Moving Smart Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Deconstructing Gate Pose

50 min - Practice


Trina guides us through slow, deliberate, and mindful movement exercises with inspiration from Hanna Somatics, Pilates, and the Feldenkrais Method in preparation for Parighasana (Gate Pose). Together, we build strength and stability in the core, legs, and glutes and mobility in the spine. You will feel strong and stable.

Having access to a slippery surface like a wood floor is needed for this practice.
What You'll Need: Hard Floor, Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

About This Video


What a moment of joy -- to open YogaAnytime today to realize that I can do a class with Trina Altman! Thank you for this amazing class. This morning I feel like that worked out all the kinks, made my brain learn new movement patterns and gave me some much needed me time to start my day.
Yay! That makes me so happy Shannon. Thanks so much for practicing with me online:). I know we will some day finally get to meet in real life. In the mean time, I’ll continue listening to your awesome podcasts!
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So interesting! I really have never moved in quite these ways before, which is illuminating.
Hi Kate , I’m so glad you found the practice novel and Illuminating. Discovering new motor patterns can help with brain longevity + neuroplasticity.
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I really enjoyed the sequence. I had some trouble with the quality of the video; some skipping and repeating of segments, not sure if that was the video or my iPhone.
Thanks Lisa! I really glad you enjoyed the sequence. I’m not sure why there was skipping of the video but I’m sure someone from YogaAnytime can help you with that. Thanks for practicing with me.
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Thanks Trina,
That was fun and informative. I do enjoy looking at poses differently and am enjoying learning more about the somatic work.
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I’m so glad you enjoyed the class Julie! I really enjoyed looking at poses from the inside out and upside down .
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Thank you Jewels! I'm so glad you enjoyed this class:)
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