45 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 4

Focused Flow

45 min - Practice


Invite in a new experience. Wade guides us in a dynamic practice designed to hone our concentration and invite a fresh flow of clarity and energy. You will feel focused and clear.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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Brilliant practice for “Manic Monday”...my head is usually buzzing away at the start of a new week; all the mini-resolutions I make for myself, all the projects I want to finish/start etc. Doing this mind focusing work really helped to tether my brain to the here and now. Great stuff!
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you are so cute smiling all the time. thank you for lovley practice
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Lovely journey to compass pose! Great job leading us there to find success (whatever form that took for each of us.). Being on the journey is success in itself.
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Nice way to start the day. Thank you.
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HI Jenny Mondays are a challenge with all the different 'responsibilities' balls being juggled. Im glad you were able to get some focus and stillness in the mix, great to hear from you!
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HI Shira hahah thank you, I have so much fun filming those...hope your having a great week!
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HI Christel great hearing from you and so glad you felt the progression of the journey! Totally agree with the being on the journey is success in itself!!
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Hi Elissa great hearing from you and thanks for sharing the good vibes!
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I am really enjoying these practices which seem to bring me back to places I need to be. Today.s focus practice calmed the chaos in my mind and indeed allowed me to be fully present. Thank you!
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Hi M Angela So glad you are connecting with the practice and it's bringing some clarity and focus to your day, share the good vibes with others ! and thank you, your feedback helps so much!
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