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Your Body on Yoga Artwork
Season 6 - Episode 2

Ujjayi Pranayama Practice

15 min - Practice


We take a closer look at ujjayi breath. Kristin guides us through a practice of refining ujjayi with a focus on evening out the flow of the breath. You will feel calm and centered.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Oct 01, 2018
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beautifully meditative practice...
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Thanks Kate !
I'm studying the yoga sutras with my Sanskrit teacher, and we're currently looking at the 2nd pada. I can't find where Patanjali lists "three pathologies" of the breath. This might be a question of translation and interpretation. What translation/interpretation are you following here? (He talks about pranayama in 2.49... )
Might the reference have been from Svatmarama's Hatha Yoga Pradipika? But there again, I'm not finding a list of 3 pathologies... again - translations can vary significantly...
Kate !! Im so embarrassed I misspoke! I was actually quoting my teacher who was referencing Swami Rama's book Path of Fire and Light not the Yoga Sutras! Looking at the Sutras one could make the case that trembling and unevenness of breath could be eluded to but not sound.... I'm really sorry I misspoke. Thank you so much for reaching out!!
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Thanks for the clarification! It all made perfect sense, what you said, but coincidentally, I was studying the verses in the Sadhana Pada (Patanjali) with my teacher, and I just couldn't find anything like this there. Loving your videos! And I'm halfway through your book (very helpful and entertaining presentation!)!! When will Volume 2 be available?
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Thanks Kate ! Volume 2 will be out February 2019!!! I'm super excited to share it!!
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I just finished reading through Vol 1(for the first time) yesterday : ) Looking forward to your new resource! I love the presentation: it's engaging and accessible for this neophyte anatomy geek!
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you're the sweetest Kate :)
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AND I just got the amazing book Anatomy Trains from the library for a first look-through. Just fascinating perspective on the mystery of embodiment...
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