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Season 1 - Episode 7

Go-to Sequence v.6

30 min - Practice


Open your heart while finding expansion, length, and ease in this 30-minute go-to sequence led by Rosemary.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome back, my friends, let's go to it. Meet me at the front of the mat, feet together or about hips distance, and then take a nice big inhale, reaching the arms out and up, interlace the fingers and exhale, press the palms to the sky. Exhale, lengthen and exhale, ease to the right, breathing into the left side body. Inhale back to center and exhale, ease to the left, breathing into the right side. And then inhale, draw it back up with your exhale, reach the arms behind the back, interlace the fingers, inhale, heart wide open and exhale, gently fold forward with a soft bend in the knees, letting the head be heavy.

Sending breath and energy into the shoulders, big inhale, and with your exhale, release the hands to the earth, keep the soft bend in the knees and inhale, roll directly all the way back to stand, exhaling, rolling the shoulders down the back. This time, inhale, reach the arms out and up, and with your exhale, hook the thumbs and go directly to the right, more breath in the left side. Inhale center, exhale to the left, let it be, effortless and sweet. Inhaling back to center, exhale, reach back behind again, take your other thumb on top, shift the pattern, inhale, heart opening, exhale, releasing back into that fold, soft through the neck and the jaw, eyes in the mind, inhaling, exhaling, release arms to the earth, heel to the feet together if they're wide, take a nice deep bend in the knees and inhale, chair pose, strong foundation and center tall spine, and then inhale to rise, lifting tall, and exhale, hands home to the heart, directly into some lunge salutes, inhale, reach out and up, and exhale, bow out and down, inhale, lengthen halfway and exhale, step your left foot back, nice long stance and energy out through the left heel, out through the heart, kind of easing into it, noticing what's present in your body in this moment, this practice, root the hands, exhale, simply step back, downward facing dog, three breaths, you can pedal the feet, maybe sway the hips a little side to side, still just arriving and warming into the body. And with your next inhale, reach the left leg to the sky, and with your exhale, float that foot forward, lunging into your second side, extending through heart and back heel, easing down a little through the hips, hmm, yeah, checking in, nice big inhale here, and with your exhale, float the right foot forward to the front of the mat, forward fold, inhale to lengthen halfway, exhale back into your fold, bend the knees, inhale, chair pose, and exhale, stand directly into mountain, again, inhale, reach, arms out and up, exhaling, bow out and down, inhale halfway, this time exhale, step the right foot back, root that right hand, and then reach, left arm to the sky, twisting lung, strong back leg, wide open heart, take a nice big inhale, and exhale, release, left hand down, back knee down, hips pull straight back, inhale come forward, bending the front knee, lift the heart, exhale, draw it back, loving on that left leg, inhale forward, exhale back, once more, inhale forward, and exhale back, this time inhale come forward, you're welcome to stay low, hands on the earth or the front thigh, or you can reach all the way up, finding that hook of the thumbs again and extending the heart to the sky, offering it up, nice big inhale, exhale, reach behind the back, clasp the hands, one more big inhale, offer it up, exhale, release, hands to the earth, hips pull straight back, and then simply inhale come forward, exhale tuck the back toes and step straight back into your downward facing dog, inhale right leg goes to the sky, exhale step it forward, ground the left hand, inhale right arm up into your twisting lung, inside, expansion and opening, and then exhale release, right hand down, lower the back knee, pull the hips straight back, inhale come forward, bending the front knee, exhale, draw it back, bending the flow, inhale easing forward, exhale floating back, inhale forward, exhaling back, this time inhale forward, stay low, hands on the earth or the front thigh, or inhale reach all the way up, find that hook of the thumbs, and reach through the heart, maybe welcoming and intention in for your practice today, and then exhale reach back, clasp the other thumb on top, big inhale, exhale hands to the earth, hips pull back, one more breath into the hamstring muscles, and then inhale simply come forward, exhale tuck the back toes, and step forward, easy fold, inhale halfway, exhale bow, bend the knees, inhale chair pose, and exhale right back home to your mountain, we'll step from here into our wide stance, so left foot back and then just turn to the side of the mat, hands to the hips, drop the tailbone, inhale lift the front body, and exhale soft, bend the knees just roll on down to the earth, and then turn the right toes out a little bit, bend that right knee to the right, waking up that inner line of the left leg, inhale center, exhale over to the left, find your own depth here, breathing into the inner edge of the right leg, inhale center, exhale right, inhale center, and exhale left, inhale back to center, grounding here on your exhale soft, bend in the knees, inhale simply roll it all the way back to stand, exhale ground, and then we'll turn it to the right for warrior two, sitting down into it, and then inhale rise, exhale open and bend, inhale reach the arms up, exhale extend out wide once again, inhale rise, exhale extend, and then just holding steady, feel the strength, the energy of your warrior, as you inhale lengthen that right leg, and as you exhale simply turn it over to the left, finding your warrior two, second side, dancing with the breath, inhale rise, exhale deepen, enjoy that flow, inhale and exhale once more, inhaling and exhaling and then just being in it, enjoying the pose, give it another breath, inhale lengthen your left leg, and again exhale turn the feet to parallel, hands to the hips, inhale lifting through the heart, clasp the hands behind the back, and exhale ease into the fold, feel so good on the shoulders, sending the breath there, let the weight of the head go, let's stay in the fold, with the exhale release the hands to the earth, inhale come halfway up and then exhale walk the arms out, release your heart to the earth, hammock pose, a gesture of surrendering, offering, just letting it go, and then inhale walking the hands back in, as you exhale you start to walk the feet in towards one another and then ease down into a yogi squat, find your sweet spot and then draw the hands to the heart encouraging the lift and the opening of that heart center, give it a breath, dropping back down inside and then back into your fold, hands to the ear cell, the hips to the sky, turn the feet to parallel, about hips distance, with your next inhale simply roll all the way back to stand, coming into your mountain pose, as you exhale releasing the shoulders, palms wide open, neck and jaw soft, enjoy a breath or two here, checking in with how you feel, we'll shift into tree pose, ground down through your right foot, pick up your left, any placement of that left foot, if you're wobbly today keep it low or maybe even use the wall, hands to the hips to the heart or big inhale as you reach the sky, palms press or wide, big inhale and exhale, float it back to the earth, shake it out a little bit, roll the shoulders, ground through your left foot, pick up your right again, any variation, it's always always what feels good, what serves your body, hands to hips or heart or reach, arms to sky, let its sway, keep coming home to your own center, inhaling together and with your exhale release, shake it out a little, roll the shoulders a little and we'll meet at the top of a mat, getting strong, hands to the heart, let's keep exploring some standing poses, so inhale reaching arms out and up, exhale, float out and down, inhale halfway, with your exhale step that left foot back again, this time spinning the left heel down to the earth, coming into a gentle side angle, so right forearm to right thigh, left hand to the hip, circle of the rib cage rolling open, keep that left hand on the hip or you can reach it up and over, just a breath here and then gently transitioning into triangle, inhale lengthen the right leg, exhale ground the right hand wherever it feels good and then extend out on the inhale through the left fingertips and with your exhale extend the left arm up and over for an extended triangle, rooting through the left heel, feel the space you're opening, you're creating in that left side body, gaze wherever you'd like, three more breaths, expanding out in all directions and then we'll return to side angle, stay with forearm to thigh variation or plant the right hand outside of the right foot, reach even more through the left fingertips, pressing through the left heel and three more breaths.

Take a big inhale, as you exhale reach that left arm back and then just let it float down inside of the right foot, spin the left heel up, step in just a smidge, inhale extend through the heart and exhale fold a really wide long pyramid and keep the gaze towards the right big toe or let the head release, one more breath and then bending the right knee, rooting the left hand, inhale reach the right arm up, we're coming back into our twisting lunge, enjoying even more space and maybe some more vitality here as the body warms, big inhale, exhale release the right hand down, step directly back into downward facing, saw through the neck, take one breath and then as you inhale walking the feet towards the front of the mat as you arrive, lengthen it out halfway and exhale, release back into your fold, rising all the way up, inhale reach the arms to the sky, let's dive right back down on the exhale into the fold, from here inhale halfway up long spine and with your exhale step the right foot to the back of the mat, spin the right heel down, easy side angle, resting left forearm to thigh, drawing right hand to hip, roll the circle of the ribcage open, welcome to keep the right hand there or reach it up and over, feel that expanse, one breath and then inhaling lengthen the left leg, place the left hand wherever it serves for triangle second side, extend through the right fingertips, big inhale, you're welcome to stay there or reach right arm up and over, breathing into that beautiful line of energy out through the right fingertips and all the way down through the right heel, three more breaths, enjoying the space in the body and then back into side angle, stay with that gentle variation forearm to thigh or plant left hand outside of left foot, keep extending through right fingertips, longer and longer, one more breath, big inhale, exhale, reach the right arm back and then just let it float down inside of the left foot, spin the right heel up, step that foot in just a little nice long pyramid stance, lengthen on the inhale and deepen on the exhale, gaze towards left big toe or let the head be heavy, gaze up towards the navel, melting down, letting go. With your inhale, simply bend the left knee, root the right hand and come into that twisting lunge, radiating out from the inside, right from the center of the heart, one more breath, with the exhale, release left hand of the earth, step it all the way back, downward facing dog, long spine, sweet breath, let your inhale carry you forward into a plank pose and let's pause here, shoulders over wrists, deep belly in and up, keeping that sense of ease, building the strength, building a little internal heat without struggle or strain, being with it, three, two, with your exhale, release the knees to the earth and let's take just a few cycles of cat cow, inhale, lift tailbone, heart gaze, exhale, round, release the head, belly to spine, inhale, ripple up, lifting through the heart, exhale round, so simple, so good, once again inhale, lifting the heart and exhaling round, back to neutral, just for a moment, sink hips to heels and let yourself drop into child, one breath and laying it all down and then inhale, ripple back to the hands and the knees and with your exhale, let yourself ease all the way down onto the belly, moving into some back bending here, extending the forearms out, rooting through the elbows, coming into Sphinx pose, legs strong, back muscles strong, shoulders down the back, just saying hello to the back bending, easing into it mindfully, nice big inhale and as you exhale, let yourself melt down and release for a breath, from here we'll shift into cobra, hands outside of the ribcage with your inhale, again rise, back muscles engaging, shoulders soft and just take over to your own edge, low, medium, high, doesn't matter, what evolves from the inside, big inhale, exhale again, let yourself melt down to the earth and then take the arms alongside the body, let's come into locust, simple, simple variation, just draw the legs up, lifting strong through the back, arms rising, heart shining out, three, two, exhale again, melt to the earth, reconnect, lay it down, this time, locust with the hands clasped behind the back, either thumb on top, maybe shift your traditional pattern, inhale rise, lift the legs, lift the heart, breathing, breathing, breathing, three, exhale melting and releasing, finding the surrender in this moment, your choice, return to either locust variation or bow pose, bend the knees, reach back, feet or ankles and then make it an offering, inhale rise, lifting through the heart center, breathing into this deep, sweet back bend, big inhale, let yourself melt back to the earth, hands outside of the rib cage, inhale lift your hands and your knees and exhale back to child, we can stay a little longer this time, lay it down and enjoy a full three breaths here, just this and then you inhale, lift to the hands and the knees, exhale, we're just going to shift down and roll all the way onto the back, when you land, hug your knees in towards your chest, wrap the arms around the legs rocking a little side to side, then plant the feet, arms alongside the body, simple bridge pose, so pressing through the feet, tuck the tailbone a little and then lift the hips straight up to the sky, arms at rest or hands at release under the back, nice and warm after the back bending on the belly, allowing the body to just enjoy this, one more breath and then exhale, release, come on down, again drawing the knees in towards the chest and then we'll keep the legs lifted just a little love for the core, so legs kind of at a 90 degree angle, hands pressing into the thighs, belly draws towards the spine engaging the core, you're welcome to stay there or lift the head and the chest and let it tremble just for three and two, wiggle the toes and gently rock yourself all the way up, simple seated forward fold, find your base, inhale reach, exhale, extend out and down, when you have your grip anywhere, feet, ankles, shins, inhale, heart out and exhale, melt down, full five breaths here, let yourself enjoy, finding the ears and that really sweet kind of nurturing energy of the forward fold. And then inhale to rise and exhale, we're coming right back down onto the back, knees hug in towards the chest, rocking gently and then cross the right ankle over that left knee, figure four, thread the needle, hands through holding the left thigh or the left shin and then draw it in, awareness and breath in the right hip and glute muscles, we'll move this into a twist with eagle legs crossing right knee over the left and then just let the legs fall to the left, reaching right arm out to the right, keep the head neutral or follow right fingertips with a soft gaze, using these final twists to wring it all out, inhale back to center and wind the legs, cross the left ankle over the right knee, flexing left foot, loop the hands around and hug it in. And then find that eagle cross of the legs, left knee wrapping around the right if that's comfortable for you, otherwise just a simple twist with the knees together, let them fall to the right, reaching left arm to the left, maybe following fingertips with soft gaze. Inhale back to center, exhale hugging both knees into the chest, one last sweet squeeze, draw it all in, take a big inhale and exhale, let it go, legs extend, arms extend, coming into your final rest, shavasana, resting body and mind, resting heart and subtle body, letting everything replenish, chest rest.

When you have the time, the desire, you're welcome to stay in shavasana as long as you'd like, you're ready, deepening the breath, take a big inhale, let the arms extend up and over, exhale, bending the knees, roll to either side and then gently guide yourself all the way back up to any comfortable seat, draw the hands to prayer at the heart center or take a moment to transition mindfully into your next moment. Thank you for showing up for your practice, namaste.


Christel B
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Doing this same sequence repeatedly is like returning to spend time with a friend.
Rosemary Garrison
What a lovely way of putting it, Christel. Thank you. 
Alana Mitnick
Love your insight, Christel! Love your practice, Rosemary Garrison! xoA
M Angela C
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Wonderful.  My learning: it does not matter about the versions that came before ( they were all great though!) all that matters is the  version you are in.  I am neither reaching for nor anticipating what comes next in the practice  so I am truly experiencing being in the present moment.  I can take this wisdom off the mat 🙏 
Alana Mitnick
Brilliant M Angela. Thank you for sharing your insight, "...all that matters is the version you are in." Very helpful. Warmly, Alana
Glenford N
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Lovely practice where Rosemary invited me to find a new ďepth of spaciousness in each movement by relaxing and breathing deeply into each pose. I found that sweet balance of not trying too hard and yet finding the challenge of a posture. Relaxed concentration is the gift of this asana. Thanks Rosemary. Namaste.
Rosemary Garrison
Beautifully said, @M Angela. Yes yes yes. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, @Glenford. I love hearing this... a depth of spaciousness... always of such importance for me. I'm happy it resonated for you as well. 
Gabriel W
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Great pace. Thank you 
Kate M
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This sequence is wonderful to return to... Rosemary's gentle encouragement to invite spaciousness into the body is so refreshing. Ahhhh.....
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