Chair Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Back, Spine, and Abs

20 min - Practice


Karen guides us in a full-body chair practice designed to stretch, strengthen, and awaken the back, spine, and abdominals.
What You'll Need: Chair

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Oh my, Karen! That last forward bend was a doozy! I’m finding these practices to have some deceptively challenging nuggets...using the chair really helps to reach into the deep layers - love this!
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Hi, Ms. Kelly!  Just wanted to say thank you for this practice.  I've been suffering from some really atrocious lower back pain and this practice reduced the pain significantly in only one "go."  I'll be following along again tomorrow, that's for certain!
Dear Ms. Kelly:  I have a 94-year old mother, the last surviving sibling of eleven children, living alone and independently.  During a joint-call session with my mother and her doctor, I had suggested chair yoga to the doctor as a means for personal maintenance, which she strongly endorsed.  I confess that, sight unseen, my expectations were diminished, because I kept one of silly thoughts that goes something like, "Well, it's confined to a chair.  How dynamic can that be?"  The answer: spectacularly.  

I spent three consecutive days with my mother, in her living room, the two of us sitting on two adjacent chairs and following your program.  On the forth night, I told her I was too busy to come that night, and did she feel like doing the fourth class by herself?  Yes!

Your classes have provided an exceptional bonding and a strongly proposed extension on on life's lease.

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