Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Go-to Sequence v.5

30 min - Practice


With an invitation to stoke the internal fire and build heat in the body, Brenda guides us through a 30-minute go-to sequence to find strength and energy.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome back. We're going to head to the top of the mat to dive right in. Good. Starting again, interlace the hands, press the palms down, lift the arms up, soften the shoulders, dip to the right. Let your inhale bring you back up to center, strong through the feet, exhale, dip to the left. Inhale, center, exhale, let the arms swim back behind you. Interlace the hands soft through the elbows, exhale, fold forward, bending the knees as the chest comes to the thighs. See if you can let the head go. Exhale, release the fingertips down to the floor, bend the knees even deeper, tuck the chin and start to roll up. Let it be slow and yummy. The arms come all the way up again, interlace the thumbs, pull the hands apart, exhale, dip to the right. You can add that little hip bump to the right. Inhale, center, dip to the left, add the little hip bump to the left. Inhale, center, let the arms again swim back behind you, interlace the hands, heart lifts, exhale, fold forward again, bend the knees, chest moves towards the thighs. Exhale, let the hands come down towards the floor, bend the knees deeply as we rise up into chair pose, let the arms come up to frame the ears, peel up hips, heart, shoulders softened. Inhale, stand all the way up, hands come to heart and pause for a moment in mountain pose and take time to reconnect to your breath. Moving right into our lunge sequence, inhale, take the arms up, exhale, fold forward. Inhale, lift the heart, exhale, left leg back, runner's lunge. Heart comes forward, draw the right hip back and take a few moments here to find strength, stability, but then also that softness of the heart and the shoulders and the eyes. Got palms pressed down, step back, downward facing dog. When you land, feel free to find stillness or a little wiggle, side to side. Feel a connection of your hands and your feet pressing equally. Good, on this round, left foot comes forward, runner's lunge, heart comes forward, fire up through the back leg, find the stability again through the legs, the feet and the lightness through the heart. Inhale, bring the right foot to meet left, exhale, fold in. Inhale, rise up, chair pose, a little bit of heat here again, stack hips and heart. Inhale, arms come up, exhale, hands to the heart and we'll move right into our second lunge series, inhale, take the arms up, exhale, fold forward. Inhale, halfway lift, take the right leg back, runner's lunge, we know this, left hand to the hip, draw the left hip back, bring the right hand under the right shoulder. Start spiraling into our lunge twist. Lift the heart, spiral the right ribs under. Exhale, bring the left hand down to frame the left foot, lower the right knee down, setting up a low lunge and then right back into a half split. So this is kind of where we'll just tease ourselves into that lunge on the inhale and then exhale, that sweet counter pose for the hamstring. One more inhale, come forward, exhale, hamstring stretch. Good, come forward, low lunge and land here. Let the hands come up onto the thighs. Options stay here. We're to bring the arms up and we're going to find that sum hook. Lift the chest, lift the hips, arms reach back like a gentle magnet of the left sit bone moving towards the left heel. Just like we did in the beginning, let the arms swim back behind you. Interlace the hands, draw the low ribs in, sink back into your lunge. Exhale, release the hands down to the floor. Curl the back, toes under, shift the hips back, take the left toes up, a little counter pose. Good, then slide forward through your lunge and right back into downward facing dog. Take a few beats here, again, either a little wiggle or you can find stillness. When you're ready, inhale, take the right leg forward. Find your runner's lunge. We'll start with the right thumb in the right hip pocket. Draw the hip back and then articulate the shoulder blades down your back. Right arm comes up, slide the shoulder blades down the back. Maybe a little back bend as you draw the chin in. Exhale, right hand comes the floor, left knee down and then we're just going to slide right back into the hamstring stretch. So with our breath dancing between this low lunge on the inhale, come forward. Exhale back, toes up. Inhale, come forward. Exhale back. Last one, pause in the low lunge.

Let the hands come up to the thighs. Options stay here or take the arms up to frame the ears. Find the interlace of the thumbs again. Pull the hands apart to find spaciousness through the low back, spaciousness through the front body. You can feel that magnet action of the right sit bone moving towards the right heel and let the arms relax down behind you. Maybe find that goofy interlace as you draw the fist down. Release the hands down to frame the front foot. Curl the back toes under as you shift the hips back, half split pose as the toes lift up. Take the heart towards the toes, pull the right hip back, elongate through the right leg. Excellent. Come through your runner's lunge. Left foot meets right as we come forward. Exhale, fold in. Inhale, rise up, chair pose. Let the sit bones dip down, sit bones lift up. On your inhale, press up, hands to heart. Pause here in mountain pose. Allowing your stance to find groundedness. Feeling your belly center to bring you right here into this moment. Good. Standing wide onto our mat, go ahead and take the left leg back, feet parallel, hands on hips that stand up nice and tall. On an exhale, let the hands slide down the thighs to the shins and then just begin to shift side to side with your hips. For this variation, you can start to let the hands slide out if it feels like an invitation to go a little deeper. Toes can stay down or start to shift up. Just investigating the inner thighs. And then bring the hands back to the shins, bend the knees deeply and inhale, roll up if this feels good to you. Low back, middle back, upper back, shoulders, ahead. Warrior two, right toes face the front. Left heel back, take a little wider stance. Arms reach up and then on inhale, lengthen. We're going to go three times. Exhale, right in. Arms long, shoulders soft. In. Exhale, warrior two. One more. Inhale. Exhale, warrior two, pause here. Three breaths. If you want a little bit more fire, let that right sit bones sink a little bit deeper towards the right heel, but it's a choose your own adventure. No need if you don't feel like it. Good. On an inhale, come on back up. Turn the right toes in, left toes out, warrior two. Kind of find it first. Good. Inhale, come up. Exhale, in. Right leg strong. Inhale, lengthen the front leg. Exhale, warrior two. In. This next one we hold. Exhale, warrior two. Arms long. Let that left sit bone dip down a little bit towards the left heel. Find your core center. Good. Inhale, left leg long. Toes turn in.

On an inhale, take the heart up a little bit higher. Take the arms behind you. Reach for the hands. You can let the shoulders come a little bit forward to get the grasp and then roll the shoulders back. Exhale, soften the knees, strengthen the legs, fold on forward. Down comes downward, hands move up. And release through the head. Shift the sit bones over the heels and then release the hands down. Walk the hands out, coming into hammock pose. Finger pads on the floor, inch, inch, inch forward as the tailbone reaches back. Let the heart soften in the front body as well in the back body. Walking the hands back, toe heel the feet in. And then slowly start to lower your sit bones down towards squat. So the sit bones might come all the way down, they might not. Find your place and pause. Hands might stay on the floor or to heart. See if you can sit up nice and tall and I like to move my chin side to side because I get a little tight through the mouth and the neck. Great. Hands to the floor, hips lift. Keep the knees bent strong through the feet and legs. Let the upper body go, shoulders thunk down towards the ears. Then inhale, pull it up. Pull each vertebrae, each section of your back. Roll the shoulders up and back and pause. Take a moment to again reconnect to the breath. Reconnect to the moment. And then we will move into tree pose. Ground into your left foot. Bring a little kickstand up with your right foot. So choice staying here. You can bring the foot up towards the knee below or above or towards the inner thigh. Very gentle and sweet on the right hip. So any expression you can keep hands on hip to kind of encourage the right hip down, left hip up. Hands can come to heart or arms up overhead. See if you can keep growing your pose. Enjoy a little wobble, a little breeze. And exhale, release. Let the right knee come forward and then lower down. Feel both feet. Feel your stance and then commit to the right foot. Kickstand the left. Find your place. You can work the foot up. Just trying to stay away from the knee. Again, left knee comes a little bit in, left hip in, but legs are strong. And see if you can match what you did on the opposite side with your hands.

Maybe to heart and maybe up. Grow big. Notice where your head is in space and see if you can find a place where it's effortless. A little draw back. And then slowly, left knee comes in, foot to the floor. Take a moment to feel. Back to the top of the mat. We're going to move through a standing pose pattern. Hands to heart. Inhale, take the arms up to frame the ears. Exhale, fold in. Inhale, lift the heart. It's time left leg steps back. Brunner's lunge. Drop the back heel. Find our blueprint form to the thigh, left hand to the hip. So to lengthen through the right leg, find your triangle pose. And we'll start with the arm up. And then from here, a full rotation. Take the arm all the way forward and around. And then we're going to come back forward. Right. Rotate. Left pinky down, left thumb up. Slide the shoulders back. And here we stay for a few breaths. Actives through the legs. Long through the torso. Keep your left arm reaching. Rebend the right knee coming to side angle pose so you can go form to the thigh, right hand behind, right hand in front. Release the arm down towards your back hip. And then again, readjust, reach, and then roll open the shoulders. Sometimes I like to give a little bend through this left elbow. Light through the eyes. Head draws back. Energy all the way down through the outer edge of the back foot. Exhale. Bring the left hand down. Frame the front foot as you come on the back heel, the ball of the back foot. Draw the right hip back and then find a long pyramid pose. So awareness to the right hip drawing back. Maybe a little wiggle, a little relief. Bend the right knee. Lift the back heel. We're going to land it right into twisting lunge here. Right arm lifts. And if it feels good, you can come on the outer edge of the right foot, taking the right knee a little further. Maybe a little bit back bend. Arms reaching. Shoulder soft. Right arm up. Bring the right palm down. Step back. Downward facing dog. Feel free to walk it out or find stillness. Like a little wiggle, a little wave through the spine. Walk the feet to the hands. Inhale. Come up halfway. Long spine and exhale. Fold it in. Bend the knees. Inhale. Roll it up slow. Let the upper body be heavy. Shoulders back. Head lifts. Continue with the arms. Right back up. Exhale. Fold in. Inhale. Halfway lift. Exhale. Right leg back. Runner's lunge. And then drop the back heel. We'll find our blueprint with the forearm on the thigh. Right hand to the hip. Slowly start to straighten the left leg. Find triangle and we'll start with the right arm up. Take the right arm forward and swoop it all the way to the back hip. And then we'll come forward again. And as we do, rotate the shoulder where the pinky's down, thumb up. So scooping out the armpit. And then we pause. Notice where the head is in space and maybe draw the chin in a bit.

Continue to soften the shoulders down the back. Exhale. Bend the left knee. Coming into our side angle pose. Keep the right arm long. You choose the hand placement. Inside or outside. The left leg or forearm on the thigh. And exhale. Let the hands swoop back to the hip. And inhale. Come back, readjust. Arm long. Soft through the right elbow. Exhale. Right hand down. Frame the front foot. Lengthen the front leg. Long pyramid pose. See if you can draw the left hip back. And then up to you if you want to drop the back heel. Lift the toes. Draw the heart forward. Soften into the left knee. We'll keep the right hand down, lunge twist. On this side to match the opposite side, choice. You can come on the outer edge of the left foot. Soften the left elbow. Find a little bit more of a back bend spiral. And there's still a press the right thigh up. Right up to you. You can move the head a little bit. Put the right ear drop towards the right shoulder. Good. Lengthen the arm. Bring the left hand down. Inhale. We're going to step back. Right to downward facing dog. Again, finding either stillness or a little bit of wiggle. On an inhale, slide to plank pose. Let the shoulders land right over the wrists. Heels high. Inner thighs draw in. And we'll pause here for a little bit of heat building. So see if you can start to pull heels of the hands towards the toes and toes towards the heels of the hand to turn it up a little bit. Belly button to spine. And then just sweet. Soft right at the base of the neck. The eyes. Gentle gaze. Two more breath. Lovely. Let the knees come down. Hips land over the knees. Inhale. Let the belly soften. Heart high. Exhale. Round. Finding a cat cow. One more inhale. Belly down. Chest lifts. Peel the shoulders back. Exhale. Round. Belly button to spine. And from here, gently let the tailbone drop down towards the heels. Child's pose just for transition. It's a little teaser. And then come on right back up and we'll go right to the belly. Let the forearms land. Elbows under shoulders. Give a little wiggle of the low back. Long through the legs and toes. And inhale. Pull the heart forward for Sphinx pose. Feeling a deep connection. Base of thumb. Base of the pointer fingers.

Feeling a spaciousness through the low back. One more big breath. Exhale. Release. Let the forehead come down. Finger pads under the shoulders to set up our necks. Maybe a little wiggle to release the low back. And then inhale. Reset. Lift up low cobra. Engage the low back. But at the same time we're creating more space through the low back. More space through the front body. Light through the hands but a gentle drawback. Exhale. Release. Adjust the legs. Lift the left leg up a little bit and reach it back. Right leg up a little bit. Reach it back. Inhale. Rise up again. Low cobra. Swoop the arms back by your side. Like the legs. Locust pose. See if you can spiral thumbs up to peel the shoulders back. Light through the low back. Lots of space. Expanding. Trying to get long and higher. Exhale. Release. Let the forehead come down or one ear. Palms down. Again that little wiggle to release. Second locust option of the same action. Lifting up or to interlace as we've been doing throughout our practice. Lift the chest. Draw the shoulders back. One more inhale.

Exhale. Release. Same thing a little wiggle to release. Bend the knees. Draw the heels in. Moving towards bow pose. Reach back. Lift up on an inhale. Exhale. Kick back. The inhale might feel a little bit of a wobble. And the gaze is light. Chinless slightly. One more big breath. Exhale. Release. Give a little wiggle to let go of the low back. And when you're ready pressing back into child's pose. Big toes touch. Forehead comes down. See if you can let go right with gravity. Slowly rise up and come right onto our backs. Slam knees into the chest. Just a little wiggle to release the low back. Feet come to the floor. Root down about hip distance apart. Press through the palms to start to lift the pubic bone. And then flip the palms. Allow your shoulder blades to wiggle under. If it feels good add the interlace. A little space between the floor and the back of the neck. Chin and chest. One more big breath. Keep lifting the sit bones. Release the clasp of your hands. Come onto the balls of the feet and slowly slide the shoulder blades out as you roll down each vertebrae. Yummy. Turning on the core again we're going to lift the knees with the feet. Lift the chest. We'll start right here and press palms into thighs. Thighs into palms. Activate. And then if you want a little bit more lift up even more. Press, press, press, press. See if you can still take full breaths while doing this action. One more big breath. Press, press, press. Exhale. Release. A little wiggle. Good. Begin to rock and roll on the spine to come on up four forward fold. Legs long. Toes lift. Come forward with the heart. Before we settle in inhale take a halfway lift. Exhale. You choose where you like the hands to land on the floor, on the thighs. Maybe the feet. I like to pull the outer edges of my feet back as a little gentle reminder. Get on an inhale. Slowly lift up. Bring the hands to the floor. Bend the knees. Lower yourself on down. Landing right and thread the needle. Take the right leg over the left. Flex the feet. Reach through to hook the back of the thigh. Maybe a little wiggle to settle in. And then gently let the right thigh drape over the left. Eagle legs. Start to spin onto your left side. Let the right palm come on top. And then we'll add the twist. Inhale. Open it up. If you like you can take the left hand on top of the right thigh. Just a gentle adjustment. Unstack the legs. Inhale. Come back up to center. Wiggle. Left leg comes over top. Thread the needle.

Hands come underneath to shin or the back of the thigh. Flex both feet. And then let the left thigh come over top of the right. Eagle legs. Rolling onto the right side. Left arm on top. And then inhale to open it up. You can again let the right hand come on top of the right thigh. Just a gentle adjustment. Rolling back over to your right side. Unstack the legs. Then come on back up. Setting up for a final resting pose. Shavasana. Take the legs long. The arms out in front. Or you could take one hand to the heart one to the belly. Let out a conscious exhale so the shoulders soften. Scanning toes, calves, thighs, belly, heart, shoulders, and face. Soft, soft, soft. Fast, fast, fast. Thank you. Thank you. Just taking a little deeper breath, beginning to move the arms and the legs and big stretch over your head and gentle roll onto one side, keeping the attention turned inward, gently pressing yourself up to a comfortable seat.

We'll meet with hands at heart and just a few beats right here sitting up nice and tall. With so much love and gratitude, thank you. See you soon.


Glenford N
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Thanks Brenda. You always pick up the pace  and create an energised practice.  Felt my legs really fire up during warrior and I appreciate your attention to detail.  Namaste 
Gabriel W
Great practice. Lovely energy. Thank you 
Kate M
So nice to just dip into this now familiar sequence. Lovely!
Sandra Židan
Thanks for this energizing practice, Brenda! Kind regards!
David G-
Great way to wake up. I enjoyed the savasana with well-received silence. The rain was pattering outside, and my cat Cassidy was purring on my bolster. I love how you incorporated the previous sessions today. Best, David 
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Thank you. That was wonderful: grounding, strengthening, attentive. Such a well-rounded practice. 
Lenise Jay
That was great!

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