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Season 4 - Episode 11

Reclined Twist

5 min - Tutorial
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Rosemary, with the help of Lori, explores a hands-on adjustment in Reclined Twist. This is a therapeutic assist for the lower back and is a great counter pose to back-bending.
What You'll Need: Partner, Mat

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Mar 16, 2019
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Welcome back, Lori and I are going to move into a recline twist, really sweet counter pose for back bending, also just really therapeutic for the low back. So she's starting with her knees drawing in towards the chest and then she's just going to let them fall to the side. So the knees are going to the left and her right arm is extending out to the right that counter movement creates the twist through the spine. So I'm going to come around to Lori's back and ease down towards her body, giving myself a firm foundation. And then my left hand is coming to her left shoulder, palm right on the front, and my right hand is coming to her right outer upper hip.

And then as I brace down with my left hand, I'm easing her hip forward towards her knees. Yeah, to help lengthen and extend the twist. Okay, I'm also using my right leg to brace my right arm to stabilize. And then I release the shoulder and I'm moving my left hand kind of right around her outer upper left hip and taking my right hand to her outer upper thigh. The hand on her hip is guiding her forward towards her knees and this hand on her thighs moving down to help deepen the twist.

I release the hand on her thigh, take it back to her hip. And then I'm taking this left hand back to her shoulder just one more time to remind the whole body of the comprehensive experience. And then I'm releasing her shoulder, gently easing my weight back, release her hip and step away. Thanks Lori. Okay, really sweet adjustment again, especially after a backbend or just to facilitate the release and the opening of that low back.

If you adjust one side, it's pretty nice to adjust the other side so they're evened out. Stay with that, enjoy.


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