45 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 5

Trust Your Vision

45 min - Practice


Dana guides us through a strong vinyasa flow practice to strengthen our inner and outer vision, activating our intuition and self-trust. You will feel strong and clear.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Oh my goodness, this was WONDERFUL!! Thank you
You’re so welcome Stacie . Keep practicing! Warmly, Dana
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Dana, what are you doing to me, Dana!! This was awesome! Poses I didn't think I could do...and I'm energized, the pace of the flow was perfect. Thank you.
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Yay!! Thanks for sharing Shandi. One of my favorite parts of teaching is when people try new things and pleasantly surprise themselves.  It’s humbling feedback - the success is yours!  Warmly, Dana 
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So, I did this practice again. Same results! Still amazed I can do those poses.  Grateful for my body, grateful for this practice, grateful for Dana. 
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You can do it...and you did! Keep practicing Shandi. To your health, Dana
We're so grateful for you, shandi! Thanks for sharing your kindness and experience with us. 

Warmly ,
Ashley from Yoga Anytime :)
I decided I would try a new practice and a new teacher...it was a good idea! I enjoyed the practice!
Kimberly thanks so much for switching it up and sharing your practice with me!  I hope we get to practice together again soon.  Warmly, Dana
This was wonderful!!! thanks.

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