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Margi welcomes us to Season 2 of Aligned With Breath. This season, Margi shares practices that are designed to build strength and energy while connecting us to the deep quiet within. The practices are soft and soothing while bright and expansive at the same time. You will feel strong, spacious, and clear.
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May 24, 2018
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Welcome back to Season 2 of Aligned with Breath. In this season there are practices that will build strength and energy, also practices that are more quiet and meditative, practices that are more soft, soothing to the nervous system, as well as practices that are bright and expansive. All the practices however designed to align us with a deep internal quiet, that quiet which links us to our true nature. During this time together maybe you find great joy in your practice, have fun, find a playful quality as well as this deep quiet that helps you to walk back into the world with more strength. Join me, enjoy your time on the mat. Thank you so much. Namaste.


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