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Season 2 - Episode 4

Reverse Warrior

5 min - Tutorial
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Rosemary, with the help of Amy, looks at Reverse Warrior—verbal cues, fundamental alignment, and hands-on adjustments to find opening and length through the side body.
What You'll Need: Partner, Mat

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Nov 02, 2018
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We are going to take a look at Reverse Warrior with beautiful Amy. Thank you so much. So to start, I'm going to have Amy come into Warrior II and then we'll just look at the upper body moving back so you get the association through the foundation of the posture. Alright, as you're ready, right foot forward. There's that gorgeous foundation from Warrior II. Take a big inhale and then exhale, reverse, reaching back. Okay, and we notice nothing changes in the foundation. Okay, so just to review, back foot is grounded. You can take a hand there, root it into the earth. If the back leg is collapsing, hand to inner thigh gently pressing up and back. Alright, and then moving to the front leg, toes are straight ahead, knee is in line with the toes. If the knee were buckling in, you could take a hand to the inner thigh and gently press out and you could actually say, open the knee a little in line with the toes. Okay, you can just rest for a moment. So those are your foundational verbal and hands-on cues and adjustments. I'm going to show you one more that helps to really deepen the whole experience of the posture. So as you're ready Amy, come back into Reverse Warrior. Once you see the alignment and the foundation are in place, you'll want to come behind the student and really root down so that you're stable. Take your right forearm or your right hand to their front thigh, left forearm or left hand to their ribcage, and then with the hand moving towards their right knee, right foot, the forearm moving up and back towards the back foot to help lengthen that whole side body. Once you've held that for a couple breaths, you might even take that hand to their arm and gently reach back. Again, working with the opposition of movement, creating space through their side body. Releasing that gently and then stepping away. Good, you can come out of it. Alright, so again, same foundation as Warrior II, keeping the integrity of the alignment through the legs and the feet and then offering that opening and lengthening through the side body. Enjoy!


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