the inhale, soft rotation with the exhale, lengthening, rotating, create the space for more rotation, enjoy the breath, right palm to the floor, straight in the right leg, so you'll notice with the breath that if the breath starts to get more shallow a little bit quicker, you're probably needing to slow down the pace or have a little break or you're too deep in the pose, so always listen to the breath, that communication with the breath, pull the toes back on the right foot, lengthen the spine and we're going to step forward on the right leg but we're going to keep the left leg off the floor, so grab your blocks, we're reversing it, now the bending and straightening is the right leg, lengthening, sinking, power of that right quad, glutes, muscles of the leg, if you want to feel more come up to your fingertips or bring it into prayer, step the left foot forward to meet the right, lengthen the spine, soft fold, breathing in slowly, deeply, fully all the way down to the belly and taking your time with the exhales, now try a couple of rounds of the retention of the breath, inhale lengthening, hold, exhale draw the navel up and back and release, one more round, inhale lengthening, hold, kumbaka, retention, exhale soft and let it go, bend the knees, use the power of quads and core, roll it all the way up, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale and back to the heart, good, one more full round, sunny sea variations, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale swan dive to the floor, lengthen the spine with the inhale, bring your palms to the blocks, we're going to shift our weight into the left leg, right leg back, bend both knees this time, pull the knees into the chest, create a little ball and then lengthen and lift, hug it in, lengthen and lift, less weight fingertips or you can do the hugging variation, lengthen and hug it in, lengthen and hug it in, it's like you're flying, palms to the floor, right leg steps back, we're going to stay in a high lunge this time, if it's not right for you to be in the high lunge, lower the leg like you did before, palms to the hips and then from here lengthen the tailbone down, helping and bending that right leg a little bit helps you lengthen the tailbone down, lift up through the heart, sinking deeper into that left quad, left knee over second and third toe, sorry left knee over the ankle pointing in the direction of second or third toe and then press back into that right heel, drushti up, could make it a little bit more interesting, good, left hand on top of the left quad, right hand to the floor, lengthen the spine, deeper twist with the right knee off the floor, lengthen, press forward with the left hand, take the left palm to the sky and push back into the right heel for a little bit more depth of the twist, good, lower the left hand to the floor, lower the right knee to the floor, are you still with me, we got it, straighten the left leg, half split, this half split is going to turn into a standing split, so we're going to use our blocks to support us, we're going back to that balance, balance, support, are you ready, bend the left leg, hands to your blocks, you can move it forward, right leg, try to get it hip level, maybe a little higher, keep a little bend in the left leg, if you need to walk the hands closer to the foot or no block at all, use the head as like a little lever as the head drops, the back leg lifts, in theory, we're going to step the right leg halfway back and we're going to rest in pyramid pose, palms to the blocks, invite the inner thighs to draw towards each other and just soften here, if you're feeling ambitious today and you want to reach for the back leg, reach both hands back, for the right hamstring or the calf muscle, as long as it still feels like you're resting, palms forward, step the right leg all the way back, left leg steps back to meet, lengthen, lower, move into cobra up dog and we're going to take a little pause in child's pose, connect to the rise and fall of your breath, enjoy the inhales, the kambuka, the pauses and the exhales, from your child's pose, get excited about round two, it's happening, come into table, a little wider variation of table, tuck the toes under, press back to your down dog, working with the right leg now, inhale the right leg to the sky, exhale, step it forward to your high lunge, if you need to bring the left knee to the floor, make sure to modify, little bend in the left leg helps you to lengthen the tailbone down and helps you to lift through the front body, if you feel like going deeper, as you press the right knee towards second and third toe, you can start to sink into that left leg, make sure this isn't impinging on the lower back, it's never a good thing, good, from your high lunge, we're going to move into the twist, right hand on top of the right thigh, left hand to the floor, lengthen the spine, rotate, press the right quad slightly forward, push the left heel back, feel that little challenge, that splitting leg action in your spinal twist, right palm to the sky, lengthen the spine as you inhale, draw the navel up and back for rotation, right palm to the floor, left knee to the floor, straighten the right leg, art a hanuman, you might want your blocks handy because this is just a little pause before we go into our standing split, getting the hamstring ready, moving a little deeper on the second side, bend the right leg, shift your weight, palms on the block, keep a little bend in the right leg to start and just explore as you send the left leg to the sky, maybe lowering the blocks or no blocks, allow the crown of the head to drop towards the floor and then start to lift through the back leg, lifting, lifting, lifting, step the left leg back, about halfway and rest in pyramid pose, you can keep your blocks handy here, think of this as a resting pose but a little action between the inner thighs, they're drawing towards each other energetically for support, stay here, if you are reaching back on the other side, you can reach for hamstring or calf muscle, good, we're going to finish off on the right leg, both hands on top of the blocks, left leg extends, both knees bend, hug in, left leg extends, right leg extends, hug in, less weight, fingertips or if you dare, fly yogi, fly, step your left foot to the front of the mat, lengthen the spine, big inhale, soft fold as you exhale, bend both knees, roll it up vertebrae by vertebrae, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale it right into prayer, we're going to give ourselves a much needed quad stretch on that right side, so shift your weight into the left leg, remember that balance we did in the very beginning with our walk, shift the weight into the left leg, draw the right knee in, if you need to use a wall or something else for support in your house or wherever you practice, make sure to modify, draw the inner thighs towards each other and pull the heel towards the seat, this drishti, if you want to use two hands to make a little bit more intense, feel free. When you release, shake out the left leg, that standing leg, shift your weight right over the right foot, ground into that foot, draw the left knee in, feel free to use wall or some kind of prop for this quad stretch, so we move deeper into the practice over the days, this might be your quad stretch, every time we do a quad stretch instead of the more weight bearing variations with the knee on the floor, so remember this one, this could be your go to, good, release the left leg, spin back to the front of the mat and then we'll inhale the palms to the sky, exhale, slow dive, shins are floor, lengthen the spine as you inhale, we'll step back to plank pose, lower it to the floor, good news, we're staying on the floor, so prop yourself up to sphinx pose, so we're going to work with that quad stretch on the belly, what I'd like you to do is prop yourself up on your right forearm in sphinx pose and then just bend the legs, give them a little wind show wiper from side to side, explore a little motion, range of motion here, keep the left leg bent, lower the right to the floor, reach back with your left hand, grabbing the top of the left foot, remember to bend the left elbow and draw the heel in towards the seat, while you're doing this lengthen the front body and lift the heart, now for some of you that are going deeper into the pose, you can flip the palm and give yourself a little bit more resistance here as the heel moves down towards the seat, you're lengthening the heart forward and this is the little battle, the battle where everyone wins, you get the quad stretch, you get that back bend at the front of the body at the same time, so breathe into this space, try to enjoy the space and then we're going to open up through this left shoulder, so reach for the big toe side of your foot and start to move your heel away from the seat, away from the seat so you start to feel the stretch through the pec muscles, stay here or if you want to feel more, replace your right hand and rise up, pushing the heel away, internally, externally rotating that right arm, good, come on back down, sphinx pose, little side to side, keeping the heart lifted, now we'll explore the second side, lower the left leg to the floor, reach back with your right palm, draw the heel down towards the seat, lengthen the ribs forward, heart moves forward, creating more space for the back so that we're not contracting, we're not compressing in the lower back, we're lengthening so that we can create more of that extension of the spine, that back bend, if you want to flip the palm, the variation I'm doing, feel free, gives you a little bit more power in the pose, grab the big toe side of your right foot and just move the heel away from you, this action right here for most of you is just going to be plenty, if you need to feel more because you're not feeling any resistance or you're not feeling the stretch, then you should move forward but don't move forward, just to get into a pose that doesn't work for you, move into it because you actually need to feel more of the resistance, find that perfect spot for you where you feel supported in the pose, good, lower it down, back to your forearms, yourself a little side to side, windshield wipers, we're going to open the muscles of the chest, when you take the left arm out, see if you can keep the palm in line with the shoulder and then walk the fingertips away from the middle line of the body and lower that arm on the floor, press down with your right hand, maybe this is your spot here where you're rolling onto your left side, maybe you want to feel a little bit more and step the right foot behind you and go deeper into this pec opener, muscles of the chest, you can always bend both legs and squeeze them over to the right for a nice release in the front body, find that space that's right for you where you feel a little bit of resistance but it's a good resistance, roll back to center, slide your left palm in, reach out with your right hand, start to roll, where you feel that resistance is a good spot to stop, go back to that breath, that inhale, that kombuka, that pause and that exhale, if you find there's more space to create a deeper expression of the pose then bend your left leg or bend your right leg, relax the muscles in the face and the jaw, it should be so relaxing you should feel like you could just fall asleep in this pose, when you practice yoga for a while you're going to end up falling asleep in weird poses, just naturally be in bed and you'll be like how did I wake up in this pose, good, come back up and explore just a little cobra, up dog, see if it works, good and then we're going to prop ourselves up on our right elbow, we're going to flip over and lie on our back for a little bridge pose, I love to use blocks in the bridge, if you want to keep it a little bit more supported in bridge pose, use your block, so this is what this whole challenge is about, feeling supported, so a great opportunity to use your block, block could be low, medium or high, right at the sacrum, not the lower back, but the sacrum, right at the top of the glutes, so I'll go low just to show you, use the thin side of the block, just where the top of the glutes, you rest, nice little triangular bone there, right at the top of the glutes, great spot to feel supported and just to breathe into this pose, once again if you find that the breath is relaxed and you want to challenge the self a little bit more, then you can flip the block and take it up a little higher, this is a supported pose so feel free to stay here for a couple more minutes if you'd like to, more of a restorative pose or we'll just prepare, one last little finishing pose for our shavasana, give yourself a couple of wind show wipers with the knees, take the knees as wide as your mat, give yourself a little wind show wiper from side to side, just to clear the back and extend one leg at a time and receive, really be open to receiving all the wonderful effects of your practice, you want to move into that space of giving and receiving, some of us are givers, some of us are receivers, we want to find that perfect balance here as we invite that virtuous word back into the heart center, kindness, what would it feel like if we walked through this world being kind to each person that we met, without attachment, without any expectations in return, that opportunity of kindness lends people this real support so that they can open up and they can receive this love and give this love freely without feeling like they have to guard or block themselves, so we can start to roll to the right side in a ball for fetal pose, enjoy a moment here and then use your left palm to help you up to your seat, you can find a comfortable seat or you can sit on a bolster so you feel more supported here, we're going to do this gesture or this mudra that I really really like, it helps me to connect with this idea of giving and receiving love and I hope it does the same for you, when you're ready place the palms on top of your knees and we'll connect this with our breath, so as you inhale slowly reach your palms to the sky, we think of the spine as that antenna for the soul, we're connecting with the source, we're bringing in the energy of the source with the exhale all the way down into the heart center and then we're savoring this, we're like charging up our own batteries but we're sending it out with the next exhale in all directions, sharing it with each person that we meet, flip the palms to the sky, connect with the source, whatever that means to you, receive the energy, the support from the source and as you exhale bring it down into your heart center, take a big inhale here and from that heart center as you exhale send it out to everyone in your community, kindness, love, right, one more time inhale the palms to the sky, connect with the source, this is really powerful, the intention is so powerful, exhale pull it in and draw it in right to the heart space, inhale send the abundance that you're experiencing out so that you're in that free flow of giving and receiving, this opportunity of kindness is really going to manifest as you bring this off the mat into your world, this challenge is not only beneficial for you but you're going to notice that each person that you can connect with is going to feel the essence of this practice, so the challenge could be to take this kindness off the mat and share it with each person that you meet and without any expectations just notice, observe, how does it make you feel, how do they receive it, what a great opportunity to have a positive effect on each person that we meet, thank you so much for being on this challenge with me, I'm so lucky, namaste.


Elissa P
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Wonderful and creative sequencing, and nice prompts for "the head space" as well .... to bring more consciousness to the heart space. Once again, great way to begin the day with consciousness rather than launching with rushed and automized habituated UNawareness.
Christel B
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Appreciative of all the variations of each pose to make it what we need.
María A
Thanks. I just finish the class and l craying my chakra is alive 💚 Namasté
Thanks Elissa! It can be hard to move into the heart space in our society... Thanks for being open and going for it!
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HI Christel! Glad the variations are working, good to have feedback for future videos, you never know if you are saying too much or not enough, so thank you!!

HI Maria! You are spot on for the color of the heart chakra, favorite color GREEN!
Christel B
Loved the ending!
Michelle G
I loved it but had to stop since I just could not get a good connection and you kept repeating everything. All good though, I will see you tomorrow,
Thanks Christel, glad you connected with it!
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Hi Michelle, so basically you have the first part memerized by heart, hope you can get it to work!
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