Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 10

Go-to Sequence v.9

30 min - Practice


Rosemary guides us through a dynamic go-to sequence to energize and find ease in the entire body. You will feel refreshed.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome, everyone. Let's go to it. Meet me at the front of the mat, grounding down through the feet, nice and strong through the legs, and then inhale. Reach the arms out and up. Interlace the fingers. Exhale. Eaves over to the right. Feel free to bend either knee, whatever you feel for. And then inhale, center, and exhale to the left. Breathe into the right side body. Inhale, center. With your exhale, reach the arms behind the back. Interlace the fingers. Inhale, open the heart, and exhale. Bow into your fold. Breathe into your shoulders. Let your neck go. With your exhale, release the hands to the earth. Keep a soft bend in the knees. Inhale, roll yourself all the way back to stand. And exhale, release. Shoulders down the back. Again, inhale, reach the arms out and up. This time, hook the thumbs. Exhale, ease to the right. Inhale, come to center. And exhale, ease to the left. Breathe into the side body. Inhale, rise. Exhale again. Reach back. This time, cross your other thumb on top. Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale, bow out and down. Yummy. Forward fold for a breath. Inhale, exhale. Hands to the earth. Feet together, strong. Bend in the knees. Inhale, rise in a chair pose. Give it a moment. Inhale, rise. And exhale, hands to prayer. Heart center. Big inhale. And ground on your exhale. Coming into some lunge flows. Inhale, reach arms out and up. Exhale, bow out and down. Inhale, come halfway up. Exhale, step the left foot back. Nice long lunge. Pressing back through that left heel. Reaching out through the heart.

Feel the spine lengthen. Enjoy a breath. And then root your hands. And with your exhale, simply step back into a downward facing dog and enjoy three breaths here, easing into the backs of the legs, lengthening the spine. Wiggle around within it, whatever you need. And then inhale, sweep the left leg of the sky. And exhale, float it forward, coming into that long lunge on the second side. Reaching in both directions. Stretch it out. Big inhale. And with your exhale, step the right foot forward to meet the left. Release into the fold. Inhale halfway. Exhale to bow. Back into chair pose. Bend the knees. Inhale, reach it up. And exhale right back home to mountain. Again, inhale, arms out and up. Exhale, bow out and down. Inhale, come halfway up. And with your exhale, step your right foot to the back of the mat. Root your right hand. With your inhale, reach left arm to the sky. Big, deep, twisting lunge. Ring it out. Big inhale. As you exhale, release left hand down. Lower the back knee. Pull your hips straight back. Yeah. And then inhale, come forward again. Shine through the heart. Exhale, pull it back. Inhale, come forward. Exhale, draw back. Once again, inhale, ease forward. Exhale, draw back. And then inhale, come forward.

You choose. Hands on the earth or just the front thigh. Or if you feel for it, inhale, sweep the arms out and up. Hook the thumbs and rise up through the heart center. Strong foundation. Lift the belly. Big inhale. As you exhale, reach behind. Clasp the hands. One big breath here. Lift the heart. Then exhale. Hands to the earth. Draw your hips straight back. And inhale, simply ease forward. Tuck the back toes and exhale. Step straight back into downward facing dog. Take a breath. And this time, inhale, sweep the right leg to the sky. Exhale, float it forward. Coming into that twist from here. Inhale, reach right arm to the sky. Wide open, steady and strong. With your exhale release, right hand down, left knee down, hips go straight back. And then just kind of rocking and rolling between the two. Inhale, come forward. Bend the front knee. Exhale, pull it back. Inhale forward. Exhale back. Once more. Inhale. And exhale. This time, inhale, come forward. Pause. Hands on the earth or the front thigh. Or inhale, reach it up. Hook the other thumb and send the heart towards the heavens. Big inhale. With your exhale, reach behind the back. Take that clasp. Other thumb on top. Big inhale. Lift the heart. And exhale. Hands to the earth. Draw the hips straight back. Lengthen the right leg. From here, inhale, ease forward. Again, bending that knee. Exhale, tuck the back toes. Lift that knee. With the next inhale, step the left foot forward to meet the right. Lengthen halfway. Exhale to fold. Back to chair pose. Bend the knees. Inhale. And exhale. Come to stand. Steady and strong. Let's step out into a wide stance here. So left foot towards the back of the mat and then just pivot to the side. Hands to the hips. Drop the tailbone. Inhale. Lift, lift, lift through the heart. Soft bend in the knees. Exhale. Just fold forward. Hands on the earth. And then easing little side to side. So turn right toes out a little. Bend that knee. And inhale.

And yeah, back to center. And over to the left. Taking the breath rhythm that feels good for you. Back to center. And again, to each side. Over to the right. And center. Back to the left. And center. And then soft bend in the knees with your inhale roll. All the way back up. Exhale. Soften the shoulders. Turn back to the right for warrior two. Sitting down into it. Legs strong. And finding a little flow here. Inhale. Arms rise as the legs lengthen. Exhale. Extend and bend. Inhale. Rise. Exhale. Bend once more. Inhale up. Exhale. Bend. And let's hold. Sitting into the powerful energy of this pose. Another breath. To the left. Exhale lengthen right leg. Pivot to the back of the mat. Sit down into it. Inhale. Reach again. Lengthen the legs. Exhale. Open and bend. Again. Inhale. Rise. Exhale. Bend. Once more. Inhale. Exhale. Bend and then take your warrior. Enjoy that energy. Strong and steady. One more breath. And then we'll inhale. Lengthen the left leg. Turning the feet back to parallel.

Clasp the hands behind the back this time. Inhale. Reach up through the heart and exhale. Ease into the fold. Breathe into the shoulders. One more breath. And then exhale. Release the hands to the earth. Inhale. Come halfway up. Strong legs. Exhale. Walk the arms out into your hammock. And just descend between the shoulder blades. Melt the back of the heart. One more breath. Inhale. Walk the hands back in. And then exhale. Walk the feet in. A little wider than hips distance. Toes out. Heels in. Sit down into your squat. Yeah. Support it as needed. And then take the hands to the heart. Encouraging the lift through the central channel. Breathing into the hips. And exhale. Hands on the earth. Just sail the hips to the sky. Coming back into an easy standing forward fold. Feet hips distance. Soft neck. And then slowly inhale. Roll yourself. All the way to stand. And as you arrive, exhale. Breathe these shoulders down the back. Yeah. Standing. Steady. Feel the energy through the central channel. Feel the warmth here generating in the body. Yeah. Back to center.

And then into tree pose. Let's ground through the right foot. Take the left foot up. Low, knee or more high. Any variation with the arms. Steady gaze. Steady breath. Rooted and rising. Big inhale. And exhale. Let it go. Shake it out. Come into the second side. Keep down through that left foot. Steady. And then take the right foot up. Your variation. No better or worse. What the body feels for. Hands to hips or heart. Or maybe inhale. Rise up. Standing strong. And then exhale. Let it go. Shake it out. Release. And let's meet at the top of the mat. Moving into a few more standing poses. Grounding first. Feel the feet. And then as you're ready, inhale, reach. Arms out and up. Exhale. Out and down. Halfway up. Inhale. Exhale. Step the left foot back. And coming into just a mild side angle. Suspend the left heel down. Rest right forearm to the thigh. Left hand to the hip. Keep it right there if you'd like. Or reach the left arm up and over. Kind of getting a taste of it. We'll come back to it in a moment. Inhale. Lengthen the right leg. And exhale into triangle pose. Right hand below the knee or down to the ankle. Left arm reaching to the sky. Take a big inhale. And exhale. Reach the left arm up and over. You choose. Keep it right there. Or circle it. Drop the arm in front of the body. Inhale. Reach it back and up. Exhale.

Right hand down. Inhale. Back and up. Once again. Drop it down. Inhale. Reach it up. And then just extend. And then we're returning to side angle. Keep it gentle with forearm to thigh. Or right hand outside of the right foot. And extend again through the left arm. Feel the space in the left side body. Feel the stillness inside. One more breath. And then inhale. Reach the left arm back. Exhale. Drop it down inside of the front foot. Lift the back heel. Step the back foot in a little. In lengthen both legs for a wide long pyramid. Release. Melt down. And then go ahead and inhale. Bending that front knee. Root the left hand and reach right arm to the sky. Returning to your twist. Notice how it feels this time around. Big inhale. With your exhale, release the right hand down and simply step right foot back to meet the left. Downward facing dog. Give it a breath. With the inhale, let's walk forward to the front of the mat and lengthen halfway up. Exhale. Back into the fold. Rolling up on the inhale. Take the arms all the way up and over. And then exhale. Dive right back down. Inhale halfway. And this time, exhale. Step the right foot back. Spin the right heel down. Gentle side angle. Forearm to thigh. Right hand to hip or all the way up and over. Just taste it. And then inhale. Lengthen the left leg. Exhale into triangle pose. Right arm straight up to the sky. Nice big inhale. Exhale. Extend it forward. Keeping the shoulder blade down the back. Stay there or let the arm fall in front of the body. Inhale.

Reach it back and up. Exhale. Forward and down. Inhale. Up and back. Exhale. Forward and down. Once again. Inhale. Rise and exhale. Reach it up and over. And then back to side angle. Keep forearm to thigh or hand outside of that left foot and extend again through the right fingertips. Root through the right heel. Breathe from the inside out. Inhale. Reach the right arm back. And then exhale. Let it float down inside of the left foot. Spin the right heel up. Step it forward a little. And then inhale. Lengthen the legs on the spine and exhale. Bow. Long pyramid. Soft through the neck. Inhale. Bend that front knee. Exhale. Root the right hand. Build the base. And then inhale. Left arm to the sky. Come back into that twist. Nice big inhale. Exhale. Release the left hand of the earth. We'll step back here into downward facing dog and breathe. With your next inhale, let's come forward into plank pose. Shoulders over wrists. Super strong core. Building a little internal heat before we backbend. Building the strength of the core to support the backbend. Stay with it. Three. Two. Inhale. And exhale. Release the knees to the earth. Just a few cycles of cat cow. Inhale. Lift tailbone. Heart gaze. Exhale. Rounding. Pulling belly to spine. Inhale. Tailbone. Heart gaze. Rise. Exhale. Round. Once more. Inhale. Lift that heart. Offer it. Exhale. Round. And then inhale to a neutral spine. And exhale. Sink it back and down into child's pose. Just one breath. Let your inhale lift you back to your hands and your knees. And as you exhale, guide yourself all the way down onto the belly. And then slide the forearms out. Root the elbows for sphinx pose. So warming into the backbend gradually. Lengthening through the spine. Lifting through the heart. Shoulders down the back. And then exhale. Simply release. Melt back to the earth. Take a moment. Plant the hands outside of the rib cage. And then inhale. Lift into her baby cobra. Find your own edge here. And then exhale back to the earth. And shifting into locust. Arms alongside the body. And palms facing up. With your inhale, lift the legs. Lift the head and the chest.

Lift the arms. Strong and extended. Three. Two. Exhale. Melt down. And we'll take that again. This time simply clasping the hands behind the back. All right. Working with that pattern. Inhale. Rise. Draw the hands up and away from the body. Shine through the heart. Three. Two. Exhale. Lay it down. Last one. Please feel free to repeat locust. Either variation or bend your knees. Reach back for the feet. The ankles. Bow pose. As you're ready, big inhale to rise. And enjoy the opening of the heart. The expanse of the breath. Right from your center. And then inhale. And exhale. Lay it down. Here's the sweet spot. Plant the hands. Inhale up onto the knees. And exhale back to child's pose. And at least a few breaths here. Let yourself release and melt into the earth. With your next inhale, lift up onto the hands and knees. Exhale. Just walk the knees to either side. We're coming all the way down onto the back. So roll yourself down to the earth. Hug the knees into the chest. Rock it a little bit side to side. Releasing the low back. And then plant your feet about hip distance. Rest arms alongside the body. Swoop the tailbone a little. Send the hips to the sky. Bridge pose. Arms at rest. Or clasp the hands. Crawl the shoulders in and under. Enjoying the fruits of your back bending. One more breath. And then melting all the way back down. And hugging the knees in towards the chest. And say hello to the core again after all that back bending. Bending the knees. Keep the feet up off the earth. Press the hands into the thighs. Belly down towards the spine. Keep that. Or lift the head and the shoulders. And breathe. Let it tremble. One more breath. And then rock yourself up to sit. Legs extend. Ground through the sit bones. Inhale. Arms rise. And exhale. Seated forward fold. Take any grip. Feet like. Inhale. Send the heart out. Exhale. Fold. A few more breaths here. Time and space to release into it. Inhale. Come on up. Exhale. Let it go. Slide forward. Bending the knees. And roll right back down onto the back. Hug the knees in. Rock it a little. And then let's take a figure four. Cross right ankle over the left knee. Flexing that foot. Loop hands around. Left thigh or left shin. And hug the legs into the body. And you might try easing the hips a little to the right. That's a subtle movement. Deepening the stretch through that right glute area. And then we're coming into a twist from here with the legs and eagles. So just slide that right knee across the left and let the legs, the hips fall to the left. Reaching right arm out to the right. Maybe follow right fingertips with a soft gaze. Breathe in a little lower back and the sacrum. And enjoy. Inhale. Draws you back to center. Unwind the legs. Cross left ankle over right knee. Flex the foot. Loop hands around. Right thigh or right shin. And give yourself a hug.

Draw the legs into the chest. Thinking your body for being here for your practice. And getting on your mat. Breathing into that left hip. And then crossing left knee over the right. And let those legs fall to the right. Reaching left arm out to the left. And enjoy that twist. Let it clear out anything that got stirred up. Ringing things out on the inside. One more breath. With your inhale, come back to center. And then just once again, exhale. Hug your knees in towards your chest. Lovingly, gently rock it a little side to side. And then take a big inhale. Exhale. Let it all go. Extending the legs for Shavasana. Let them roll open. Let the palms roll open. Let the eyes close and the awareness go deep within or maybe way, way beyond it all. One last intentional breath through the nose. Exhale. Breathe hold. Open the mouth. Exhale. And whatever it is, let it go, at least for the time being. And just rest. Exhale. Exhale.

Exhale. Exhale. And drawing the awareness back. Exhaling your breath. Deepen. And then inhaling. Reach the arms up and over. And exhale. Bend your knees. Feet to the earth. Roll to either side. Gently draw yourself back up. Any comfortable feet. If you'd like to hang out here for a bit, enjoy some meditation, please feel free. Otherwise taking the hands to prayer at the heart center and taking a soft bow forward to yourself for being here for your practice. Namaste and thank you.


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I think this sequence will be a trusted friend. I came back to it today after a week, and it feels reassuring and safe: perfect for an early morning when I don’t want to be challenged too much. I would quite like to do a slower version, taking a little more time in all of the postures, but now I have memorised it, I can. Thank you Rosemary, Brenda and Alana.
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This is exactly what we had in mind with this show, a trusted friend. Thank you, sweet Ali
Kate M
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This feels so sweet. As familiarity is established, I feel more capacity to  flow through it. The same principle is used in the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. But sometimes in it, I felt a sort of rigid orthodoxy creep into my practice - thou shalt not do pose y until you have mastered pose x... which doesn't feel helpful to me in my practice anymore. I love this gently empowering approach.
Gabriel W
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Great practice. Thank y
Gabriel W
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Erika H
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Thank  you, Rosemary Garrison.  I always love your practices because of your grounded energy, but today I realized that I also love that you just "dive in," without needing a long preamble or commentary. Grateful for you!
Kate M
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Just paired this "go To" sequence with a functional fitness sequence. Felt amazing! It's fun to pair up shorter sequences... a yummy smorgasbord!
Rosemary Garrison
I love this! What a fun combo. 
Kate M
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So sweet to have a "Go To' to go to!! Thanks, Rosemary!! Be well : )
Rosemary Garrison
Well said, Kate ! ; ) 
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