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Season 1 - Episode 8

Go-to Sequence v.7

30 min - Practice


Energize and strengthen in this 30-minute go-to sequence led by Alana. You will feel spacious and aware.
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Welcome to our go-to practice, same practice new day. Join me at the top of the mat. Let's interlace our fingers, spread the toes with an inhale, stretch the arms up to the sky. It feels so nice. Let's inhale with an exhale over to the right, letting that left side body open. Now bring it back up, exhale to the left right side body open. Inhale back up, exhale release the arms, interlace. Inhale lifting up, exhale forward fold, letting the head release, arms stretch overhead, breathing in, and exhale release. The hands off, bend through the knees, round the spine up, rolling slowly, press through the feet, feeling the heart, shoulders, head. Again interlacing the fingers. This time let's hook the thumbs and with an inhale stretch the arms up to the sky. Inhale and exhale again over to the right, bend the left knee. Inhale bring it up and exhale over to the left, bending the right knee. Inhale up and exhale roll the shoulders forward, interlace, opposite finger on top. Inhale lift, exhale dive forward, head releases, arms stretch overhead. Inhale, exhale soft, bend through the knees, release the hands, chair pose, bend the knees, inhale rise up, yet long drawing the navel towards the spine. Inhale, exhale press through the feet, rise up, lengthen, exhale hands to the heart, moving into our lunge pattern. Inhale arms reach up, exhale dive forward, releasing, inhale lifting halfway, exhale bend the knees, step the left foot back, right knee bends, get long, reaching back, lengthening forward, step back downward, facing dog, pedal the feet, walk it off. As you're ready inhale lift the left leg, exhale bring it through, long lunge, reach back through that right heel, lengthen forward, saw through the eyes, will rock, step the right foot forward, inhale halfway, exhale forward fold, chair, bend the knees strong through the legs, inhale arms frame the ears, draw the navel towards the spine, breathing in, exhale press through the feet, rise up, exhale hands to the heart, moving right in, inhale arms reach up, exhale forward fold, releasing the head, inhale lifting, exhale step the right foot back, left knee bends, twisting lunge, inhale reach the left arm up, reaching from the heart into both hands, find a place where your neck feels good, inhale exhale release, lower the right knee down for a lunge, inhale let's draw the hips back, come on to that left heel, exhale lunge, two more inhale drop back, exhale lunge, inhale drop back, exhale lunge stay low or rise up hands on the thighs, might reach the arms up, hook the thumbs again with an inhale lift up, this time take it over to the left a little bit letting that right side body open, inhale bring it back up, exhale release the hands interlace behind the back, inhale lifting up through the heart, exhale release the hands, draw the hips back again, then that left knee tuck the toes under, lift the back leg, step back downward facing dog, walking the feet, as you're ready inhale lift the right leg, exhale step it through, twisting lunge, left on the floor, inhale right arm reaches up, reach back lengthen for let it feel good breathing, inhale exhale release the right hand, we'll lower the left knee down, inhale draw the hips back, come on to the right heel, exhale lunge, two more inhale pull it back, exhale sink in, one more inhale, exhale lunge stay low or rise up, lifting up into low crescent, hooking the thumbs with an inhale wiggle up, pull the thumbs apart, maybe lengthen over to the right, feeling that left side body stretch, inhale back up to center, exhale release the arms, interlace opposite knuckle, inhale opening the shoulders, lifting the chest, exhale release the hands, tuck the back toes, lift the back leg and step the left foot forward to meet the right, inhale half arch, exhale forward fold, bend the knees for chair pose, inhale reaching up the length and strong through your legs, with an exhale press through the feet, reach the arms up and exhale hands to the heart, taking a moment to pause, feeling your heartbeat, heat, let's step wide, hands on the hips, inhale find length through the spine, exhale forward fold nice and easy, hands slide down the legs, releasing the head, bend the right knee shift the hips to the right, bend the left knee shift the hips to the left, find it on your own side to side, so waking up the inner leg lines, the hips in preparation for our warrior two, soft bend through the knees, if it feels good roll and round your spine up, feeling the heart, the shoulders and your head warrior two to the right, left foot in, right foot out, bend the right knee and then reach the arms out, taking a moment to settle into your right hip and your legs for warrior dance, three rounds, inhale press into the ball the right foot, arms reach up, exhale open wide warrior two, two more, exhale warrior two, last one inhale, exhale open wide, hold for three breaths, finding that ease through your neck, thaw through the eyes, press into the ball the right foot, reach the arms up, turn the right foot in, left foot out, sink down, bend the left knee, take a moment feeling into your legs, your left hip, as you're ready warrior dance, inhale press into the ball the left foot, arms reach up, legs straightens, exhale open wide, warrior two, two more inhale, exhale last one inhale, exhale pause for three, press into the ball the left foot, reach the arms up, bring both feet in, you might toe heel them a little closer together, inhale reach the arms out, roll the shoulders forward, interlace like we've done before, inhale lifting up, when you're ready exhale hinge at the hips forward fold, arms might stretch up out and over, gently releasing the hands to the sacrum down to the floor, walk them out for hammock, spread the fingers reaching the hips away from the hands softening the heart towards the earth, long through the neck for three breaths, moving towards squat pose, hands underneath the shoulders toe heel the feet a little closer together and then bend your knees slow, feeling into the hips, hands might find each other, settling in for a few breaths, check in with the mouth, jaw, the eyes, forward fold, hands towards the earth toe heel the feet a little closer, soft bend through the knees forward fold, as you're ready we'll round our spine up again, bending the knees slow, feeling the heart and feeling the head, let the palms open, mountain pose, here we are settling, I feel a softening exhale down through the belly, the feet, a few more moments here, being into trees shifting the weight into the right foot and hip, let the left hip open, they might be heel towards the inner ankle, maybe the calf or the thigh and joining the hands together or reaching them up towards the sky, nice, feeling that wobbling through the body, yeah, nice hands to the heart, as you're ready release, feeling the weight in both feet, might rock a little side to side, as you're ready shift into your left foot and hip, letting the right hip open, notice what you prefer to do on this side, join the hands together and settling into your tree pose, notice the quality of your breath, your gaze and the hands might stay where they are, you might find some extension reaching the arms up, feeling the energy of the shape as it moves, beautiful, helps to smile with this, inhale, exhale, join the hands together at the heart and then stand on both feet and notice how you feel, let's put it together at the top of our mat, find your way there, spread your toes, hands together at the heart, let's take a clearing breath, inhale and exhale, as you're ready inhale circle the arms up to the sky, with an exhale forward fold, hinge at the hips, releasing the head and the hands, with an inhale half arch, find some length, exhale bend your knees, step the left foot all the way back, blueprint side angle, right knee bends, pivot onto the outer left edge, left hand on your hip, right forearm rises up onto the five for triangle pose, pressing into the ball of the right foot, sliding the right hand down, wherever feels right, left arm might reach up towards the sky for five breaths, from your triangle bring the top hand onto the hip, bend your right knee again, you might prop yourself up for extended side angle, so right forearm onto the thigh or maybe the hand on the floor, if it would feel good you might sweep your arm overhead framing the ear and find a bit of length through here, five breaths, you might play with kind of feeling the ribcage revolve a little bit towards the sky, just finding a place where that the hand feels good, as you're ready we'll release the left hand down, spin onto the ball of the back foot for a nice long pyramid, you might press into the ball that right foot, right leg straightens, feels nice, moving into our twisting lunge, bending the front knee, left hand on the earth and we'll inhale reach the right arm up for twisting lunge, then reaching from your heart into both hands, let it feel good in your neck, you might play with bending and straightening that front knee a few times, and then releasing the right hand down, step back downward facing dog, pedal the feet, walk it off, and then walking the feet towards the hands, nice and easy, inhale half arch, exhale forward fold, strong through the legs, inhale circle the arms up to the sky, we're gonna draw the hands back to the heart and forward fold again, releasing the head in the hands, inhale half arch, exhale bend the knees, step the right foot back, left knee bends, blueprint, pivot onto the outer edge of the right foot, right hand on the hip, left forearm rises up onto the thigh, triangle pose, press into the ball that left foot, slide the hand down, lining your spot, and then top arm reaches up towards the sky, five breaths, gradually bending that left knee, left forearm onto the left thigh, right hand might come on to your right hip, if you'd like to sweep the arm in front of the face and overhead for extended side angle, we'll take five breaths here, rooting through the outer edge of that right foot, you might play with inviting the ribcage to revolve towards the sky, sinking down into the left hip, nice inhale, exhale release the right arm down, hands to the earth, spin onto the ball, the back foot, long pyramid stretch, free that left leg and hamstrings, wiggle a little bit, twisting lunge, right hand on the earth will inhale, reach that left arm up to the sky, oh it feels so good, you might stay here, you might bend and straighten a few times with that left leg, and then release the left hand down, and we'll step back down, we're facing dog, taking about three breaths here, letting the heels get heavy towards the earth, as you're ready playing pose and inhale forward, shift the shoulders over the wrists and reach back through your heels, lengthen forward, let's take five breaths here, building heat, drawing the navel towards the spine, one, two, three, four and five, lower the knees, nice cat cow, inhale lengthening, dropping the belly, exhale round and stretch the back, the inhale bring you into an extension, lengthening, and exhale round, take one more inhale lengthening, exhale round, pressing back towards child's pose for a moment, softening the hips towards the heels, forehead towards the earth, reaching the arms out, inhale rise up, we'll lower down for our back bending sequence, thanks pose, coming up onto the forearms, and you might find some traction through the back as you use your forms to draw the heart forward, easy through the eyes, you might play with softening some of the effort through the buttocks, through the legs, lengthening a bit out of the lower back, as few moments internally feeling a exhale, and then slow lowering down, bringing the hands right in line with the shoulders, elbows in for a cobra, as you're ready, I want an inhale lifting up through the chest, drawing the elbows in, wide through the collarbones, inhale with an exhale leading with your heart lowering down forehead or cheek to the earth, nice full exhale, and as you're ready inhale lifting up, this time moving in the direction of the locust, reaching the fingers towards the toes, spinning the thighs in, inhale drawing the back body in towards your spine, and you might lean a little bit side to side, reaching through the fingers, the toes, and inhale rising up, exhale melting towards the earth, forehead or ear, nice full exhale to release, a second round you might interlace your fingers around the sacrum, and with an inhale rising up towards locust, lifting the chest, lifting the legs with enthusiasm, finding that internal rotation through the thighs, and breathing long through the neck, and with an exhale lowering down to the earth. For this last round you might find locust, you might move towards bow pose and join me bending your knees, hands find the tops of the feet or the ankles perhaps knees about hips distance apart, and with an inhale lifting the chest just like locust, cobra, lifting the legs, and then kicking the feet into the hands, you might rock a little bit forward and back, and when you're ready nice and slow releasing, nice full exhale, it might feel good to shim your hips a little side to side, getting your way back into child's pose, bring the hands underneath you, press your way up and round, round your way back, and take a few full breaths here releasing the back, you're welcome to stay here a bit longer, when you're ready join me on your back, finding our bridge, draw the knees into the chest, feels so good, feet down to the floor setting up for bridge, arms down alongside the body, as you're ready inhale curl the tailbone, press through the feet, lift your pelvis up, and you might press your hands into the floor, you might roll tucking your shoulders underneath your back, and then lifting your heart towards your chin, soft through the eyes, softening through the buttocks a bit, feeling the work through the legs, you feel ready to release, we'll stretch our arms up to the sky, lift the heels up, round the upper back and roll the spine down, like a wave to the sand and pause, now for some abdominals, draw the knees up like you're sitting in a chair, press the hands into your knees, knees into your hands, you might stay here drawing the navel towards the spine, you might draw the chin in, lift up and then press, press press, it helps to smile and laugh a little bit, ah lowering down as you're ready, knees into chest, we did it, we did some abdominals, let's rock up and release the back, take a moment, feeling your sitting bones lengthen and slide the hands down the legs, you might stay long and lengthen, it might feel good to round and stretch your back for a few breaths, extending some energy, your attention, your breath into the back body and you feel ready, slow rounding, rolling your way up and we'll round our way to the earth, setting up, feet down to the floor, right ankle on top of the left thigh, letting that right hip open and lifting the left foot up, weave that right hand through, finding the back of the thigh or shin for reverse pigeon, eye of the needle shape, you might lob a little bit side to side, notice the quality of your breath here in this shape, breathing in and exhale, releasing the hands, we'll continue to wrap that top right leg around, eagle wrap, spinal twist, roll onto the left side, stack the arms with the top right arm open, might keep the arm out to the side, it might feel good to stretch and reach that top right arm more at a diagonal shape, that space between the eyebrows, the back of the neck, slow as you're ready, unwrap your legs, lead with the top right leg, let the bottom follow, little side to side, down to the floor, left ankle on top of that right, let the hip open, draw that right knee in, weave the left hand through, eye of the needle shape, little side to side, softening through the eyes, the jaw, the fingers, still allowing the hip to release at its own pace, some timing, when you're ready releasing the hands, we'll continue to the eagle wrap, spinal twist, top left leg wrapping, roll onto your right side and then let that top arm move across and open, and as you settle you might stay here, it might feel nice to stretch that left arm out, overhead or an angle, when you're ready with that just releasing the top leg unwrap and then come all the way back up, let's do one final knees and a chest rock from side to side and then stretching out for Shavasana, any support that would feel nice for you under your legs, might interlace your fingers, lift your head, just lengthen the back of the neck as you lower down, allowing yourself to take up space, and allowing the earth to have you, and as you know your welcome to stay here as long as you like, when you feel ready to invite movement back in it might feel good to lengthen, bending your knees and roll to a side, lingering as long as you'd like, pressing yourself up when you feel ready, let's come into a comfortable cozy seat, we'll join our hands together, breathing in and exhale, namaste, thank you so much for your practice.


Jenny S
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Version 7 is still feeling fresh...AND I got that bonus “free chiropractic adjustment” during the supine twists! 👍
Carol W
My video will not play every time I hit the play button it won't play I restarted my phone could you please help me
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Hi Carol, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing that! I'm reaching out to you in a private message to help troubleshoot. 

< div>Thanks,
Ashley from Yoga Anytime
Glenford N
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Another lovely routine full of sighs laughter and smiles.  I learnt to do tree pose with a grin, found a few extra extensions and a feeling of grace ease and spaciousness.  Thanks  Alana, your enthusiasm is infectious. Namaste. 
Alana Mitnick
So glad you enjoyed the (your) practice, Glenford! Yes... sighs and laughter do happen from time to time.    I (we) appreciate your sharing, presence and encouragement. Namaste. 
Gabriel W
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Version 6 then 7 straight away felt great. Doing the same thing helps me focus on my focus... Thank you. 
Alana Mitnick
Haha... well said, Gabriel! That's exactly it. We're so happy to hear that you are into the Go-To sequence and get it. Let us know how we might fine tune the sequence for Season 2. Anything you'd like to see added? Enjoy your practice, Alana
Gabriel W
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Alana Mitnick
Got it! Thank you, Gabriel
Kate M
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Alana Mitnick maybe subsequent seasons could add a particular focus...?  As Gabriel said, inversions, or maybe core, twists... Maybe you could take this sequence, and with each iteration add a little mini-focus (inversions, etc.).
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