Moving Smart Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Cartwheels, Half Moons, Planks

40 min - Practice


Trina guides us through a fun strengthening practice exploring the side plane of our body in preparation for Side Planks, Half Moons, and (yes, we said it) Cartwheels! We begin by exploring versions of these postures while lying down with both passive and active movement patterns. With the joints warm, we explore the postures standing. You will feel like a kid again!
What You'll Need: Hard Floor, Mat, Theraband, Wall, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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very fun and creative sequence loving it
Thanks Jewels!!
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fun. What's theraband for?
Hi Elissa I use the band for an exercise in this class called “Short Lever Rolling Half Moons”. If you try it let me know what you think :)
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Oh I loved all of the creative prep work to prepare for some of my favorite shapes in yoga!! Thank you so much!!
I’m so glad you enjoyed the class Kerrie!
Creative class thank you very much.  I loved the cartwheels and it’s interesting how one side is almost impossible.
Hi Lynette! I am so glad you enjoyed the class! Yes isn't crazy how one side is so different than the other?

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