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Dana Slamp

Dana Slamp

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Dana Slamp, C-IAYT, ERYT500, is a certified Ayurvedic yoga therapist and the founder of Prema Yoga Institute in New York City and online. She studied with Dr. Marc Halpern, Guru Dharam, LAcc, Leslie Kaminoff, Gurmukh, Yogi Charu, and more - and is currently attempting to study Sanskrit (terribly, but with devotion!).

Dana began teaching yoga in 2005, offering vinyasa classes known for their spirit, strength, and safety across New York City. She's served as the first Managing Teacher of Pure West - New York's largest yoga studio - as the Director of Yoga Vida's 300-hour Teacher Training, and as the National Director of Meditation for Culture of Fit. Since then, she's taught internationally, presented at Yoga Journal Conference and festivals, and contributes often to Yoga Journal online.

In 2019, she became the youngest founder of a yoga therapy school to receive an IAYT certification. As the only IAYT-certified school in New York, Prema Yoga Institute ("PYI") continued to serve during the pandemic online - offering Yoga Alliance and IAYT trainings, live classes, and ultimately PYI's Breath Coaching Course to support Covid-19 Immunity and Recovery.

Dana's love of yoga is boundless and extends across therapeutic techniques like Yoga Nidra and restorative. She is deeply grateful for the faculty, staff and students of PYI and for the kind and committed students of YogaAnytime.

"It's an honor to practice with you, and to hear from you, too!" - Dana

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