Aligned and Awake Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Shoulder Deepening

45 min - Practice


With the help of props, Nathan guides us in a practice to find deep opening in the shoulders and chest. You will feel a deep sense of awareness and spaciousness.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block

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Jan 08, 2019
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Creating space. Perhaps that what the spiritual project is all about! "Space is the architecture of compassion." (Richard Freeman)
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Thanks Nathan for sharing your wisdom and this practice. My “wing span” grew about 4 inches or more and there was more space for my breath. I could feel the energy within me at the end of the practice - my cells felt alive. Many 🙏
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That created such a keen awareness of my shoulders and upper back areas. I keep wanting to fold those wings toward the midline throughout the day.
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Thank you! It he stretches hit the spots that needed opening. I enjoyed your pace, and held some stretches longer. Peace
Brenda S those are some of my favorite shoulder stretches. I’m glad you enjoyed them as well :)
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Hi Nathan, decided to do this practice again because I just got finished with two hours of cutting wood and using a chainsaw. I love the exercise where you kneel and lean back on your hands. It really opened up my forearms. I applied the strength and alignment lessons to this lesson and found that I get more stability. And, from the strength and alignment class, I didn’t realize how much we were tightening our quadriceps, until I got up this morning. My body thanks you. Namaste
Brenda S, that is really awesome that you combined the lessons!!! I’m with you on the shoulder stretch you mention. Feels great on the chest and arms. 
I’m excited to hear what else you discover in your class combinations 😃
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Hi Nathan I just have one question. My shoulders roll forward extremely bad. When I was younger ages 13 thru 19 I tried to hide my upper body until my breast reduction at 19. I’ve never noticed how bad they were until I started stretching and working them. Are there alterations to poses that you do. Some of them are difficult for me but I want the opening effect from the poses. Thank you kindly for your time and wonderful class!! Light and Love
Brittany M, sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, there are modifications we can try to help give you more access to these poses. 
Can you help me by telling me which poses are giving you trouble? 
Also, it is my common experience that the shoulders may not be the prime problem. Rather it is a stiff spine and rib cage that restrict the shoulders from full movement. That said, let me know which poses we should take a look at and I’ll send some tips to make them more accessible :)

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