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Season 1 - Episode 9

Awakening the Feminine Essence

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Sukhdev shares a talk on the women's teachings in kundalini yoga and the importance of women coming back to their true divine power. She identifies daily practices to assist with this.
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Dec 08, 2018
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Sat Naam and welcome to awakening the divine feminine essence. Men, if you tune into this episode, don't go anywhere because this will reveal a lot of information about who your woman is. Okay, so hang with us. Women, welcome, men welcome. This is one of my favorite topics. It's really my expertise, the women's teachings of Kundalini Yoga. So this is what I'm going to share with you some of the foundational teachings of the women's teachings of Kundalini Yoga. There was a summer camp every year that happened and it was eight weeks long. It was over the whole summer and my teacher Yogi Bajan will call all the women together up on this mountaintop in New Mexico. So women's camp every year was eight weeks and his commitment was to train women back into their power. He said, I can't believe in America you call women chicks. Women are not chicks. Women are eagles and so he would train these women for eight weeks a year and he would train the men for one week a year. That will tell you how much training we needed to come back into our true identity. He shared with us some very powerful teachings about what it means to be a woman. Now men don't get upset with me. This is just what it is and women don't use this against your men. Woman is said to be 16 times stronger, more intelligent, more intuitive, more sociologically adept and everything else than man. Why? She has a 16 times greater capacity because she has the ability to give birth. She needs that 16 times greater capacity in order to give birth. Now what happens if that 16 times greater capacity is not cultivated, if that power is not cultivated or it's overdeveloped in one area like career, if it's not cultivated properly it can turn into neurosis. One in four women is on antidepressant or psychiatric drugs. That's the reality of what we're dealing with today and it's simply because women have forgotten their true power. So because of this 16 times greater capacity it also makes a woman eight times more insecure than a man. Eight times more insecure than a man. So that's a really big teaching to understand and very deep when you start to go into it. So let's talk a little bit about why women are such emotional beings and men are so steady and they kind of like I refer to my husband as my rock and I know that that that many women refer to their partner as their rock right because he's steady, he's focused, he's linear and we're just traveling all over the cosmos. Woman has a six-track mind. Man has a one-track mind. Woman has a six-track mind because she needs that. She's the mother. She has to be able to feed the child, pay a bill, make dinner, keep her eye on the toddler in the garden while she's breastfeeding. She needs that six-track mind. Man focuses deeply on one thing and if he focuses very deeply on one thing he can master that quite quickly because he has this ability to focus, to go in the cave and to do the work. For us we're much more in ideas. We think in the cosmos. Man thinks in solutions and problems. So if you have a problem what he's going to do is try to fix your problem. So don't be surprised if he's trying to fix you. So it's really our job as women to explain to man or to our partner how we want them to be when we're in an emotional crisis. And why do we go through these emotional storms is because we are lunar beings. We are run by the moon. The moon waxes and wanes over a 28-day cycle. She shows up bright and beautiful and then she disappears into the darkness much like woman. So woman it is says in this ancient sacred yogic science that woman has 11 moon centers on her body that start at the hairline and go all the way down to the inner thighs.

And every two and a half days she flips from one center to another in her own personal grid. Her own unique grid that moves its own way. So every moon center, 11 of them has a particular emotional basis. So every two and a half days don't be surprised if your woman is in a completely different emotional state than she was two and a half days. So in the thighs for two and a half days we can feel productive. We're getting all the things done that we've left to the side for the whole month. We're getting it done two half days and then two and a half days later when the pinks of the cheeks and we're feeling emotional and emotional and we're sort of like making things up and can cause great drama in our life if we're not steady and if we're not meditating and taking care of ourselves. So women we are lunar beings we are run by the moon and we are emotional and unpredictable. Man is run by the sun. He is constant. He is linear. He is focused and he shines bright. Now when a man is, man actually has one lunar center and it's on his chin and it's why yogis grow beards and never cut their hair is because what it does is it levels out the effects of that moon center. It steadies them and it helps them to commit in their life which is a great trait. So woman I hope that sheds a little bit of light on who we are and here's a few practices that you can engage in in order to really tap into that power to tap into that 16 times greater capacity. So there are five things that a woman can do every single day to really hone into her power and here they are. Yoga, meditation, clearing the subconscious of negativity and old patterns, yoga to take care of her nervous system, her hormones, her glandular system as well as her mind. Exercising. Yogi Bhajan used to say that a woman needs to sweat at least 30 minutes a day. That because she's such an internal being that sweating helps her to be more available and out into the world more external, right? So the fifth one is prayer and prayer really is whatever works for you. Your way of praying, if that's through dance or it's through taking long walks and silently going in or it's through some kind of religious practice, it doesn't matter. It's not important. It's your way of connecting to your own infinity. And then the fifth one is diet. Diet is extremely important and when we can take care of ourselves with balanced nutrition we feel much more stable, grounded and mentally in line with ourselves, connected to ourselves. And then the other practice, so those are the five pillars to a woman's well-being because what happens if we can even just do three of those five things every day, what happens is that we become much more neutral because of the meditation practice and we're less likely to be doing the rollercoaster of the emotions every two and a half days. And that's really the goal of Kundalini yoga is to develop a relationship to the neutral mind. So we talked a little bit about the three minds in the foundational practices of Kundalini yoga. For a woman it's particularly important that she learns to be less reactive and less emotional and really hone in her energy into her meditation and her neutral mind. When she can develop a relationship to the neutral mind it can lessen the effect of the rollercoaster of the emotions. So everything that I've given you in this series are meditations, creas, the basic breath series, really to access that place within yourself, that stillness, that neutrality and becoming more of a meditative being. Because what happens is when you become meditative your intuition lights up and by nature woman is an intuitive being and when she is moving forth in her life based on flow and intuition rather than like grasping and controlling things she can really relax and she becomes a magnet to attract what she needs. Yogi Bajjan said one of my favorite quotes a woman there are two ways a woman can live she can either relax and attract or hustle and hassle that says it all right there and he said if a woman sits with her hands folded in her lap every single day multiple times a day and just realizes that she is a vast container that contains the whole universe she will never feel weak or have any problems and she will become like a magnet. So learning these sets and these creas and these chants that I've shared with you are a way to learn how to relax and attract. We can do so much more working from our intuition rather than being out in the world overworking, wearing ourselves out, trying to control people, trying to control our partners and our children. We know that doesn't work but what is the answer? The answer is to be more within to focus more on meditating, on rebalancing ourselves, resetting our hormones and really taking care of ourselves with those five pillars of a woman's well-being. Here's another great little tidbit that I'll leave you with. He said there are three things that will break a woman down and they're called the three C's. I actually added one more on so it's the four C's. Comparing, competing, complaining and criticizing. When a woman does any of those four things it zaps her life force and we get to learn how to replace those four things that we all do right at different times with being content, with being contained, meaning containing our energy, with being compassionate and with commitment. Commitment is step one to the seven steps to happiness and our commitment is our daily practice. When we focus in on our daily practice and we do our sadhana, which means daily spiritual practice, we are much more in the flow of the divine. We are more in the relax and attract mode and less grasping and controlling and then complaining about everything. I really invite you to just think about those things and do these practices with that in mind and allow your true power to come online. All the greatest spiritual teachers of these times have said the same thing. When women come back into their true power the men will line up and the violence will stop. So it is up to us. It is up to us to on this day and every day to really do the work we know we must do not only for ourselves but for our whole lineage for seven generations behind us and for the seven generations coming in front of us to do this work to realign ourselves so that one day we may have peace on the planet and peace in our hearts and it all begins within us and it all begins at home. So if we can just bring these practices in inside of our homes, inside of our lives, we really have a chance at shifting this consciousness. I hope this helps. Please stay with us, join us for a practice and let's really have an experience together and feel uplifted. Sat Naam.


Jenny S
I’m looking forward to sharing this with my daughter, son, and husband ❤️
Laura M
Thank you for teaching!!!
Kirrily H
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I would love to do a course in womens' kundalini yoga by you on yoga anytime :) I love this lesson and would love more! Thankyou so much
Narayan T
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This was so wonderful! And I pretty much cried my way through the entire thing Thank you. 
Stacie thanks for sharing your open heart! Warmly, Ashley
Anna S
I love this! It explains so much and makes so much sense :) 

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