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Season 1 - Episode 4

Bearing Our Own Weight

40 min - Practice


Building off of the lessons from Episode 1, Kira plays with more shoulder opening and begins to offer the practice of bearing weight in the upper body with the postures of Plank Pose and Downward Facing Dog. We explore Bridge Pose and begin to understand how sequencing works in the yoga practice. You will feel generous, open, and calm.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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Dec 23, 2014
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(waves crashing) Welcome back. So we'll offer ourselves to a very similar sequence that we did in our first episode, adding on a little bit. A little bit more shoulder opening and beginning to start to play with bearing weight and strength. So we'll start out again with Papa Schiffman arm circles. Also renamed by my little brother, the Big Lebowski.

Step one foot forward, one foot back and just begin. Inhale, reach. Exhale, relax. Just now that you've gotten good at this, inhale reach, exhale back. Now that you've had a little bit of practice, you can be a little bit looser about it.

So again, for some of you this might be enough range. Okay, for some of you it's going to be nice to start to let that arm circle all the way around. And all the way around. And you'll notice that today I'm just kind of letting it wobble in between. That can feel really good.

So as opposed to being so intent on just circling, you know, you can start to play with it a little bit. And then, eventually, you're going to start to want to change directions, to go forward and back. And you'll notice that on that one I didn't go all the way around right away. Okay, so if you don't start to learn how- if you don't start to learn how to have fun with your yoga practice and enjoy your yoga practice it won't last very long. Okay, like if it doesn't feel good, you won't do it.

Okay pause, notice how that feels. And then let's find that on the other side. So I like to have one foot stepped forward and then I like to reach and let it relax. And again, this side, this shoulder for you, this other side might be totally different. And really, we talk about this a lot around here, do not let the tyranny of symmetry get you down.

Just start to get to know yourself. Again, maybe you're letting that arm go all the way around and maybe it's a couple consensual circles. But maybe it's nice to kind of, not sure if consensual is really a word. It's okay. Mutually consensual circles.

Reverse. (laughing) Actually, even though that was a total flub, it really does make sense. You really are in a relationship like that with your body. Like, are you in this? I'm in this.

Let's go. Okay, so again, let yourself have fun with that. (laughing) Okay. Inhale, squeeze your shoulders up and around the ears. Exhale, drop.

And now roll the shoulders up and around the ears and exhale drop. Now for this next opener, you'll want to have a strap. Maybe that's a yoga strap, maybe that's- where'd I put that? Maybe that's an old neck tie. Maybe it's you or your child's Aikido belt.

So this is quite a long strap. Really as we begin this, you want to hold this as wide as possible. So you stand about feet hip distance apart. Now as you go to hold the strap, hold the strap between your thumb and your index and do put a little bit of attention to what your wrists are doing. And put some attention of keeping them in line with the shoulders and the elbows and holding the strap quite firm.

What you'll notice in this exercise is that the wrist will want to go in a little bit. They'll try to do the work of the shoulders. They'll kind of cock inward. So do that, let them kind of cock inward and then let them straighten out again. Just do that one more time so you have a sense of it, and then let them straighten out a bit.

Now hold the strap tot. Inhale, let the strap reach up over the top of your head. Now right here it can kind of feel good to kind of reach up through one side, reach up through the other. Just get taller, like get some room out of yourself. From here, inhale.

And as you exhale, let the strap come back behind you just a little bit and pause. And right away, like, notice what your wrists are doing. They're probably kind of cocking in a little bit. Lengthen. Now holding the strap tot, the temptation here is to start to look like a bit of a hood ornament, kind of roll your pelvis forward.

So you got to let a little hop in as you relax your sit bones down. And for most of you at home, this is deep enough. Okay, but for some of you, you might inhale here. And if appropriate, you're going to exhale, you're going to let the strap come all the way behind you. Okay inhale slow.

Bring the strap back up and exhale let the strap come out in front of you. Okay, so if you had to squeeze your face up like a raisin to do that or it looked like you were in a Texas Rodeo, it was too much. Give yourself a little bit more room. If you didn't feel anything, bring your hands a little closer. We'll do that two more times.

Strap is tot, inhale, arms reach up. Pause here and lengthen. Inhale, and as you exhale arms come back just a little bit, so you're just getting that stretch through the upper chest. Notice your wrists have kind of cocked a little bit. Lengthen.

For some of you this is the safest, best place to stay. Only if you can do this with ease, in your face and your jaw. Inhale here, exhale strap comes all the way behind you. Super nice. Inhale arms come all the way back up.

Exhale arms come out in front of you. Okay now one more. And if you need a little bit more action, you bring the hands a little closer together. If you need a little bit more room, hands a little further apart. Inhale arms up.

Exhale arms come behind. Now pause here. Notice what your wrists are doing, lengthen. Inhale and as you exhale, let the strap come just behind you a little bit. Feel this.

Some of you might just let it come a little bit more back, feel this lengthen. Okay, only if appropriate, strap comes all the way back. And then inhale, strap comes all the way up. Exhale arms come out in front of you. Super nice.

Hold the strap loose as you inhale. Squeeze your shoulders up and around the ears, exhale drop. Inhale roll the shoulders up and around the ears, exhale drop. Nice. Now fold the strap in half.

We're going to do one more here with the strap. And bring the strap behind you, and hold the strap so your hands are, the palms are turned away from you. Hands are about shoulder distance apart. Now if you work with broader, stickier shoulders, you might give yourself a little bit more room. But at least, like shoulder distance is about the beginning, sort of our medium ground, okay?

Inhale here and as you exhale, let one shoulder roll back and down. Let the other shoulder roll back and down. Hold the strap tot, inhale. And now from here, if appropriate, on the exhale, you're going to start to bend your knees. Okay, your chest is going to start to come towards your thighs.

Towards is the operative word there. Head drops. Keep pulling on the hands a little bit. You're going to let the strap come up towards the sky. Let your head drop.

And if appropriate, let the weight roll into the balls of the feet as you let the strap start to reach up out over the top of your head. Keep holding the strap tot, rolling the weight into the balls of the feet. Keep your knees as bent as is correct for your hamstrings. Mm-hmm. Back of the neck long.

There's a certain point where you'll just let the arms get heavy. Nice, okay. Strap comes back towards your hips. Strap comes down towards the earth. Now hold the strap in one of your hands, both hands on your legs, chin into the chest.

Let yourself roll all the way back up. Feel the belly. Feel the heart. Feel the throat, and feel the face. Super nice.

Now let's do that again. So as you bring the strap behind you again, if you felt like it was too compressive, again, you'll widen the hands. If you felt like you wanted a little bit more challenge, you bring the hands a little closer together. So the closer the hands are together, the more demanding it is. As you bring one shoulder back and down, you bring the other shoulder back and down.

And what I mean by demanding, it's not like it's better, it's just you're giving the shoulders less room, so it creates a different flavor, okay? Inhale here, lengthen up through the heart. Exhale, bend the knees. Your chest is going to come toward your thighs, okay? Now, depending on the relationship of your chest and your thighs, some of you might need to widen your feet.

Just make this relationship work. Head is dropped. You're reaching the strap away from you. You're rolling the weight into the balls of the feet. This may or may not feel good as you're lengthening.

Okay. Sometimes there's this point where it just feels nice to let the arms get a little heavy. Nice. Okay, let the strap come back towards the hips. Let the strap come down towards the earth.

You can leave the strap on the earth this time. Bend the knees. Chin into the chest and slow, you're going to roll all the way back up. The belly is going to open. The heart is going to open.

The throat and the face. And pause. See if that was any good for you. Okay, inhale gentle squeeze up through the shoulders, and then drop. And squeeze up through the shoulders, and then drop.

Nice. Now, with this extra opening that we've done up through the shoulders and the neck, the play here now is that as we move towards our sequence of lunge solutes, we can add just a little bit more variety in the arms and the shoulders and the hands. So like we did in episode one, I'm going to show again how sometimes it's nice, okay, to have two bricks at the top of the mat. What that does is it makes the floor taller. And then sometimes it's nice to have something that your knee can land on.

Okay, we will be using the strap again, so as you move it out of the way, don't move it too far out of the way. Okay so you'll come to the front of the mat, feet are about hip distance apart. Big delivered inhale, and exhale let a "ha" happen. Let your hands come together at the center of your heart and just notice, notice that this upper body region feels a little warmer, feels a little open. We continually need to assess if these practices are working.

Okay. What we'll do is we'll offer ourselves towards three quarter salutations, just to kind of get in the mood. And then we'll start to add a little bit of variation. Okay. Inhale here.

Exhale, hands are going to press towards the earth. Inhale, circle the arms open. And as you exhale, bring the hands back down to the center of the heart. Inhale here. Exhale press.

Inhale, circle. And exhale, hands back down to the center of the heart. One more like this. Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. And exhale. Nice. This time, interlace the fingers, turn the palms forward, go up through your arms. Now a nice thing to do here is to let your elbows bend, so your shoulders roll back and down.

Then you keep those shoulders back and down as you stretch your arms back towards straight. Wiggle up out and through here. Beautiful. Now inhale here. Exhale, release the arms wide.

Rotate your shoulders forward. Hands come behind you. Now you're interlacing your fingers so that work we were doing earlier with the strap was helping to prepare for this. If it's not working, grab your strap again. Okay, inhale here.

Exhale, bend the knees. The chest comes towards the thighs. Your head might drop. Reach the arms up out and over. Beautiful.

Let the hands come back to the hips, down towards the earth. Hands find the bricks or legs. Inhale, half arch. And as you exhale, step your right foot back, let your left knee bend. Now curl the sit bones under and sink in.

Introduce yourself a little bit. Inhale draw back, exhale sink in. Inhale draw back, exhale sink in. Okay now, just like we were talking earlier if staying low is better and makes more sense, okay, you stay here. If balance is working, bring your hands up onto this front knee, back off.

All right, stay here. Or interlace your fingers like we just did, turn your palms forward, go up. Soften the elbows as you wiggle up through here, and then if it's appropriate, curl the sit bones under and sink in. Lengthen. You're doing great.

Inhale here. Exhale release the hands back down on the bricks. Lift up through the back leg, rock and roll. Step forward, half arch, and we'll find the other side. Step the opposite foot back, wiggle back through here.

Curl the sit bones under, knee comes down to the earth. Again, introduce yourself. Inhale, back off a little bit. Exhale, sink in. Inhale, back off a little bit.

Exhale, sink in. And if it never quite seems to reveal a good spot to stay, then you just stay in the movement. Stay low if it makes more sense, otherwise hands up onto this front knee. Back off, so you come out of the crunchy part. Interlace your fingers in front of you.

If you can remember, interlace with the weird knuckle on top. Turn the palms forward, go up. Soften the elbows a little bit, lengthen, and then sink in. So it's the same principles, you're reaching just like we were doing with the strap, sinking through the sit bone. Back of the neck is long.

Nice. Inhale here. Exhale, the hands come back down to the bricks or earth. Lift up through the back leg, now kind of rock and roll a little bit. Step forward, half arch.

Exhale, forward fold. Soften the knees as you inhale, circle the arms up. And then exhale, hands back to the center of the heart. Okay now pause for a moment. Let the hands relax.

Big delivered inhale, exhale everything. It's super nice to just kind of assess and make sure that it's working. Now what we'll do is we'll move through one more round of these, adding a little bit of stretch for the hamstrings. Okay, hands at the heart. Inhale, exhale and press.

Inhale, circle the arms up. Exhale, swan dive forward, forward fold. Hands might find the legs, or the bricks. Let an inhale create a half arch. Let an exhale find the hands to the earth or bricks and let the right foot step back, left knee bends.

Wiggle back. Curl the sit bone under, find that knee on the earth. Again, if it's better for you to stay low, you stay low. If it's okay, hands find the front knee, you come back a little bit. Once you feel stable, interlace.

Turn the palms forward, go up. Lengthen, and then as you're invited you curl the sit bone under and you sink in. Wiggle, soft in the face. Nice. Now inhale here.

Exhale, relax the hands back down to the bricks. Now this time, walk the bricks back. Okay if you're not using the bricks and you're walking the hands on the floor, draw your hips back and flex that front foot. Dig the heel into the earth a little bit. Now start to get to know how the action of your pelvis and your hamstrings work together.

So inhale, roll the pelvis forward, draw the heart forward. And as you exhale, curl the sit bones under and get round. As you inhale, if it makes sense, you roll the pelvis forward, and you draw the heart forward. And as you exhale, you curl the sit bones under. Now see if this makes sense, next time you roll your pelvis forward, so you're drawing your sit bone away from the back of your knee, so you are lengthening your hamstring.

So you probably feel it a little bit more. Probably didn't need me to tell you that. You can keep the leg straight or let her bend a little bit. For some of you, this is already deep enough. For some of you, if it's useful, you can walk your bricks or hands forward.

Rolling the pelvis forward, lengthening, and just start to get a little bit more opportunity through the backs of the leg. Through the back of this front leg. For most of you this is deep enough. Some of you might have to have that knee bent a little bit. Nice, okay.

Inhale take a look up. Exhale, let that front knee bend. Now lift up through this back leg, rock and roll. Step forward, half arch. And as you exhale, opposite leg.

So for me, that's my left foot back, my right knee is bending. Curl the sit bone under, knee to the earth. Again, always if it's better to stay low for you, you stay low. If it's appropriate, hands up onto the front knee, back off. From here, if correct, interlace.

If you remember when I say weird knuckle on top, it just means, sort of the unnatural one. So it feels a little bit like you have someone else's hands. Arms go up. Soften the elbows. Shoulders back and down, lengthen, sink in, "psh".

The sounds effects really help. So if as you sink in you're like, "Psh" it's so much easier. Inhale here. Exhale, hands come down to the bricks or earth. Walk the bricks back, or your hands.

Okay, now flex the foot, dig the heel into the earth a little bit, okay? So for some of you, this might already be enough. But we're just trying to get a little, start to get a little sense of the anatomy here. So inhale, and as you exhale you're drawing your sit bone under, letting the back round so you're bringing the stretch into the back. And as you inhale, you're rolling your pelvis forward and you're drawing your heart up.

Okay, so as you exhale you're getting round. And as you inhale, you're arching. One more like that, so just notice. Round. Roll your pelvis forward, draw your heart up, okay, so that you're lengthening, you're increasing the opportunity of stretch in the back of the leg.

So for most of you this is enough. Some of you might even have that knee slightly bent. Some of you might just be put together where it makes good sense to walk your hands more forward. Now, the digging of the heel into the earth, what that's doing is it's creating the slightest little bit of contraction, which can be super nice. Okay.

Now the transition's a little different here. Because from here, instead of coming back up to standing, we'll make our way up to balasana child's pose that we explored in episode one. So as you're ready, you'll let that front knee bend again. "Pah" just to give some relief. And then you'll find that knee back to meet the other.

Okay, now as you come into child's pose, you know again as we talked about earlier, the knees and the hips and the ankles don't always love this so you go slow. Go slow. I'm going to move these bricks to the side, and I'm going to move this blanket out of the way. You only do this as deep as feels good and right. Okay, the body does not like to be forced.

Remember we talked about earlier, consensual yoga practice. This might be good, some of you might bring your head to the earth. When you feel ready, okay, chin into your chest and come up onto all four. Okay, nice. Now, if you'd like to put some padding underneath your knees, you can do that.

I'm going to choose to move my props out of the way. Again, as I mentioned before, they don't seem to move themselves out of the way. Okay. So as promised, now we're going to start to experiment a little bit with bearing weight in these shoulders. Okay, so again we're experimenting.

We're getting to know some of these yoga postures. So as you come onto all fours, you know, bearing weight on the wrists isn't for everybody. So for some of you as you set up here it might make the most sense to simply come up onto your fingertips. It's also quite popular to come onto the fists, although, I've never really been able to make that comfortable. But it doesn't compress them which is nice.

Okay. Let's just get used to getting cat cow. So we explored this a little bit in our hamstrings so you inhale here. And as you exhale, you allow your sit bones to come under and you're going to round. And as you inhale, you're going to roll the pelvis forward, you're going to draw your heart open, and you're going to arch.

Okay, so just let this occur as you exhale. Curl the sit bones under and get round. And as you inhale, roll the pelvis forward, draw the heart open and arch. Okay, let that happen a handful more times. If you start to, kind of, understand how you work.

Your pelvis is like a bowl, and as you draw the sit bones under it's like you're spilling the bowl backwards. And as you roll the sit bones up and the pelvis forward, it's like you're spilling the contents of the bowl forward. Okay one more round, exhale. And inhale. Nice.

Okay let it come back to neutral. Now, bring your, bring one of your hands underneath your face. Bring that same knee in line with that hand. Soften the elbow so you can wrap your shoulder back and down, and extend the other leg back. Okay, spin onto that other leg.

Now pause here and just get a sense of how this is starting to feel in your wrists. Some of you might be up on your fingertips or your fists. Okay. As you're ready, you're going to inhale, circle this other arm up towards the sky. Now we usually call this easy side plank.

Root and lengthen. Root and lengthen. You're getting used to rooting down through the hand and lifting up out of here. Now for the last few moments, drop this ear down towards the shoulder, circle the top arm in front of the face, and over and across you, lengthen. Okay, inhale here.

Exhale, release that hand back down towards the earth. Come onto all fours. Let a little inhale arch you. Let an exhale round you. And then let's explore that simple shape on the other side.

So bring one of your hands underneath your face. Line it up with that corresponding knee. Lengthen back through the other leg, spin on to that outer edge. Okay now make sure it's going to be okay, so check in with your wrists. You might be up on your fingertips, you might be down on the palms.

Circle the other arm up and pause. Give a little juju through that back foot, root and lengthen. And for some of you this is already deep enough, okay? If it's okay, you drop that ear down to that, that bottom ear down to the bottom shoulder. Circle that arm back to the back foot, in front of the face and away from you.

Root and lengthen. Root and lengthen. So pretty. Nice, last few moments. Inhale here.

Exhale, release, come down on to all fours again. Let an inhale arch your body. Let an exhale round your body. And if the joints agree, child's pose. Curl the sit bones under, walk your hands forward.

Let the forehead come down towards the earth. Nice. Beautiful. Okay, back up onto all fours. Now what the play here, is that we're going to put some of this shoulder opening, some of this weight bearing together towards the practice of downward facing dog.

I'm going to adjust my costume. So, find your hands on the earth. Spread your fingers super wide. Okay? Soften your elbows, so your shoulders roll back and down, and then start to experiment with rooting into the index knuckles, letting your arms draw a little straighter.

And just the slightest little squeeze of the arms towards each other. Okay. If bearing weight today is not really correct, you stay right here, you get used to this, otherwise, drop your head. Tuck your toes under and we're going to find our way to plank pose. Lift up through the backs of the legs, snuggle back through the feet.

Now reach back through the heels and as you're ready inhale here. Exhale, draw your sit bones back downward facing dog. Let your knees bend so your hamstrings aren't such a part of the equation. Spill the pelvis forward, like we were practicing. Draw the sit bones up.

Reach through your hands, lengthen, and only if it's appropriate, you might let your heels start to get heavy. Last few moments here, you're just getting used to it. Beautiful. Inhale, shoulders back over the wrists. Exhale, drop your knees down, child's pose.

Really nicely done. Hips back to the heels, arms out in front of you, forehead towards the earth. Snuggle in. Okay, let's try that. Let's taste that one more time.

Up onto all fours, spread the fingers super wide, soften the elbows, shoulders roll back and down, now root. Back of the neck is long. Tuck the toes under as your ready, plank pose. Lift up through the backs of the legs, snuggle back through there. Reach back.

Okay, inhale here. And as you're ready, root through the index. Draw the sit bones back. Shoulders are wrapped wide and if you bend your knees, it'll be easier on the hamstrings. Roll the pelvis forward, lengthen.

And then maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe the heels start to get heavy towards the earth, maybe. Few more moments, breathe. Super nice. Inhale, shoulders back over the wrists. Exhale, knees come back down towards the earth.

Child's pose. Hips back towards the heels, forehead towards the floor. Rest. So nicely done. Okay, when you feel ready, chin into the chest.

Slow roll back up, feel the belly, feel the heart, feel the throat and feel the face. Then we'll find our way onto our back and we'll put some of that shoulder opening and some of that front thigh opening towards bridge pose again, and we'll find out if there's any difference. Roll on back. Okay. Now as the hips come into the heels, and the arms come down along your side, pause.

We've done a lot of opening up through the shoulders, like take a moment to allow yourself to notice how it feels. (coughing) Excuse me. Okay. And if your shoulders feel fully cooked and like they've had enough, just pause. Otherwise, if it would feel good to see if any of this matters, inhale here.

And as you exhale, press into the feet. Let your sit bones lift towards your knees. Okay, now pause here. And some of you might stay right here, otherwise inhale here. Exhale, root through the heels.

Let your hips lift a little higher. And the invitation now is to start to wiggle your arms underneath you. Your shoulders are rolling back and down, your wiggling your arms underneath you. Now for some of you, like we explored in episode one, simply pressing through the pinky fingers is the best way to go. For some of you, because we've been playing with this now, maybe interlace the fingers underneath you, wiggle the shoulders back and down a little bit more.

And you press through the arms a little bit as you press through your feet. This will help lift your hips. Soft in the throat, kind in the eyes. Super nice. Up on the balls of the feet.

You release the interlace. You reach your arms up towards the sky as you wound back down, upper back, mid back, low back. Hips land, heels land. Arms in along your side and just pause. And like feel the relief.

In fact, it's not clear if back bending actually feels good, or if it's the after effects. Okay. Okay, so we'll play with one more. Like, just see if some of these things can start to make sense because sequencing is a really nice way, sequencing is really useful to understand. Like in the lunges, we were opening up through the fronts of the thighs, right?

And we did all that shoulder work. So the play as we come into the bridge is, can you start to understand how opening up certain parts helps other parts open. Okay, spread the toes, inhale. And as you exhale, press in the feet. Let your sit bones draw towards your knees, so lifting up through the hips.

Okay. If this is deep enough in your shoulders, in your neck, you stay right here. Otherwise, inhale again. Exhale, press into the feet, wiggle up a little bit more, and start to wiggle the arms underneath you. Again, some of you pinky press.

Some of you may be interlacing. If you're interlacing, weird knuckle on top, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Soft in the throat. Press into the feet, press into the arms. Sit bones towards the knees, throat is easy.

Awesome job. Inhale, lift up onto the balls of the feet, arms come up to the sky and you round back down, upper back, mid back, low back. Arms come back down along your side. And something I love to do, our teacher Schiffman taught us this, the cosmic rest pose. Elbows bend, palms turned up to the sky like small floral, satellite dishes.

Feet wide and knees bend and you can just start to touch this really sweet sense. Like the hands, when the heart is open the hands become more sensitive. Okay so let this occur. Like, don't rush the yummy parts. Okay.

Super nice. Hug the knees into the chest, wobble. And we'll do a little spinal twist, just like we did before. Arms come out from the shoulders, palms turned up. Keep the knees together, inhale here.

And as you exhale, bring the knees over to the left. Bring the right palm on top of the left palm, you organize. And then you're going to let this right arm open back to the right. Now, like we've talked about, if you let the right elbow bend a little bit, that shoulder will relax back and down. We're not being so diligent about the alignment here, just in the interest of letting things feel good.

Okay, let the right hip get heavy. Soft in the mouth. Super nice. Okay when you're cooked on this side, let the right knee lead, come on back, pause. And then we'll find our way to the other side, so you bring everything over to the right.

Organize, and then you let this last arm reach over the left. Again, you let the elbow bend a little bit. Okay, let the elbow bend a little bit, so it's not so intense in the shoulder. You can hold the knees gently with the right hand if that feels good. Okay gentle gaze for the neck.

It's just towards the bent knees. Beautiful. When you feel cooked on that side, you lead with the top left leg, you come on back. Hug your knees into the chest, wobble them. Okay, let the feet come back down to the floor and pause.

Again, as we've talked about, for some of you keeping the knees bent feels better. Maybe feet wide, knees falling together. Okay, for some of you maybe legs straight. I like to let one leg straighten at a time. Now, we're offering ourselves to relatively short shavasanas as you let the shoulder blades relax back and down.

You let the feet relax, the palms relax. So if we're not in here long enough for you, just pause. Okay, big delivered inhale. Exhale, let a "ha" happen and breathing. And just today in shavasana, just let your awareness, begin with your awareness in your left arm.

Like from the shoulder blade down through the palm. And just start to become more sensitive to the tonality of your left arm. Sometimes there's a sense of being able to feel the breath there. Nice. And then move across the back over to the right arm.

Like become aware of the right shoulder blade and down through the right arm and just really let your awareness be held down through your whole right arm, into your right palm. Rest. Let the palms feel full, soft in the mouth, kind in the eyes. Nice. Few more moments.

And again, please, lie here as long as you're allowed to. Okay, but if it's come time, if you're ready, legs come together. Sometimes it can feel good to stretch your arms up over the top of your head. The knees bend. You're going to roll to a side and pause on that side, curl up a little bit.

This is a tough moment right here. Like there's something so there's like old memories of this position and so there's something really cosmic and deep that can happen here. It's like, don't rush this. Okay, then eventually hand on the earth and you'll let yourself press up. You'll find a seated position.

Maybe it's cross legged, maybe it's not. Okay. Let your eyes close. Big delivered inhale. Exhale everything.

Let a "ha" happen. Soft in the belly, soft in the heart, kind in the hands. And like really let this kindness in the hands, let the hands find each other and anjali mudra, which anjali means offering. And sometimes when the practice is suggested by our yogi friends, is to really offer the benefits, the results of your practice towards another's. Maybe there's somebody that could benefit from the benefits of your practice.

You just gently offer. Namaste.


Dana T
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Really appreciate Kira's gentle way of expressing how to move into the beginning poses. Just returning to teaching yoga after taking a year off, I love teaching beginners and seniors, Kira's teaching method is inspirational to me, Thank you!
Kira Sloane
Dana, love. Welcome back to teaching! xo kira
Ana N
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Thanks Kira! I love the idea of offering the benefits of the practice to someone.
Kira Sloane
Ana, must see you again soon.
Lizzy R
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Thank you. I really adore your teaching style--kind & nurturing, playful & light, subtle & engaging, present & alive in the moment, non-condescending and non-boring! Yay! Thanks again.
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Thank you sweet Kira. Always love your classes and energy. I so look forward to meeting you in one of your classes or the crib someday:) xo
Kira Sloane
Tesa, I feel the same way! I will get to see Angel out here in Ojai in less than a month! xok
Ali DeVeny
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Thank you Kira for bringing yoga back into my life. You are the calm that starts my day.
Kira Sloane
Happy to be here together, Ali. xok
Madeleine F
I love this show. I'm brand new to yoga, and this moves at a perfect pace for me. Also, I love your leggings! :)
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