Aligned and Awake Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Lower Back Relief

45 min - Practice


Nathan guides us in an integrated practice that builds heat and opening in the body for deep back-bending postures. We move through variations of Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations), warrior postures, inversions, and balancing postures. You will recognize the stillness within.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (3), Block (2)

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Such a powerful practice! As usual, your gentle voice somehow makes even back bending at the crack of dawn plausible. Before I knew it it was time for one of your lovely nurturing savasanas. Iā€™m feeling grounded and ready to take on the day! šŸŒŸ
Ahhh! Backbends. Such a great way to start the day. Nice to hear from you Jenny.
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Wonderful, once again. Thank you
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Loving the focus on lengthening and creating that solid sacrum position. Thanks for another wonderful session!
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Wonderful like all your classes! thank you
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Nice sequencing to Natarajasana! The cueing for dropping the sacrum down was helpful too. Question: I think you said that in the sphinx/cobra sequence, avoid clenching the gluteus maximus - okay - but did you say to engage deeper muscles? Which deeper muscles were you referring to?
Kate, glad you liked it! The glute max will contract but it is the glute med and hamstrings that we want to lead the way. If the glutes dominate the buttock contraction they will force the thighs into external rotation and it makes more difficult to move the sacrum properly. The glute med and hams leading the way lessens the external rotation action and gives greater awareness and access to the proper movement of the sacrum and tailbone-> toward the heels. This action helps to avoid excessive compression of the low back in the backbends. I hope this helps! Just ask if you need more clarity.
Again, Nathan, thank you! Your excellent instruction helped me correct the pelvic tilt that I have (apparently) been doing wrong for years. What a difference it makes.... gratitude. 
Lorrie! šŸ™
Thank you for sharing your experience :)
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Beautiful sequencing and such clear instructions. The whole glute-clarification (that may be the first time I've ever used that phrase) immediately changed the backbending experience. I appreciate the pace and presence as well.
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