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Season 4 - Episode 9

Double Pigeon

5 min - Practice
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Rosemary, with the help of Lori, explores Double Pigeon Pose—fundamental alignment and hands-on adjustments to help deepen the experience of the posture.
What You'll Need: Partner, Mat

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Mar 16, 2019
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All right, double pigeon, very simple adjustment. When you're ready, Lori, just slowly folding forward. All right, so obviously this is a pretty deep pose for the hips and not all knees are happy here, but if you have a student who's pretty comfortable in this iteration of the pose, you can simply come behind them, give yourself a firm foundation. One hand to the sacrum, that's gently pressing down and rooting her so that my other hand can come kind of lower edge of her mid back and then start to guide her forward and down. There's not much force here at all. It's sort of a gentle recommendation, maybe more in the upper back, easing her deeper into the fold and also lengthening the spine. And then similar to child's, I'm taking one hand to her upper outer left glute area and my right hand to her right upper glute area and just rooting down and you can see how I'm kind of leaning into it using my own body weight to deepen the pressure and give her a few breaths there and then easing my body weight back, transitioning my right hand back to her sacrum and just one more lengthening and then let it release nice or you can come out of it when you're ready. Okay, really grounding stabilizing adjustment also helps to extend through the spine. Namaste.


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