Practice with Patricia Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Shiva & Shakti: Love & Longing

60 min - Practice


Breathe in the love and longing. Patricia shares a wonderfully calming, quieting, and settling practice. We explore active and restorative postures to help create more space for the breath to move and expand in the body. This sequence is designed to enhance circulation, breath awareness, and promote a sense of grounded freedom in preparation for meditation. You will feel tender, receptive, and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket (2), Block


Dear Patricia, What a beautiful offering from your tender heart. I love your weaving of poetry with breath and meditation, inviting us into the more subtle layers. I was completely soothed and held by this practice. Thank you, dear one. xo Alana
Dear Alana, You are so welcome - it's so good to hear the practice in this video soothed and held you. It's why we do these things, yes? Much Love to you. Patricia
So soothing.
So happy Louise, to know you were smoothed and soothed with the Shiva/Shakti, Love and Longing practice. It's a powerful if subtle practice.
Patricia. I think I love you. ;) Lydia
Lydia, you're so kind. It's in you and overflows into me - how fortunate for both of us! Yours, Patricia
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what a soothing sequence Patricia. My eyes feel so cool and quiet now. Thank you thank you
I love hearing you felt soothed and especially that your eyes felt cooled and quiet. Quieting the eyes is not easy to do but it brings us to a very peaceful place inside. That peace is always there of course... just finding it new again and again, that is the key.
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UAU in peace thanks for your peace gentleness and kindness.
with love rita
Thank you so much for sharing this practice, Patricia. I needed to be held today in this peace.
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