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Kundalini Rising

Season 1

Sukhdev Jackson


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Emily Perry
I am so excited for this-- thank you!!!
Megan G
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Yes! Thank you for bringing kundalini to Yoga Anytime!
Margaret W
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Deep Gratitude for this series. Thank you! Palms joined.
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Really enjoying and looking forward to more
Kira Sloane
Jasmine , fantastic! Yes, more seasons coming! xok
Kristin C
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Yes please, more seasons!
Rebecca H
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This is what I was looking for!! More please.
Vahid N
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Love it! It would be so awesome if you could add more practices :)
Would love captions added to this please : )
Tara Nadia S
Love these practices! I hope there will be more to come. Love and gratitude ❤️
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